Cutting with ANADROL

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by 88GENERAL88, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. RestlessWonder

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    You can bulk or cut with anything, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work, just be careful how many carbs you eat due to Anadrol tendency to make you hold water.
  2. HeavyLifter202

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    Agreed, your diet will determine whether you get water bloat or not
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  3. 88GENERAL88

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    thank you guys, yeah I am very strategic with my intake of carbs, and usually use just enough of them to shuttle in the protein. Definitely not enough to where I am spilling over.
  4. GdaddyGains

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    Anadrol def makes me hold water. Face blows up like a balloon and blurs my physique. It’s helpful because it decreases my appetite on a cut but annoying because it’s blurs your progress as you lose body fat. That is my experience.
  5. Ophydian

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    I was going to reply with the same but I do 3/1 or 3/2. Winny on off days.
  6. GdaddyGains

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    Using Anadrol and winstrol doesn’t make sense to me. The water you put on with anadrol won’t go away by taking a 3 day break the winstrol. You will hold water like you would on anadrol throughout.

    Might as well just stick with the anadrol and reap all its benefits while holding extra water.
  7. jJjburton

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    Wouldnt the 3 on 3 off with switching orals not allow a build up in the system?
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  8. T-Bagger

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    That was one of my thoughts but does it ever really build up anyway, since the half life is 8-10 hours for Drol and 9 for oral Winny?
  9. jJjburton

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    I mean sort of if you take 2x a day or 3x a day it does over lap. But honestly I doubt it really matters.

    I would say that It would peak 1 week any of those orals. But they are so strong you might not want it to peak. I cannot handle Anadrol at 100 mg or more. I throw up in my mouth and wake up from it 5 times a night choking.
  10. T-Bagger

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    Yeah, you’ll have some overlap, but it’s not like injectable gear that peaks after a certain time, unless you’re using injectable versions of Drol & Winny.
  11. bambam333

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    Lmao my man take some damn nexium with your drol before you erode your esophagus
  12. 88GENERAL88

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    Aloe Vera juice works too
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  13. MioJuice

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    50-100mg Anadrol cut me out, but my diet is clean when I use it.
  14. movingiron88

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    I thought the same thing. There has been a lot of discussion on this with veterans. I gave it a try and the proof is in the pudding, but everyone is different.

    @Roger rabbit has wrote a lot about it.
  15. T-Bagger

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    You’re running orals on both, right? Not injectable?
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  16. I ran dbol and winny at the same time.
    I ran dbol and it gave me serious bloat. I ran winny and it made my neck hurt.
    When I ran them both I suffered neither. I was able to even double both of my doses. Gave me great strength gains and size and when I dropped the orals I was definitely more cut and vascular. Never got the chance to run roger rabbits 3 days on/off. But I plan to the next time. Just to see if it’s any better than running both at the same time.
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  17. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    So you guys are talking 3days Anadrol 3 days winstrol, 1 day off??? One day of both??

    What type of doses are we talking about?
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  18. Purely your decision. I used dbol/winny.
    Started at 20 dbol and 25 winny.
    Ended with 40 dbol and 50 winny.
  19. GdaddyGains

    GdaddyGains Member

    When I take Anadrol just for one day I notice water retention the next morning and it takes about 2-3 full days for it to go away. Now if your fat you may not notice it. That’s my experience so 3 days of anadrol I’ll hold water for the next 3 days.
  20. Note that I respect anything that roger rabbit recommended. Don’t have anything but my opinion to back that up. But he seems to have a good grasp on theses things and sometimes we have to pick someone to put our trust in. Well he is one of them that I put my trust in.
    But due note I’m like you, just a seeker of knowledge. I have no factual basis to back anything up that I say.
    Hell I just got refuted on pink himilayan sea salt and I have to concur, I was wrong in my beliefs.
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