Cutting with ANADROL

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  1. I also didn’t do the 3 days thing. I just ran both at the same time.
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    50mg each
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    I dont comment all to much on here giving advice. Everyone is different. I have s hard time with orals. I never felt I got the benefit but suffered the negative sides especially GI wise. But I gave the Anadrol a short run. Rotated 3 on winny 50mg then 50mg anadrol. I did not get drastic results, nor was I looking for them. But it most the best oral run I have ever had. I didnt have the negatives and had a positive noticable impact to my body.

    Everybody is different, and I know I most certainly am:confused:.
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  4. Why winstrol Anadrol eod at 100mg?
    Why dont take them at 50mg ed?
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    This is interesting cuz I’ve got a bottle of injectable drol and a bottle of oil based injectable winny. I’m thinking of experimenting and pinning.5 ml of each pre workout while on a cutting diet.
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    I can tell you that on my current cycle of Anadrol Anavar and sustanon, last week I started adding 50mg of winstrol preworkout eod. My strength has gone up so much, that I have added plates. Yeah l, not singular, plural, and I said added. My reason for
    Mentioning this is not to brag but more or less mention that if someone hasn’t lifted weight like this before. It could be a recipe for injury. The strength is stupid. I am up 11.5lbs in not quite 3weeks. And I am literally dryer than I was prior to beginning when I was just cruising on 250mg of sustanon. I think next week will be my last week which will put me at 4wks On both anadrol and anavar. Next week I will not be running winny preworkout like I did last week and this week. That was more or less an experiment. This last week I will be taking every thing to 100mg x 5days and 75mg x 2days.(off days). I am so baffled that I am so dry. I have an apt to have my first dexa scan ever done. Based on th equation used with calipers to establish bf% I was sitting around 12-13% I am hoping when I finish this blast, my goal in my head was 9%. So we will see. I don’t see any reason to get lower than that. Tbh. I am feeling very confident that I will achieve that goal