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    I have a family too! I dont really value my truck much. It's a thing. I'm more about experiences than things.
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    My point with the truck was that you didn't build that truck. You got that truck through the cumulative knowledge of your entire species. The cheetah, that can run like a MO FO! He didn't need all that.

    My next line of thinking would be to ask, what are you good at? What good are you doing here on Earth? The cheetah for example like we said previously is constantly improving his own gene pool. Pretty rough job!

    I kinda wanted to go down the Hitler line of thought too. Not too focused on that guy and the people he killed. But my thoughts there was, okay. So a person has ordered the death of some people. Is that inherently bad? Also, is it the leader that is "bad" for giving the orders or is the people whom follow him the problem? Or all they all part of the problem?
    If I agree with somebody's views, am I equally as bad then? For example, if I agreed with the whole Weapons of Mass Destruction thing, do I have blood on my hands?

    Then it comes to the question, does it even matter? Is killing part of a species bad? We brought many species to EXTINCTION! Why cry about a few billion humans? You kill billions of bacteria every day? Are bacteria less worth than humans? Why?
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    If I am giving people preferential treatment I am indirectly disrespecting them. I was just at the store and the lady asked me if I was getting excited about celebrating Christmas. I said not really as I don't have any family here. My mother is in Sweden and my father in Chicago. Then she responded, "Oh so you don't have any immediate family here" in an attempt to make me feel better? I said, "you don't have to do that, I have no family here" and then smiled. Be careful with how you treat people.

    I think I asked, how do you know you are treating people correctly? Aren't you going after your own values?

    And you are, we all are, so in doing so we mistreat people. You might not want to use the word "mistreat" but I could say "We give them the respect we think they deserve rather than what they actually deserve."

    Women aren't helpless, tons of them can kick my ass both physically and on the chess board. We are hard-wired to make assumptions about people, otherwise we wouldn't survive.

    I don't care if you are a fish, bird or rock. I will throw you in the ocean to see if you will sink or swim. I might have my hand close to the water to rescue the rock but I will let it prove itself.
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    I think that most peoples values are within a certain range. I cant guess everybody's values in a millisecond. I wouldnt call it mistreatment if I'm slightly off. Assumptions are made daily about people. We can only do our best with what we have.