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    I didn't quite get this when it was originally posted (7 years ago) for whatever reason. I guess sometimes I read the words and do not appreciate the meaning. But I totally agree. We live life ass-backwards.

    So much struggle and stress only to come back to Square 1.

    So, maybe we should live more "simple" however, if we lived "simple" in the first place would we have gotten to this point of "enlightenment" if we didn't question things.
    I think not, even that is counter-intuitive.

    To clarify what I mean. It requires a lot of complex thinking to get to a point of simplicity.
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    Let's get at it.
    I want to get familiar with coping strategies in regards to losing loved ones.

    How do you guys cope with family members dying?

    Are funerals even a good thing?

    Do funerals make healing and grieving harder or easier?

    My Grandma died in Sweden and I haven't been back. It seems unreal to me in a kind of good way. I haven't grasped her death yet and probably won't unless I go back home and visit her grave, experience the lack of her presence et cetera.

    I read a study about it and was going to dig up some more.

    Therapeutic Aspects of Funeral Ritual

    This one was more about comparing different processions however it was a good quick read.

    Shifts in Ritual Response to Loss due to Death: An Assessment of Funeral Service Mourning Trends over Time

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    thanks for posting that it truly makes sense I think I need to take a hard look at my life. Thank you
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    This does not apply to death as much as it does to life. If you have not listened to James Tour, give this video a couple minutes of your time. I'm sympathetic as he is also an organic chemist.

    James Tour: The Mystery of the Origin of Life
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    RIP Malcolm James McCormick.
    A young kid killed by his inner demons.
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    Life and death, two sides of the same coin.
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    Learn to be happy for the time you had with that person rather than the time you will not spend together.

    Probably, they have been part of many cultures for thousands of years and even cited in certain wild animal species. This enduring quality suggests that it must be beneficial.

    Probably a case-dependent situation here. But, the fact that they are a common occurrence at death means they are probably a net positive. If nothing, it should remind all in attendance of their own mortality's.
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    The moment you are born is also the moment you begin to die.
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    My grandmother is driving me to school, looks over at Riverbend Cemetery and says" Its a popular place.People are dying to get in there!"
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    So... What's your opinion on this matter?:)

    What type of work do you do?
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    It’s tough coming from a science/finance background. I understand how difficult it is to get the correct combinations of amino acids working in concert to create something we call life. Billions of years is not enough time for all these combinations to have been tried. So, ‘something’ intervened or sped up the process to give way to life as we know it today. Obviously, I can’t say what that something. God? Possibly. A higher order being? Possibly.

    There are many things that we will never come to understand. Maybe in an afterlife.
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    I look at death the same as going to sleep without a dream. As soon as the lights are out then it's all over like nothing ever happened. You have one life. Live it up, don't fuck it up and always watch your back. You never know when your time is up.
  13. Nicely put man. Life is precious. There is nothing better then to eat drink and find joy in our labors.. and death come to wise the same as is it does to the fool. And even this is a vanity.
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    Haha thank you however I don't agree that life is precious.
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    Yes, life is precious. If you think it’s not, that’s just how you live.
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  16. Fair enough lol.
  17. Curious tho.... why is life not precious?
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    I use hand-sanitizer and kill tons of bacteria. I don't value life nor do you. If anything maybe you value YOUR life, or perhaps human life. But life itself, respect other living organisms as much as your respects yours? No, I can't say that I do.

    If I were to think my life were precious I would want to hold on to it as well, which I don't care to. If I am going to die I am going to die, I am not going to drastically change my life just so I can wake more days of the year.

    You do realize that just because you live life thinking life is precious doesn't mean that it is true right? Because that's what you are basically saying, you are saying I live life wrong. My personal truth is incorrect and yours is correct.
    Please tell me how precious the dinosaurs life is to you. How you respect microorganisms. Or what is life to you? What life is precious?
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    I view life as a gift. And not all life needs to be precious to me to still be of value/importance to someone else. Death reminds us that life has value, life is precious. That is why when we hear of death of someone we don’t even know, we can emphasize with their loved ones.

    And I don’t believe you that you don’t think there is someone, something whose life isn’t precious to you.
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    Okay life as a gift yada yada. Please be respectful and answer my questions as I did yours.

    Do you kill bacteria? Do you value that life?
    Do you kill ants? Do you value that life?
    Do you kill cats and dogs? Do you value that life?

    Oh yeah I do value people's lives and that is something I need to rid myself of. Because I am creating that value, and it isn't right to do that. I can't live life and deal with loss like I would currently. If I saw somebody torture someone or my cats. I would want to hurt that person, and that's not acceptable so I need to rid myself of that weakness.