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    That’s not weakness my friend.

    Ok, now to answer your questions.

    “I” don’t kill bacteria, it’s my wife’s job to clean. Hah.

    I don’t go out of my way to kill ants. But I will when they’re fire ants.

    And why the hell would I kill cats and dogs?

    Again, I don’t think life has to be precious universally to be considered a precious life. Even the worst of us have a mother.
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    Yes, it is weakness.
    Anything that can control me in any way shape or form is considered weakness to me. If you threatened me that you would cut my arm off I would cut it off and give it to you. If you threaten my sight I will gouge my eye balls out.

    You can only be controlled if you value things. I am rather nihilistic in my views.

    Okay, so you don't find fire ant's life precious enough to spare? Why?

    Why would you kill fire ants but not a cat? Because the cat is cute? Because society says not to?

    That's my point. It is only precious to YOU. But maybe that's the way you live your life too thought. It would make sense since you are religious too that you consider your belief to be the truth even if the rest of the world doesn't you consider YOUR truth THE truth?
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    I’m pretty sure I’d get banned for threatening you, so no need to gouge your eyes or chop off a limb.

    And yes, I am religious and I choose joy. And, with that, I can’t be controlled either. Because we are controlled by what we put first, and if that’s God I’m doing things right.

    You’re an interesting guy for sure. The nihilistic views are a good read.

    By the way, I never said cats are cute you big softy. I know you’re probably snuggling them right now.
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    Just the black one Calisto, but he is always following me around. He is the alpha here. :)
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    My orange tabby is the alpha. He’s indoor/outdoor. Then we have two other fat indoor only cats. One doesn’t move much, she’s a brick.
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  6. I get it, and as a whole we are just dust.
    But who's to say i dont respect life or have the capacity and wants to do so.
    And we are constantly at all times trying to make ourselve better. Health strength endurance. Work ethics. Showing those in our lives that we have gratitude for the selfless things our loved ones friends or complete strangers do for us.

    SMH ya i can be selfish and a real dick at times lol my wife would agree
    But when you suround yourself with better people you grow to be better because you chose to.. it sounds like you chose not to care if im understanding you. And i say that with respect.
    But thats your precious world you live in. All the happyness and sadness, good times bad times.. you.. sir have the power to look life in the eyes grab it by the horns and face fuck it.. and make it your own..

    Sorry that you dont experience life as sacred... just as it is. But today is one of a kind.. it will never come again as does tomorrow.. see we arent as smart as we want to think.. now dont get wrong there are alot of very intelligent people... who devote all of there time to finding truth/facts/evidence and so on
    I dont know man.. i might be talking outta my ass lol
    But this it what the world around me, has become.. and i cant not be humbled and grateful for all things around me. But honestly it is from with in we find everything we need
    But im not perfect no not one bit..
    I dont want to die right now i have much left i want to acomplish, but if i die ok. My God is with me and ill go to the grave believing this... Bet..

    Thanks for your response brother
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    I value life to a point. Ants, I don't go around stomping them but I'll bait them in my kitchen. Dogs and cats, no I wouldnt kill them on purpose unless my life depended on it. People, same thing. Bacteria, yeah, I've sprayed Lysol and taken antibiotics. I dont look to kill them though. Humans are distinct, we look ahead, have hopes and dreams. Long for things in the future besides food, sleep, and sex(most of us). I'm nihilistic too that's why I appreciate people in the here and now and treat them well
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    For 250 million years, cheetahs have held the highest land speed record. Isn't that pretty distinct?

    There are plenty of animals out there that have hopes and dreams.

    We just can't interpret them, so we cast them away. And I hate that about human nature.

    You treat them well do you? How do you know? What is good and what is bad?

    What if you have a skewed sense of what "well" is? Maybe you have been treating people poorly your whole life and you don't even know about it. Is that possible?
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    Also, if you mean to say, that you treat others the way you like to be treated.
    Then I will ask you if you think you have the same exact values as 100% of other people. Do you treat people differently based on gender or race? Why? Do you feel you have an understanding of their culture so you are showing appropriate values?
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    That's a single physical adaptation. My truck is faster. My truck cant calculate even basic math though or long for a better tomorrow.
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    I'm polite and friendly and think of others. I mean, I'm far from perfect though. I do treat women better than I treat men though generally. Culture? Most people I dont get that close to even worry about their culture. People that I actually know, then, yes, I'm respectful of their culture.
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    I disagree on most animals having hopes and dreams past their next meal or bowel movement. Maybe apes, dolphins? None of them see years down the line though.
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    Polite? Friendly? What do you mean?

    Polite- You say please and thank you? Is that important?
    Friendly- ?

    How do you treat women better than men?
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    Your truck? Did you build it yourself?

    Basic math? 1+1, why is that important?
    Better tomorrow? What if yesterday was better and we are actually making things worse but we are so jammed we think we are "improving?"

    That one guy, Adolf Hitler, I heard he was a polite dude. Always saying please and thank you, DANKE SCHÖN! :p
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    Most of this existential stuff doesnt mean much. Maybe animals are better after all!:)
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    So you dont think being polite and friendly to your fellow man is important? So Hitler was polite? He also called for the extermination of the Jewish race. Hitler being polite was a good quality but his bad qualities outweighed it. Most people try to make the next day better than the last. Even though we do our best, that's not always the case.
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    You were the one that said that was what you did in life. You said that was important. I asked you to clarify and you declined.

    What is polite? What is friendly? Can you please define these terms?
    *You sure as hell asked the wrong person if it is important to be "friendly" and "polite" here on Meso. Seriously. :p
    I don't know Hitler personally, but if I think about it logically. Yes, he was Time magazine's person of the year 1931. I would think it is fair to say he was at least polite to achieve that nomination. Wouldn't you think so?

    He did? Did you read Mein Kampf?

    What are you talking about? Did you know Hitler? What bad qualities?

    You keep saying these terms such as better, what do you mean? Do you mean that we are advancing human technology? Do you mean we are creating more resources for the Earth? Do you mean we are creating a stronger gene pool within the human race? CLARIFY!

    Do our best? What are you talking about? You just said you treat women differently, therefore you look down upon women.

    What have you done in life to make sure you are doing "best?" You might want to clarify what "best" is too. Best as in expending all our energy? Best as in being most efficient?

    Also, I am curious to hear about that truck of yours. I do want to say that the cheetah is much quicker than your truck, 0-60 in 3 seconds. But who built that truck of yours? Did you build it with your politeness, dreams, hopes and thinking? Your math?

    Nope, doesn't matter at all. Two guys talking in a digital world about things that have no impact in the real world, relatively speaking.

    Oh you aren't an animal? Please Supreme Being be nice to us animals!
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    Ok, other animals.Just to clarify. I dont look down on women but I'm also not going to tell a woman to fuck off either. I think it's more because I hold them in higher regard. I'm no "supreme being", I'm in the rat race like everybody else.
    As far as the gene pool getting better , doesnt nature take care of that through what traits are attractive to the opposite sex? I'm not saying every relationship is a step in the right direction either. I just mean overall.
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    Who are you clarifying for? Yourself? I already know what your values are. You stated it clear as day.
    Right here:
    I know exactly what that means. Do you?

    Story time:
    I was at a comedy club with a date and there were some comics on stage roasting each other. To make it fun for the crowd I guess they had a line of people whom could say hi to the comics on stage and also get a "roast" from the comics. So the first guy in line says Hello and the comics roast him a little. Another person comes and goes, and then a third. Fourth in line! A smiling man that had down syndrome. He said hello to the comics and was awaiting their roast.
    Eagle eye Sworder to the rescue! I noticed the hesitation from the comics and to the amazement of the crowd I did my civic duty and yelled out "Retard" in which my date slapped my shoulder. The comics and pretty much EVERYBODY looked at me, I put my arm out towards the comics and they started roasting the guy. My date later said that I did levitate a little and there was seemingly a halo surrounding me.

    Why do you think I did that?

    That's not your stance a minute ago.
    You have dreams, hopes, politeness(?) and what else? Oh yeah, a truck.

    It's supposed to be sink or swim.
    Humans with their emotions don't want to see their genetically flawed spawn die so we save EVERYBODY and contaminate the gene pool.

    Am not talking to you to win. I can't win.
    You can! And it's not by "winning" this discussion. What I will do is break down your values and find weaknesses in them. I put you under a microscope and then you can look at yourself and perhaps change or be like "nah am good."
    Please don't sit here and try to convince me though, if you want to explain yourself I asked tons of great questions that will bleed your values. You value politeness so I have been polite so far I would like to argue! :p
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    To make the "retard" feel equal? Which it probably did.