Desensitization of dick

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  1. ludi_janez

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    Anyone experienced this on TRT or cycle? We are talking about a situation when libido is there but dick is not sensitive to enjoy the intercourse. Talk about it
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    When I was a kid I used shampoo as lube to jerk off and burnt the fuck out of my dick . Never been the same.
  3. johntt44

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    I used that concentrated peppermint soap. I still cant eat candy canes.
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    This is called marriage. Find a girlfriend.

    Seriously tho, my dick has always been sensitive. In over 30+ years of masterbation and sex I still can’t last more than 5 minutes.

    Ok, that’s also a joke. Sometimes it’s less.
  5. notdeadYET

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    Is it the smell, or the taste of deep throating those ‘candy canes’? Hah.
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    Dude.. this shit happened to me. I almost told my parents I was so scared. Lol. Thought my dick was going to fall off.. Think I've been jerking it dry since. Lol
  7. notdeadYET

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    I think we’ve all done it. I walked in on my oldest boy having his fun in the shower. I said, whoa dude, be gentle with the little guy.
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  8. Always been correlated to estrogen for me. Low and it felt dull
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  9. johntt44

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    The smell.:) Pablovian response when I smell it, haha!
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  10. ludi_janez

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    sorry to interrupt but what is candy canes?
  11. Avies48

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    Yes it is TRUTH^^^^^

    TAKESHI Member

    Have you had recent blood work? This happens to me on 19-nors. If estrogen creeps up so can prolactin. Yes running test equal or higher while running nandrolones can help, but it’s certainly not a cure all. Some people use camber or prami as a quick fix, I wouldn’t recommend it though. Controlling your estrogen is probably you best course of action.
  13. ludi_janez

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    I didnt do recent bloodwork but i also dident run 19-nor.
  14. kosp

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    probably some nasty roids can do this, but It is mostly due to lack of sexual life/Excess masturbation, your dick gets used to the fap grip and then the vagina is a strange sensation.

    "Regular sexual activity preserves potency in a similar fashion as physical exercise maintains functional capacity," conclude Juha Koskimaki, MD, PhD, and colleagues at the University of Tampere, Finland.

    By personal experience, one year with no sex and then having sex again, my dick felt kinda weird, it just went away with more sex.

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  16. johntt44

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    Those peppermint Christmas sticks.