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    But recently this past month I have neglected what I said above. Will be making it happen though again. As soon as this cold is done.
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    Humans are creature of habit! Use that to your advantage. Whenever I want to start a new routine or habit for example washing the dishes after I cook. In the first week or two I will just wash the utensils and if I feel like doing more then I will but otherwise it's all about the routine. As long as I go do the dishes and do 1 thing that is enough for my brain to start get programmed. Then slowly and steadily over the course of a couple months it will just become a habit and I don't even have to think about doing it.
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    The things we want to do the least are the things we should be focusing the most attention to. :)
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    I really like this split. I might give this a try.
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    I had enough. On 200 mg a week of test for 5 weeks and being sick, I fuckjng hit 205 lbs. Eating 2500 cals.

    I am upping my test to 600 mg a week. Then adding deca when I get it at 500 mg. Pinned M and Th 300 test and 250 deca. Running this for as long as it takes to hit 230-240 lbs.

    just started today lifting again and eating 3500 cals more so 4000 cals. 250 protein, 500 carbs, 120 fats.
  6. jJjburton

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    Going to do a week of chest tris, back bis, legs. Then getting back into the grove.

    I also started reading a book for a change.

    I am weighing out my meal portions. Tracking on my fit pal.

    I am going to focus more on well being.
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    Fortunately, looks like your buddy sworder is gone...thank God!

    Keep it up, your doing good.
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    Lol like
    Banned gone? Or just left?
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    Banned gone
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    So I woke up late today but this is going to be my meals per day

    Break fast.......meal 1
    Smoothie- greek yogurt vanilla, coco water, granola, peanut butter, frozen berries. Hopefully it comes out to ~100 g protein, ~120 g carbs, ~ 20 g fat?. So about 1000 cals.

    Meal 2 meal prep....
    50 g protein meat
    Pasta or rice or beans.
    Alfredo sauce will be my go to for sauce
    20 grams fat

    Meal 3 same as 2

    Meal 4 dinner something cooked with same ratio
    50g protein- meat
    Potatoes, pasta, beans

    Snack 1
    Some type of snack maybe cinnamon buns or nice bowl of cereal or greek yogurt.

    some late night munchies
    Protein shake to cover to hit my 250 grams protein

    oil or cranrasins or ice cream to finish out my carbs and fats.
  11. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    I will start at 4000 cals and increase as weeks go by.
  12. jJjburton

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    I am not going to run any orals only test and deca for a bulk.

    If I really need to I have dbol. But it hinders my appetite. So I doubt Ill run it if I do its going to be at 12 +weeks.

    i also have Anavar, dbol, tren A, mast P, hgh, aromasin, adex.

    So running 600 mg test, hgh 4 iu PM, 500 mg deca(in 2 weeks).

    running adex or aromasin only when needed.
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  13. jJjburton

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    Easily hitting 4000 cals this go. Alfredo sauce is honestly the key for me with pasta. We will see how fast I get sick of it. The above meal plan is working perfect.

    did chest, tris, shoulders
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  14. jJjburton

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    So my min cals is 4100 a day. Each day i have got over 4300 and I should hit 230 in 6 weeks. But the scale is moving kind of slow. Havent even got close to peak test yet. I am on 600 mg test its been 1 week i gained 210-214. But its cause I was sick the week before. Hoping to hit 220 lbs before I start the deca in 7 days.
  15. jJjburton

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    Then once I start the deca and test I will hit 240 in 5 weeks and 250 in 10 weeks. As long as my hunger does not get hindered by the steroids like the orals did to me. Thats why orals suck. They dont allow you to eat as much. I think I am done with them for good.
  16. jJjburton

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    So I am am dumb I have been weighing my pasta cooked and ising uncooked measuents. It only accounted for 500-700 cals a day but still thats a pain in the ass. I could easily eat more. So now I am fixing that and everything was irrelevant because it was cold food like smoothies and yogurt. I can easily eat more and more. So fixing the problem today. Thats why i was confused. So the past 7 days it really came out to 3600 cals. And for now on when i type into my fit pal going to put cooked or uncooked. Going to weight wverything thats cooked with cooked meaurements since when weighing raw that shit changes due to gain or loss of water weight.
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  17. jJjburton

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    So after fixing my macro count I ate 5200 cals today. So should not have a problem getting my goals.
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    I feel you bro! I was wondering how you have that kind of time on your hands!
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    So far so good. Eating 5200 cals as of now. I also have been weighing everything and its coming out good. With my beans finally getting soft its adding a whole new chapter to bulking. I can eat beans to easy.

    So today I had

    -chicken with lettuce and vinegar and 2 tbs oil 2x-8 oz of chicken=16 oz
    -Alfredo pasta 10 oz with ground beef 5 oz
    -Smoothie with 2servings greek yogurt and 4 servings peanut butter(ran out of granola)
    -protein shake 2x 2.5 scoops=5 scoops...had a busy work day
    -Cranraisins 5 servings 1/4 cup per serving...5 mouth fulls this actually is 500 cals and 140 carbs. Stuff is good. so much fiber.
    -pasta 6 oz and 11 oz black beans
    -4 oz black beans and 4 oz chicken
    -16 oz lemonade
    -gallon of water

    this is how I am going to eat everyday. Should be a good bulk. Very easy actually. Never doing orals again. 1 week into cycle. Starting deca in 1-2 days I hope.
    All weights are from cooked baked or boiled.
  20. jJjburton

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    Yesterday heavy chest, heavy triceps, and pump biceps
    Today Heavy back, pump shoulders and pump traps
    Tomorrow legs, focus glutes and hamstrings. Calves pump