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    Yes, CDNDA and Venom somehow come to mind...hopefully they are not mentoring....
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    Tren80 anyone? :p

  3. Not really sure what all the private profile stuff is about. Access to a members profile isn't necessary to see their post history.

    Hit the search function, type in the users handle, clear all of the check boxes and bingo! Every post they've ever made is right there in order from newest to oldest.
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    Hey man he’s gonna tell you that you aren’t allowed on his thread either since you are the CEO of MSG labs
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    If you follow MSGs instructions you'll be able to figure out who I am. I don't own any lab or rep for any lab. I've used many. As for pm'ing you it's called a bait. Again if you follow MSGs instructions you'll even see I trashed one of the labs you mentioned, so you're grasping at straws.
    Oh yes I will address the thread you mentioned. A guy threatens another guy online, you call his bluff, why not? In the end the internet warriors like you can't and won't do a damn thing. Or are you going to pull my ip address to and come to my house?
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  8. Dracorex Labs - Canada

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    Keep your own word you son of a bitch.
    The reason I want you out of my thread is due to the fact that you shill for Genetec. You are not vetting against me. You are trying to destroy me because I am your competition. You have already lost credibility for yourself due to what I posted about you in the Citadel and Venom thread in post 168. When are you going to give it up? Your just sinking your own lab deeper into the toilet. And you are the one that has escalated things, not me. Remember, your not hear to vent against me, your hear to destroy me because I am your competition.
    Also,, just some business advice for you. You would be a lot better off marketing your own lab somewhere as oppose to downgrading me in this thread. Your not doing anything beneficial for your lab by being in this thread
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    Again you don’t seem to understand.
    YOU are the one not providing meso with the right protocol
    The lab you are referring to is not mine, nor do I sell it on here. Do you understand?
    Also I’m not bashing Dracorex I’m saying you are not following protocol here. This should be very easy to understand.
    Also for a guy with a degree you don’t understand simple English I noticed multiple times you don’t know the difference between “hear” “here”
    Also even if that lab you mention was mine trust me you are no competition for them or Newport,Syn,Pareto,Nordic....your thread is a joke.
    Trust me your little investigation has not tarnished my reputation one bit.
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    Watch your tone source. This is not a source board, therefore this is not your thread. Your intro sucks and now you’re losing your cool. You think you have what it takes to make it here? You’ve just proven otherwise.
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    You're hilariously bad at this.
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    Dumpster fire
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    I don’t get involved too much in the vetting process here at Meso, but I watch closely. The main issue I see for @Dracorex Labs - Canada is that you came in and ignored the new source process. You did not follow protocol and blatantly told veteran members that you were not going to. As you mentioned you are a previous member on Meso, you know the process. By choosing to not follow it, you come across as being somewhat entitled. Then getting into a war of words with vets on the thread does nothing to prove your credibility and gain trust and respect of the members. Remember if you’re running a business you need a customer base. You have to have thick skin and work with your potential customers. There are many Canadian sources available so now you will have to go above and beyond to get this on track.
    A wise man once told me: “Right now there are over a billion China men half way around the world that don’t know you or give a fuck about your problems....”
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    The owner of Dracorex has respectfully reached out to me and asked to post this message.

    Please accept my sincere apologies for the actions of this reseller. He sadly just does not get it. This is your house and if he wishes to be welcome in your house he needs to follow your rules. Questioning them will get him know where. Arguing with any member here will get him know where. Doing so he is just fueling the fires.

    Please note this individual is a reseller. He is not a rep for my company. He buys products from me in bulk and resells. As a reseller he can choose to try to resell where ever he sees fit. I have zero control over that. When he mentioned to me he wanted to come onto this forum I cautioned him that your a tough crowd. He asked me for some of the things you ask for to verify a lab and I refused. I have the right to refuse for whatever reasons I have because I am am not asking for admission to your house. Your rules apply to me if I choose to come here which I have no plan to come here now or in the near future.

    So once again my sincere apologies to each and every member here. And a thank you to those of you that have actually being trying to help him. Which sadly he has taken as an attack.

    And to the this reseller I would strongly suggest he stop arguing with people and that he apologizes to each and everyone here. And that if he wishes to sell here and testing is a core requirement he finds out from you folks who is the most trusted company that provides testing services and pays for said services. Then has those results posted.

    thank you for reading this
    take care everyone
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    I’ll also make it crystal clear I never once bashed the lab which this fellow seems to keep accusing me of. I was only bashing his conduct.
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  16. That was classy.
    I dont get into the politics or anything, as I said...
    I buy gear
    I inject gear
    People can hate on whoever the owner is as much as they want.
    My hate is only for this reseller.

    Never tried their gear, never had an opinion on it.
    Keep it real,
    I've seen you help a lot of guys on a few forums.
    Fuck what this guy says or thinks about you.
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    I agree classy move by ownership. I appreciate your comment as well, I’m glad to see that the resellers attempt to tarnish my reputation is unsuccessful.
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    But you must be a shill for Dracorex now....
    Draco Rep fuck yourself “SON”!!!!!!!!
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    If this guy had half a brain he’d visit CB and have a look at the mod list.
    What a dumbass
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