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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Dracorex Labs - Canada, Sep 6, 2019.

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    Because YOU are the one who needs to bring the testing to us first. Ideally in your intro post. Otherwise nobody will do business with you here.
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    eh, why don't all you haters and trolls get on that dragonex superdrol and tren ace and get so bloody shredded and pumped and be just shocked and surprised how these products are magically superior to competitors' despite using the same raws as everyone else
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    The truth is you are fucking retard.

    You post onto your thread thinking oh we are the best lab.
    And you look like the absolute lowest bottom.

    Don't test raws/no product testing/fake reports blah blah blah.
    The test cyp 400 ya right.

    Truth is you have no come to meso standards of operation to be given any hint of slight of test from a reputable member.

    Prices don't matter, gear does.
    Your obvious comments about suppliers pricing is another red flag.

    No labs pics or any real good details.

    Enjoy never making it on here.
    No way I would even blink just blink to test your products.
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    Thing is, this could be the best lab on the planet but with this nit wit as a reseller he is only doing damage to the brand. If you were on a paid board feels for reviews are enough. This is meso, uncensored and testing is expected. If he can’t play by meso protocol he might as well kick rocks and find a place that he would fit in better. This thread is a joke. Instead of taking the criticism and saying he will conform he argues. He’s obviously a reseller of little brain. This shit just won’t fly. So fit in or fuck off
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  6. Lol amazing
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    Damn and here I thought I was a special member being given such an opportunity, even entitled, so to speak!
  8. Dracorex Labs - Canada

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    Holy shit son, you are fucked in your head. I am just going to list a link here
    Citadel Labs (Canada Domestic)
    So it seems like your a rep or shill or something for Genetic that is mentioned (on page 11) in post 213 to 216.
    Its no wonder why your so god damn hostile at me. I am your competition. All other members that have gone at it with me would give up after a short time. But you are getting more and more aggressive. And I found out something else. Take a look at this link below.
    VenomPharma (Canada/USA Domestic) Sale prices and Free vial of Test Prop
    You and Mr Perfect are good friends as mentioned in post 983. Infact, if anyone reads post 961 to 1056; they will see that you are a real piece of shit. Infact, you and your good friend Mr Perfect are indirectly threatening to beat the shit out of a member in a back alley somewhere. Now, anybody, tell me if this is not fucked up or what? You and Mr Perfect should of been banned for that. But anyhow, I do agree with the poster in the Citadel thread that you do trash Canadian sources; but funny enough, you won't trash Genetic (or USA or international sources). I actually noticed this when I read your postings in your profile as well. You do trash Canadian sources. And you have trashed me hear for selling Dracorex products. I was just wondering why the hell you gave me shit in post 66 for having low prices. Who in Canada would not want to pay low prices for gear? Considering the fact that Canada is the most expensive country in the world for steroid sales. Like common now son! Your just pissed because I undersold your lab products. (By the way, thank you for not blocking your profile, I appreciate it). Get this straight in your god damn head kid, if you and your partner Mr Retard go into threads of new Canadian sources that pop up here on meso and then directly trash them; then all you are doing is showing insecurity and no confidence in the lab that you are shilling for. Now, what does that tell all the meso members? That tells me something very negative about genetic. And don't worry, I will never trash Genetic or any other source. Im better then that. Now I really know who you are as a person. I have to admit that I am happy I never used your lab. One factor being is that its overpriced. Why don't you take a lesson from me. One thing I will never do is send people into other new Canadian source threads and start trashing them. Why, because I have confidence in Dracorex products. Also, competition is healthy. It keeps other sources up to proper standards. From here on in I do not want you or Mr POS in this thread due to the fact that both of you are shills for your own respective labs. Is this understood?
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    This is beyond lame. How could you possibly know if I am making sales or not? Like really:rolleyes:
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    Hahahahahaha is this understood!!!
    You gotta be kidding me. You stupid idiot all the garble you just babbled has been gone over a thousand times here. Guess what people like me and trust me. I don’t source on here, but I do contribute and help out. Never heard of the lab you named either Genetic? Must be some new lab. I know of one called Genetec though. Wow for a guy with a degree you continue to look stupid. You will never make it here ever. I can stop commenting right now but the rest of meso is all over you so whatever.
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    P.s maybe spend more of your time answering questions that many people have asked of you rather than trying to investigate my profile....guess what I leave it open cuz I got nothing to hide
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  12. Dracorex Labs - Canada

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    About the part highlighted and the quote:
    You know, there are two groups of people that come onto a forum like meso looking to buy steroids. One group of people are stupid, and the other group are intellectuals. Now, the stupid people will believe in the post the you write up, there, son. And those people will not buy because they can't read in between the lines. The other group of people are intellectuals. They have the ability to read in between the lines. They will read post like yours, and post like mine. They will clearly see that I am an intellectual by the way I write out things. They have the ability to read in between the lines and see the negativity being written out. I myself have tried sources that were shit talked to and trashed left and right. I tried those shit talked sources out, and I made excellent gains from their products. Why, because I was able to read in between the lines. You say I will never make it hear. Well, I would say Im doing fine in sales so far. Sure, I may make spelling mistakes or put an extra comma here or there, but that doesn't matter. But thank you anyhow for your positive comment there steve! You can also leave this thread yourself!
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    I agree with @Steve84
    Low brain capacity
    Anyhooooo he’s a pretty respected member here and spends his own money on testing and shares it with the community...he even has given absolute shit labs a try....I’d venture to say he wouldn’t buy a breathe of air off of you if there was no oxygen left in the world
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    You cannot tell people to leave “your”thread
    You actually don’t own the board

    To be clear I’m not trashing the lab

    I’m trashing you personally. You don’t get it. Meso has a protocol and you aren’t following it. Even when you do the boys will still shit on you. Being combative just fuels the fire, so you aren’t doing yourself any favours. I started out nice in your thread but you escalated it. You suck as a rep
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
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    @Dracorex Labs - Canada , you need to stop posting and take a breather.
    Review how you have been responding to members. This is 100% not the way to try to run business.
    You should really take what members have been asking and suggesting as a feedback to improve your chances of success here rather than personal attacks.
    Gear price is not of utmost importance to us but gear quality is. I will repeat: without testing of products you are trying to sell, you are not going to get any customers.
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    Tell me to stay out of your thread @Dracorex Labs - Canada let’s see how it’s going to work out for you, cmon Steve, I dare you
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    Probably too shy to say:D
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    When is the last time you purchased gear Mindless?
    Hell when is the last time you pinned any gear?
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    You are such a joke....

    Sounds just like other failed labs.
    Are you CDNDA? Venom? Branded?

    Sales are good....
    I don't do testing cuz my products are great.
    I don't do pics of lab because then I'll be caught in my other failed lab.
    Run my prices cheap! Lots of profit....

    Don't worry just trust me. Best get ever.

    Like I said you will get the guys that are dumb enough to try/poor enough to try.

    Next thing your way coming is fake handles with no history saying oh this lab is fire.
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    Hahaha, good one.