Dynamite Raws (International & US Domestic)

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    I was thinking the very same thing. Also, no need to disclose to public the precise shipping and receiving dates; i think most real customers would be ok with "following items to be restocked in a week."
    @ExtremePIP , We want you to be a safe and sound supplier for more than a minute...
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  2. ^Absolutely this^ It would be really nice to have a good Domestic raws guy.
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    That’s how you do things enough test to last you through a nuclear fallout
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    or until it expires in a couple years...

    That much is for a source... not personal usage... lol.
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    Joedaddy tired of reselling and getting into brewing.
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    In oil it should last longer than a couple years no? Yea makes sense because that’s enough to last a looooong time for one man
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    13g is 250mg a week. 26gram would be a 500mg perma blast.
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    Thanks so much, those are really kind words haha. Made my day much better, no homo. Honestly when it comes down to sourcing, people don't know how hard it is and it's discouraging until a few people start having your back. Thanks:rolleyes:

    Thanks! Much appreciated we will be here and I'll be much more mindful of the details I post. Apologies, I like to keep everyone updated with precise information but sometimes thats a bad thing :p:(

    Thank you guys
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    Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Placed an order with Dyna last week, when pack arrived the 2 of products were a couple grams off but nothing to get upset about. I contacted Dyna just to let him know the situation, next thing I know I have a package with the missing product a couple days later. This is my 3rd or forth order with this source and his product, communication, and customer service is on point!
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    Hey man, thank you so much brother!
    It's always a pleasure doing business with you, appreciate the feedback ;)
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    Mighty quiet here. @ExtremePIP hows the domestic stock looking, the restock happen?
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    Hey brother! ETA was delayed a few days, will have it on the 22nd! If anyone would like to get their order details in advance so I can divide the stock, please email or wickr me!
    Thanks guys!
  13. ExtremePIP

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    Winter is coming motherfuckers! :p
    Stocking up like crazy!

    Just ordered and shipped out:
    Test E
    tren E
    DHB 1-TC

    This will arrive tomorrow afternoon:
    • 3kg Test E
    • 1kg BU
    • 500g NPP
    • 1kg TPP
    • 500g TP
    • 1.3 kg ND
    • 300g TRA
    • 300g OXD
    Other two packs should arrive within a weeks time.

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  14. ExtremePIP

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    • 3kg Test E
    • 1kg BU
    • 500g NPP
    • 1kg TPP
    • 500g TP
    • 1.3 kg ND
    • 300g TRA
    • 300g OXD
    Has touched down.
    Please Wickr me at: dynamiteraws
    Protonmail: dynamiteraws@protonmail.com

    Thank you guys! Ah I feel lonely, it's only been me triple posting in my thread!
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    Dyna came through. Slight mix up, but it's being handled. Will update.

    Communication, eta and everything was on point. Like to get some testing done but with WM out for who knows how long. Might not be possible for a bit.
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    Don’t feel lonely. I’m here! Haha! :D
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    Thank you! I will have that handled for you!

    Aw, Kim.
    I love you bestie! :p
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    @ExtremePIP I'm not a customer (yet), but you really do run this show well. Good job man.
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  20. I agree! compared to PPL and DO this guy is far above as far as customer service goes. Honestly I would rather pay a couple extra bucks for better service. Plus he is domestic so you don't have to wait fucking weeks for Raws....Only thing is I would like to see more testing on his raws. Unfortunately Weight and Measurements is not around anymore.
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