Dynamite Raws (International & US Domestic)

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  1. If he’s gone what about using @Janoshink?
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    Lol, you’re joking right?
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    All I can say is hang tight bud. He’s not the type to scam.
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  4. No. But from how you said that I’m assuming something shady went down. That’s a big never mind then from me. Lol
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    So what you’re saying here is, your a Meso member who is repping for a Chinese “raw supplier”

    I have officially seen it all.

    Dude look, you’ve been on Meso for a while, it’s obvious you missed some seriously major details in the intro. Namely TITS. It’s Meso bro.
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    Actually considered $80 store credit for Jano tests but I'm no longer going to even consider it. Nothing PERSONAL against him, but reading all the threads posted about him and his reputation here.. I don't think it would sit well with many members here, myself even.
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    We are honestly considering using LabTox or Jano at the moment. @Weights & Measures has not gotten back to me on my test results yet, hope he comes back.

    We currently have enough stock to sell to personal users, we will be opening shop again. Some compounds such as (Test I, DHB, tren Base etc)/ all the uncommonly used ones have not been restocked because of the lack of demand on these items. However, if there is anyone that would need these items please let me know in advance so we could stock these domestically. All of these items are available internationally with an 8-10 day T/A. We will be slowing stocking up on them going forward though, to meet any customer demand! :p

    At the moment we have a decent amount of:
    Test E
    Test C
    Test Ace
    Test P
    Sust 250
    Mast P
    Mast E
    Tren E
    Tren A
    Anavar (extremely low stock:eek:)

    Sorry for the list, I have a thing for typing. Our restock will arrive on the 8th, until then if anyone is interested in these items please don't hesitate to email me @

    Protonmail: dynamiteraws@protonmail.com
    Wickr: Dynamiteraws
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    Why would you consider using Jano... a proven scammer... as a tester? Why not the accredited lab?

    Is this a joke or something? Scammer vs accredited lab... lol. Is it really hard for you to pick a scammer vs an accredited lab???

    Please show your customers that you have the competency to deal business the correct way, because your tests are basically worthless being done by a proven liar. Others, who have their own interest, I'm sure will disagree with me. However, you cannot argue facts; Jano is a liar.
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    I have not discredited any of the proof, that's why it is still a consideration. However, I've observed Janoshiks post history and it seems like he still is somewhat welcome here that's why I considered him. W&M was my go to and now that he's gone, I'm scrambling to get these same compounds sent out for testing..
    What you said was valid, why consider a person against a valid testing lab (duh;)), sorry I have to admit my brain is a bit slow at the moment. Got up at 4am this morning, still early right now. :D
    SIMEC and Lab4Tox are both definitely better options; and after your response with the obvious dislike towards Jano, I will no longer consider him as a viable tester.

    Thanks for your input, everything is appreciated!:p:D
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    I was very skeptical of this guy initially but I ended up pulling the plug last Friday and ordered $250 worth of domestic raws, I ordered some mast prop, test e, Anavar, and NPP. This guy was very quick to respond to my emails and the best part is... I said I ordered last Friday... I got my shit Monday. As far as the raws go, everything looks as it should and what I’m used to. Only testing will tell what the quality is like aside from anecdotal results. I wish W&M was around... I would send them there. Jano I wouldn’t waste my time with after all the fishy shit I’ve read about him. Anyways, as far as service and looks/feels, I would 10/10 place another order... the testing part, if anyone has a recommendation please let me know
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    Thanks! Hope to continue business with you, rest assured when we get the lab tests we will post them. Just looking for the best lab to send to at the moment.
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    How's about doing a melt-point test for us in the meantime??
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    I’ve attempted melt tests in the past and I just don’t feel that I have the equipment to accurately do that to where I trust the results. As I stated before, the compounds I have received look exactly as they should in my experience. I would much rather pay to send them off to be tested by a professional unless you have
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    Had to jump on these fiya domestic prices that @ExtremePIP from dynamite raws has. Grabbed a key of test. Half key of cyp and half key of enth 20191005_193044.jpg 20191005_193015.jpg
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    Brewing some up tomorrow bro. Waiting on that Nand No Ester to hit your domestic stock for real. Im cruising right now but just came off a blast with nand cyp. NNE preworkout when on the nand cyp was extremely cool.
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    Def will let you know once that hits domestically! Sounds amazing, might have to try some myself haha.
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    Wondering what members would like to see us carry domestically that some other raw sources do not? (clen/DNP is off limits though haha).
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    I’d say domestic stock of Test E, C, Sus, Prop, PP, Deca, NPP, Mast P and E, Primo E, EQ, Bold Cyp, tren A and E, would be a nice to have available domestic and would cover most bases. I personally don’t mess with oral capping and would just assume order them pre made.
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    Curious why no clen or DNP domestic
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