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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by nophat, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. johnnyBALLZ

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    Ah, well I guess it didn't take much for you to admit this is YOUR brew.. Thanks for that.
  2. jaymaximus

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    You keep saying it's not you and youre doing this for someone else. But now youre posting email addresses, and posting pics of gear and this other person hasnt shown up. At this point this looks like your lab and youre sourcing.
    If thats what it is, then thats what it is. But you cant say youre not sourcing or repping and do it. That makes everything look 10 x's shadier. Youre either a public source / rep or a member...
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  3. nophat

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    Ahold have changed that and I'll admit I'm slightly a part of it.
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  4. Wunderpus

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    I honestly just figured he was sourcing for a long time.... Not that I have a fundamental issue with that. But, I agree, this couldve been handled in a better way. I actually like NP, so I don't have a whole lot to say here. Hopefully he works this out.

    My opinion would either to be all or nothing here. You can't be half in, half out. Source or member, you choose (however, it seems as though you have chosen).

    Edit- and of course it's his brew JB. Just like MW with voodoo. I wish you were more straightforward NP, it would make a lot of potential customers more comfortable with this.
  5. Bighead101

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    Honestly ive been wondering when this was going to happen. It has been a long time coming. I knew the auctions wouldn't last forever
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  6. nophat

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    Thanks well spoken and understand the whole
    I just said I was a part of it
    I knew It wouldent be long before the dogs came out.
    I'm always a strait forward dude.
    That set me back how easy shit can flair up
    Thanks for the eye opener
  7. greenddog1

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    This is what I meant by diggin your own grave!:oops:
  8. stevieshredz

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    And he still refuses to take responsibility for this.
    But is a straightforward person.
    I call bullshit.
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    The 2 "P's" look like the "Decca"...dead give away.

    Maybe playing it like the supp companies do when naming dietary supps,,Deeball is made to closely reseemble D-Bol. Marketing hustle.

    This is the absolute worst thing you could say. I've known you a long time NP and respect you/like you. The "help" thing gets people twisted. My old man volunteers at his local soup kitchen cooking breakfast 6 days a week to help people. We sell drugs to pay the bills. Felony favors are for suckers.
  10. Relax.
    I'm sure he's going to use the money he gets from this venture to invest in a couple of Grammar Classes at the Local Community College.

    Just look at it this way, we are helping him. :)
  11. biggerben69

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    You think we're a bunch of dumb fucks that don't know whats going on? You're here 5 weeks and you're here to open our eyes, tough guy. Relax some. We've been doing this shit forever.
  12. Djw10711

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    Thanks dude
  13. Djw10711

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    I'm the source??
  14. heady muscle

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    LOL. Clever!
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  15. stevieshredz

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    No youre thread was where NP revealed he was a source.

    Sorry for the confusion
  16. Djw10711

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    Lol. Ok. I was like shit this was what I wanted to have happen
  17. willbbig!

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    Can you at least labmax your finished products for the board? Its a start at least.
  18. fastasf

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    Either nophat is drunk, or he's Astro. I swear his posts read just like the shit Astro used to post, down to the grammatical errors, misspelled words, etc. The labels/vials even look pretty similar and shitty to what Astro used to sling.
  19. Deisel26

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    This shit is interesting to say the least! It's like finding out who the daddy is on an episode of springer!!
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  20. Sampei

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    Are you American NP? Because DUDE! I'm from europe and in my country 5% of population speaks a bit of english, and I damn know how to write english way better then you.
    My eyes cry blood everytime I have to read one of your post.
    I would never buy from someone so stupid and ignorant as you seem. If it wasn't your native language I could undestand, but I think you are an American citizen, so you must be dumb or mentally retarded I believe.

    if you go and read your posts where you play all of us dumb like you are not the brewer.... it's typical of dumb ppl, believing they are the smartest one and everyone else is a retard.
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