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    He's not astro. NP has been a part of the community for a long time. Astro is a pos scamming, thieving re-mailer.
    I've danced with Astro many times. NP and astro don't post at all alike.

    You're getting real personal and really nasty. I guess maybe he should get used to attacks if he's gonna be sourcing here.
    English isn't his first language and that is him in his avi. If I was gonna buy gear from a lab I'd buy from a guy that looks like NP before some no lifting yutz like Karl. NP uses his shit.
    Retard? You've gotten real comfortable here, haven't you?
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    Little harsh man. Have you talked with NP face to face? Just bc his writing skills aren't perfect doesn't mean he can't carry on a conversation in English. NP had auctions for his gear. It was pretty clear he brewed it.
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    If it's not his native language I apologize for everything I said.

    Doesn't change that to many wkm members are sourcing via pm or pretending to not be the source of the gear they are selling etc.
    I mean you can be a respected member and whatever you want but when you cross the line and money get involved, I don't understand why I should treat you differently then all other source around here.

    In the end, we are friends of the Internet unless some rare exception we don't know each other. So I'll assume you are here to get my money and if shit hits the fun to run with my money and leave me with nothing or sometime even worse like bunk/unsterilised gear.

    We are not a source forum, but seems like everyone is sourcing for damn sake.

    And Ben I'm not talking of you, I believe we have already explained each other in private.
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    I know it's one member looking out for one another. But downing me for my spelling?
    I'm not the smartest person on here I build muscle I don't care how I spell it's the out come of product that spells itself.
    I have no hard feelings for people looking out I do the same when new sources come out. It's the nature of the game I take the good bad and ugly.
    With a smile.
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  5. Fuck the spelling/grammar I don't give a shit about that. It has no correlation with intelligence in my experience, I've met some razor sharp men that were completely illiterate, just straight hustle.

    You should have just came out from the get go and said it was your label though, no one likes feeling lied to. In the short time I've been here you've always been straight up with me, and there's no doubt you're a monster so you're doing something right. If you are going to continue to push this thing...
    -Do you plan on giving guys credit on bloods?
    -How do you plan on managing/disposing of sensitive info in members names/shipping info/orders etc?
    -Without going into detail, have you considered how you plan on shipping stealthy?
    -Are you going to offer reships for orders that don't deliver?
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    Credit on bloods yes
    20 % off
    Shipping 10$
    Reship 1 time if order does not land.
    Stealth rather not explain how it's shipped.
    Not one issue yet on delivery
    In over a year.
    Can look at the sight at
    Ego mass. Biz
    My apOlogizes
    Always said my word is my bond
    Thanks for the reality check
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    Site? How 'bout a site addy.
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    Single most important question asked. How will you handle customer info? You did not address this question. Please do. Thanks.
  10. This

    @nophat you use PGP encryption? If so can you post a public key here
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    Honestly, I like
    second this! Good Q Light!
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  13. @nophat If you don't have an answer for lightspan's question, you're definitely going to need one. Keep safety a priority man.
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    If I was gonna buy gear from a lab I'd buy from a guy that looks like NP before some no lifting yutz like Karl. NP uses his shit.

    Not entirely true. Did Dan duchaine look like he lifted vs Dave palumbo. I'd get my gear from Dan way before I'd ever get it from Dave. The best gear I've gotten was from people that barely look like they have lifted. I've seen jacked guys sell shit because people assume since they R big the product is gtg. Anyway his gear might be great but I'm not buying just because he's yoked.
  15. The whole premise behind the supplement industry is based on this :eek:

    Shit, if Kai Greene endorses it must be GTG.
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  17. Only difference is in BB's example Nophat actually uses his gear. He's not just endorsing it.
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  18. Trust no one.
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  19. I hear ya there my dude. I never once said I trusted him. We're all assuming.
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    Kai Greene also uses his supplements too not just endorses it. Palumbo used his supps and endorsed em. Doesn't matter who it is