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  1. I'll tell you what ... Give me either of the two gents you've mentioned gear source and I'd happily accept.

    Huge difference between gear source and supplements. BB was talking gear, not supps. Karl vs NP physiques, who you'd buy from.

    I comprehend what you're saying though, no need to buy from a guy because he's swole. But if a swole guy uses his own gear and a skinny guy was using his own gear, you know nothing about either. Who would you buy from?

    For the record ... I've never scored from NP so this isn't me vouching for him.
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  2. nophat

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    I will be directing the security
    Pgp on my phone is hard for. Anyone's help would bennift
    I looked at a few and even sent mony to anamouspeech
    2weeks ago no reply and money still available for pick up
    I can't pick it up without ID
    Someone with hands on help me
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  3. lightspan

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    You still didn't answer the question. When a customer orders you will have to have a record of what (the items ordered) to send where (customer name/address). If you keep this information on your computer and it is not encrypted and promptly and permanently deleted once an order ships, it will be a simple exercise for LE to retrieve your customer info. How do you propose to protect this info? Also if you are not accessing meso via TOR or some other anonymizing browser/proxy, it is not going to be tough for LE to find you.

    Do you know what sort of security measures are needed to protect yourself and your customers?
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    I agree exactly with what you said, unfortanlty in this day an age ppl judge on appearence. He may be using his gear but at what doses? No offense but he may be running 2+ grams but saying its 500mg. Just an opinion.
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    Too many variables skinny guy could be a horrible responder to gear vice versa. How jacked someone is irrelevant to the purchase. It's not a sales point. If u got your gh from palumbi was the gh better than lets say an AIDS patient. Palumbo big and jacked but fake. AIDS patient not so fake
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  6. korat

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    Yeah man different people take different doses and even different gear from what they are selling sometimes. I will never know what u are using and dosages, no matter what you claim on a website and vice versa.
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  7. nophat

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    Test p
    NPp mix 125 mg each 2 shots TestE week
    I do small cycles
    I'll never be a monster but in joy
    The little gains I get. My Heath is good wanna keep it that way.
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  8. fastasf

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    Why do you keep avoiding the security questions. @lightspan made a reasonable request and you need to read it and respond accordingly if you're gonna sling your gear here
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    He's been slingin here for a while if you like it or not, and to answer lightspans question, he's gonna say he deletes all info...eventually
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    I'm aware of his sourcing here behind the scenes. This is a bit different
  11. Are you working for this source? Why are you answering questions for him?

    Lightspan asked if he (the source) knows what security measures are needed to protect himself and his customers, as well as how he proposes to protect customer info. Customer info is vulnerable before deletion, and from what we've seen from NP, info will be vulnerable even after deletion.
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  12. roidragest

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    Just stating the obvious bro.
  13. achilles87

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    I don't have a dog in this fight but when someone does push gear behind closed doors it's a little sketchy no matter how you look at it. If you make yourself known to the forum about gear and people already know you are the source and they call you out and you lie that's even shadier, a lie is a lie no matter how big or small and if you can't be honest it makes us as buyers sketched out. I don't know np and I'm not talking shit or saying I'm better but if you feel your gear is good enough to make public spend the time and do it the right way and be honest with everyone good or bad.
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  14. MisterBiggins

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    I've decided to take the plunge on some of the eq. I'll let you guys know how this works out.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Thanks for the info Miss Cleo!
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  16. MisterBiggins

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    I grabed some eq from this guy for my elbow and it took a bit but my pain has eased. I ve noticed this effect in the past using eq for tendon issues so I have history to guage this with.
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  17. No nobody takes free shit..
  18. Here is the thing, go eat a bag of dicks. Does it make you feel good trying to tear down someone over grammatical and spelling errors. You are a special type of cocksucker. You can question aspects of his lab or his gear but it shows the type of person you are to attack someone based on their writing skills.
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    Fuck off I already apologised for it. You are coming a big late to the party. Sorry bro will give you a heads up next time.
  20. Ripp

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    I have used nophat in the past numerous times, and I have never been disappointed. I have not performed any blood work while on the gear, but I can say my gains have been enormous. I will give these guys a shot to prove themselves, nophat has proven himself as reliable to me. Just sharing my personal experiences.
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