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  1. Bigboy727

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    It’s sterile hair. It’s helps shake the oil up.
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  2. Dear future readers and cluless noobs.

    This lab has a history of sending out contaminated gear.
    Not only under their original lab name, but also during a brief stint as another labs brewer, from which they were dishonorably discharged.

    If you value your health, look elsewhere!
  3. Sdryx

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    Do these come with free infections and hair in vials still?

    You have some serious balls trying to come back here after members have posted MANY photos of your gear with HAIR in the finished vials.

    This was also BEFORE you started working for PPL so the excuse of him doing it to you is complete bullshit.
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  4. Elite_Labs

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    All of our vials are inspected after bottling, and again prior to shipping. We are offering 200$ credit for the first 5 customers to post blood work or lab results of our gear. Lab max will not receive 200$, but will receive a 100$ credit for the first 2 to post. Thank you all for the continued input.
  5. Elite_Labs

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    If any customer has received gear from us with foreign objects, please reach out to me and I will replace it as well as extras for the problem.
  6. Elite_Labs

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    All gear is brewed using GSO, 18% BB and 2% BA.
  7. Beano223

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    Wow labs have started just posting lists and ignoring concerns from members and people are still sending them money. These type of labs need to be booted
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  8. Sdryx

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    So you openly admit to NEVER inspecting vials prior to now????

    And now after infecting us you with your hairy gear you think you can just say the equivalent of, “whoopsie!”

    Get the hell outta here man. Go back to selling locally like you used to. Anyone receiving hairy gear and then asking for replacements DESERVES to get an infection from you.
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  9. Too bad you didn't inspect them the first time around.
    Hell, maybe you did? Maybe a hair or two wasn't a big deal to you? All about the money, right?

    You blew it. You have earned the name "Kennel Brewer" and no one here will let you forget that.
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  10. rpbb

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    how did the hair get in the gear and through your filter last time
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  11. rpbb

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    @Elite_Labs , why don't you come clean and explain the whole situation
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  12. EazyE

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    There is nothing left to explain. There can be no trust. Look elsewhere for a credible source.
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  13. Roger rabbit

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    And I thought this lab had burned down.
    Guess it’s time to walk to the shed, grab my pitch fork and torch and start burning and stabbing.....

    Get out of here elite you messed up, you burned people with crap gear and tried to toss the blame on others.

    Go private... as in go away.

    BUYER BEWARE! Contaminated gear ahead! Don’t bitch when you get a lump the size of Hawaii on your ass and have to get the abscess cut out or get your limb cut off from infection !
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    Like a blender bottle.
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  15. Bigboy727

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    I’m putting a patent on the “blender hair”
  16. Kakarot

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    Weird, the colossal thread starts to burn down and ELITE pops back up, coincidence or Russian collusion?o_O
  17. I got two vials yet of test e...mine are hairless...gonna sell them at asf for 80 a piece....
  18. Bigboy727

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    @Elite_Labs say what you want. How the fuck did hair get in there after the vial should have been crimped. So you leave open vials so the unconditioned air in your apartment can put contaminates in it? You could have fucked a person’s life pretty bad. I would maybe go back to getting a 9-5 and letting it go.
  19. Colossal Elite, both use gso... That's funny because I was just thinking the same thing.... And Colossals patience and demeanor are the same as Elites was.... You could tell him his mother sucks cocks in hell and he'd respond with, I'm sorry you feel that way....
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  20. Bigboy727

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    Elite labels didn’t have hair. They had filter particles in them. My test e had floaters. Use a black light and some film.
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