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    It still blows my mind these guys didn’t just rebrand after all that shit. I doubt they’ll ever recover from the hair incident. It wasn’t like it was just one vial that was contaminated. It was numerous vials.
    But thanks to this lab, everyone now checks their vials closely from whomever they order from. Or at least I hope everyone does lol.
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    There is. I way of redeeming yourself here. Please go away. If I put all of my customers at risk and I fucked up, if at least admit it and drop my prices substantially while making my wrongs right. Your prices are laughable for a lab who’s put members health at risk. You’re done here.
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  4. F350

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    Found this thread when I searched victory because I got some oral gear from a friend. Is victory worth taking. I see all the stuff about elite and think I'll stay away from that lol.
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    Maybe read about victory? And for God sakes let this thread die.
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  6. Victory is rumored to be a reboot of Hammer Anabolics.
    If this is true, and i'm leaning towards that being so, his track record screams "stay away!"
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    Good to know. I'll stop being a cunt now :)
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  9. F350

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    Thanks I haven't used any gear in a while and all the company's are different than what I used a few years ago. That being said I was also used to mostly individuals and had dealings with only a few online guys.
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    The underground is a good place to start.
  11. MindlessWork

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    Even BOP ditched Ham Nasty aka Victory aka Hammer. Good for them at least and we do not need such trash here. We had enough of all that! As for Elite that one should stay dead too.
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    I've read his posts over and I don't think it's hammer. I'm not saying they are g2g just saying the grammar and such doesn't seem to match.
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  13. Awww shit. Next stop, Meso.
  14. T-Bagger

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    Victory is still on BoP’s sponsor board. I presume you’re referring to Prime Pharma?
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    Yeah but there has been some noise about Victory over there but most likely they threw Pain some more money to shut people up.
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  16. Hammers easy to spot he can stay calm cool and collected for almost 2 weeks... Then he goes on a four-day drug sabbatical where he flips out, stops making sense and finally becomes delusional...
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    Is this g2g?
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    Just a heads up elite sent me an email the other day to come join them on wickr said they're going private. Didn't know they were still public . They must've kept everyone's info from back in the day.
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  19. Extremely sketchy situation, especially since it was supposedly Elite that was taken down in the Panda bust.

    Even if it wasn't him that got caught, who in their right mind would still deal with this clown? It's hard to forget a guy that was sending out vials with hair in them.
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  20. MindlessWork

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    Be careful and use a Wickr that's not your real one as this seems sketchy af.

    Better yet stay away as they may been compromised.
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