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  1. Kakarot

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    I don't think either one filters their gear.
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  2. Kakarot

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  3. Bigboy727

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    I stand corrected. What a shit show.
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  4. Cityofgrit

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    The timing between Elite and Colossal is too coincidental...and I don't believe in coincidences.
  5. Iron Vett

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    A friend of mine ended up with a few bottles of pre-ppl elite gear and they were full of debris. No pics were taken. Gear was filtered and used.

    Members of Meso stay away from this source
  6. ickyrica

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    One 6 hour plane ride and this is what's popping when I land. Unreal.
  7. retpsd

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    Hello again....... dipshit.
    Don't you mean "all gear is brewed using GSO with a splash of EO".
    Or did you also conveniently forget that Analyzer found cross-contamination of EO in samples that were sent to him by Meso members.
    You've forgotten about:
    hairy gear
    chunky gear
    posting tracking numbers in public threads
    keeping customer info.
    Selling gear on Instagram
    and EO in GSO gear.....what else?

    It looks like you've also forgotten the value of 10ml vials of gear.....but at least now your prices match your gear.......both are shit.
  8. Elite_Labs

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    Hello everyone,

    I hope this finds you well. I would like to thank those who have continued to support us through the “ups and downs” and look forward to hearing feedback. I was shocked at the amount of emails and orders we have been receiving and would like to show our appreciation by doing a sale from now until midnight this upcoming Sunday.


    Order minimum will only be $100 after discount has been applied. Bitcoin and WU both accepted. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Email: eltlabs@protonmail.com
  10. Troy22

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    2018-04-20 23.07.45.jpg
  11. Iron Vett

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    The only sources that brag about sales are the ones that don't really have any sales. Take your dirty gear and leave
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  13. Grandpa Gainz

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    C3D0C1FD-9219-40F0-952F-72F12C8DE858.jpeg This is where @Elite_Labs brews at. Do not order from this lab!
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  14. EazyE

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    25% off sale — sounds desperate. Looking to score quick cash from newbs!

    HIGHRISK Member

    But one get one free sounds better
  16. Roger rabbit

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    I assume you mean hair? Correct?
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Lol of course... I always post that to see how desperate they really are and see if they actually offer it. Most of the time the bite like a champ and tell me how good of an idea that is.
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  18. Elite_Labs

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    Hello everyone!

    Hope all is well. Just a quick update. You have drained our stock of test c, but we will have more in stock very soon. With that being said, let’s add a little something to that promo.

    25% off entire order
    1 free bottle per every 5 purchased
  19. fresnos2k

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    Hahaha reminds me of my hairy vials of max growth! Fucked up shit! IDK why the fuck these guys don't filter their shit after already putting in all that work. Why skip when you already went through the work...unless you really didn't do shit, but send empty oil...o_O
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