EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools


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EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools

Disclaimer: EPIC does not lobby for, consult, or advise companies, nor do we endorse specific products or services. This list merely serves as a sampling of available privacy-enhancing tools. If you have a suggestion for a tool that you believe should be included, or if you have comments to share regarding one or more of the tools that are already listed, send e-mail to epic-info@epic.org. If you have questions about a tool on this page, visit the affiliated company or individual's Web site for more information.

CD/USB Based Operating Systems
Tails: live operating system that can run from removable media without leaving tracks. Routes Internet traffic through the Tor network.
Internet Anonymizers, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Proxy Servers

Tails: live operating system that can run from removable media without leaving tracks. Routes Internet traffic through the Tor network.

Tor (Windows, OSX, GNU/Linux, BSD, Unix): Internet anonymizing software that securely routes traffic through multiple nodes around the world. Open source, free.

Orbot (Android): Tor client for Android.
Anonymizer(Windows, OSX, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android): Encrypts and anonymizes Internet traffic.

CyberGhost VPN
I2P Anonymous Network
Private Internet Access
Proxy.org: lists thousands of proxy sites.
TunnelBear (Windows, OSX, Android, iOS)


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Web Browser Ad-ons

HTTPS Everywhere (Firefox, Chrome): forces HTTPS versions of websites were they are available.
Adblock Plus (Firefox, Chome, Opera, Android): customizable ad-blocking plugin
NoScript (Firefox, derivatives of Mozilla): highly customizable plugin to selectively allow Javascript, Java, and Flash to run.
Disconect (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera): stops 3rd party tracking sites around the web.
BetterPrivacy (Firefox): removes and deletes long-term “super-cookies”
Search Engines
DuckDuckGo: anonymous, encrypted web searches.
ixquick: anonymous, encrypted web searches. Hosted in the Netherlands.


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Email/Communication Encryption
GPG(Windows, OSX, Linux): free implementation of OpenPGP.
Mailvelope(Chrome, Firefox): OpenPGP encryption for webmail.
Enigmail is and OpenPGP add-on for the Thunderbird and SeaMonkey email clients.
GPGMail is a plug in for Apple Mail, an open source implementation of OpenPGP for encrypting, decrypting, signing and verifying email.
Email Self Defense: a guide for using encrypted email (GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Windows).
Alternative Email Accounts
Guerrillamail: web-based disposable email accounts.
Tor Mail: anonymous email provider (Tor required).
MyKolab: Privacy-focused email, based in Switzerland
Neomailbox: email provider focused on privacy and anonymity, based in Switzerland
Anonymous Remailers
QuickSilver (Windows)
paranoia remailer
noreply: additional information on remailers.


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Disk/File Encryption
Symantec Drive Encryption (Windows): Uses strong PGP encryption.
Diskcryptor (Windows): Free, open-source, encryption solution
FileVault 2 (Mac): Built-in encryption software used by NSA to lock down their systems
Linux Unified Key System (Linux): Open-source option for full disk encryption
cryptonite (Android): implementation of TrueCrypt for android
GNU/Linux disk encryption through Ubuntu: a how-to guide from EFF.


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Secure Instant Messaging
Cryptocat (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mac): encrypted instant messaging platform.
Off-the-Record (Windows, Pidgin): encrypted communications with authentication and deniability features.
TorChat (Windows, Linux): P2P instant messaging routed through the Tor network.
Pidgin is a third-party instant messaging/chat program that allows users to log in to multiple chat programs simultaneously (e.g., AIM, MSN, Google Talk) and to install a variety of privacy and security plugins.
Adium is a third-party instant messaging program that allows for encrypted chats across multiple networks, but for Macs.


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Disk/File Erasing Programs
Darik's Boot and Nuke: self-contained bootable software that deletes all contents of attached drives.
Eraser: file-erasing software.
Ative @ Killdisk: bootable whole disk eraser.
CCleaner: Internet history and file shredder.


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Password Vaults
Password Safe (Windows)
Lastpass (Windows, OSX, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
1Password (Windows, OSX, Android, iOS)
MasterPassword (iPhone/iPad, OS X, Destop (Java), Terminal (Java), Terminal (C)).


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Comodo (Windows, Android)
Kapersky: (Windows, OSX)
TinyWall (Windows)
Norton Internet Security (Windows)
Antivirus Software
AVG (Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile)
ClamXav (OSX)
Norton Antivirus (Windows)
Bitdefender (Windows, Android)
Comodo (Windows, OSX, Linux, Android)
Ad-Aware (Windows)
Avast (Windows, OSX, iOS)
F-Secure (Windows, OSX, Android)
Panda Cloud Antivirus (Windows)
Avira (Windows, OSX)
Cookie/Cache/Internet History Cleaners
CCLeaner (Windows, OSX)
Bleachbit (Windows, Linux)


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Mobile Privacy
SilentCircle (iOS, Android): encrypted voice, video, text, and file communications
Wickr (iOS, Android): encrypted, self-destructing text, picture, audio and video messages.
RedPhone/TextSecure (Android): open source application for encrypted voice and text communications.
K-9 Mail (Android): open source mail app for android that supports PGP.
iPGMail (iOS): app to send and decrypt PGP-encoded messages.
DuckDuckGo Search and Stories (Android): Secure, anonymous searches with Tor/Orbot integration.


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ChatSecure is an encrypted chat client for Android and iPhone.
Encrypt your Android phone.
CyanogenMod open-source alternative: to avoid leaving your phone vulnerable to your carrier's customization of the Android OS, consider replacing the firmware (on select phone models) with CyanogenMod.
Orbweb is an exceptionally privacy-focused web browser for Android, based on Tor.
APG is an OpenPGP implementation for Android phones.
VoIP/Video Messaging
Jitsi (Windows, OSX, Linux): open source software for encrypted video, audio calls.
Silent Circle (Windows)

Social Networking
Diaspora: alternative social media; open source and allows users to own and control personal data.
buddycloud: decentralized social networking with strong privacy controls.
Meshnet (decentralized networks)
Hyperboria: encrypted, decentralized Internet alternative .
GNUnet: encrypted, anonymous, decentralized P2P networking.
Commotion: open-source tool that uses phones and computers to create mesh networks.

Alternative Currencies
Cash: the original anonymous currency.
Bitcoin: open source, P2P digital currency.

Pastebin: multi-purpose text publishing.
Strongbox: for submitting files to The New Yorker.
Wikileaks: for submitting classified/sensitive information.

Temporary Mobile Phones
Burner Phone
The Heartbleed Bug: Heartbleed FAQ.
Heartbleed Test: Enter a URL or a hostname to test the server for CVE-2014-0160.
The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now: Mashable's comprehensive guide to the sites affected by Heartbleed and recommended next steps.

Additional Resources
Prism Break: comprehensive list of privacy software and services.

The Ultimate Privacy Guide
Encrypt All the Things: seven security-enhancing steps that every internet platform should take
The Surveillance Self Defense Project: a guide from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Two-factor authentication adds additional security to your accounts, it available. Simply put, if an outsider has one of your forms of authentication (e.g., your password) it won’t be enough to open your account.

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