Extreme violence in our inner cities !

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  1. The “root cause” was 400 years of slavery. What happened to the 40 acres and a mule?
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    That statement is not only ridiculous but also ignorant.
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  3. Let me go in a completely different direction with these posts for a second.

    Let's say, hypothetically, and god forbid, you get in your car at some point and due to some other delinquent drivers incompetence, something terrible occurs to you that is potentially life changing. Again, god forbid this were to happen.

    Lets say that were to happen though...

    Was the time, energy, and effort spent getting charged up over something that effects you so little worth it? It's still pretty early in the day, and it's a weekend, so I'm guessing your day is just getting started. Is it really worth starting your day on such a shitty note getting upset over the problems facing a section of society, as if it effects you that much?

    Getting balls deep with this argument this early in the day, and on a Sunday no less, you don't think that's going to set the tone for the rest of your day to day? I'll bet you it will, even if you don't agree.

    And I don't buy that "just reporting stats" line, come on. No one takes time out of there to talk about shit if they aren't interested in it and then excuse them self by saying they're just reporting stats. That's lame, either go all out or don't bother, especially with an argument like this.

    Poor people in America have troubles. Next up on water-is-wet day...

    Here's my advice, and feel free to tell me to go fuck myself, no hard feelings. Unsubscribe from this thread and the next time this thought process comes to your mind, go spend time with a loved one or a cat/dog/whatever pet you have instead. You can start by turning off the news.

    You won't solve the problems affecting America's inner cities by doing that, sure, but that's ok. You're just one person, and that's a lot of weight to carry. Start off by treating yourself like someone worth helping and you will be doing your part for the world, whether it seems like it or not.
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    Its a thought provoking subject and i figured it would spark a debate. After all, the title of this forum has the word “ discourse” in it.
    Suffice it to say, how about you relax and rather than spend your time and energy “ on a sunday morning” writing a rather long post combined with a futile attempt at sounding philosophical, perhaps you should follow your own advice and go pet a dog ???
  5. I've seen many people go down this rabbit hole before. Start their day reading some bullshit, end their day reading more bullshit. Spend their whole day angry about things that have nothing to do with them, while denying that they actually care about said subject and just want to start a debate.

    I have nothing more to add to this thought provoking subject.

    Good luck and I wish you all the best in your crusade of consecrating the grounds of America's inner cities.
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  6. You are clearly not an academic.

  7. Your a price of shit. The brother offered you neutral ground and your disrespect him. You pork grind, this is inherent to you, and most realized it just by the title of your post alone.

    Thought provoking..no asshole, your provoking confrontation and ensuing prejudice. I hope you have a crappy weekend. The rest of us are chilling.
  8. @Aces ^^^^this is the attitude we need to
    “Make America great again”. You on the other hand reek of Jim Crow.

    @weighted chinup, if I’m ever down and out, I hope I have you in my ear. You have a positive mind set and non-vindictive attitude. Wish you a great reminder of your weekend, brother.
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  9. Same to you, friend!
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    I find it ironic that you go by the name “ inquiring mind”. That said, you get an A for effort.
  13. Says the guy that needs to resort to fictitious words.
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    I'm a little bit further south than that and where I live rapist and women beaters go to the hogs, rape tree is some Kentucky bs fuckers invented circle jerks and pole smoking. Honestly white meth addicts make up the bulk of the crime where I'm at.
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  16. Violence is correlated with poverty, low iq, lack of paternal parent, and other factors. These factors do vary across different races and cultures to different levels.

    What I'm confused is, why you are upset.
    Crime is overall going down when looking at a trend of decades (as opposed to selective years).

    Sorry for grammer, me like to eat dookie.
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    Because Democrats...
    Buy guns, arm yourselves.

    The Democrats are the new slaveowners.
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    This was the most savage post I’ve read on the internet.
  19. Damn, looking back, I can’t believe I wrote that. LOl. Musta been pissed! Hahaha
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    Not that i want to reignite such a contentious topic but i find the fact that cities like chicago, new orleans, detroit, and baltimore having such high homicide rates an embarassment to our country. We can blame guns but its the humans that pull the triggers. We have to find out why these criminals commit homicide with such nonchalance. I dont think poverty has anything to do with killing another human being. I believe and i am convinced its cultural. Low IQ also plays a part as does not having a traditional family unit.
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