Female here! T minus 4 days out.

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Jennerater, May 8, 2017.

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    What exactly are your GOALS?
    You can get cut without AAS. Putting on muscle is a far more difficult task and should be your main focus for the first handful of cycles at least.
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    Haaaaiiiii. I like long walks by the water and feeding grapes to women who lift more then me.... I kid, welcome to meso. Oh and thank you for the ass pic :p
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    Welcome to Meso and I'm looking forward to seeing more pics, I mean your progress. :D Next time make sure your hands aren't in the way, I mean you give us a good flexed pose:confused::rolleyes: lol
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    Welcome to meso
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    Cool, looks like you're the best at everything.... Can't wait to see how much more amazing you are!

    It was a challenge to find a post of yours where you weren't complimenting yourself, I'm sure this new found attention from these guys will really get you off.
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    Like a female version of TNE?
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    As long as she keeps posting booty shots, I'm not complaining.
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    Beat me to it lol
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    You seem interesting to say the least. You seem to have it all figured out too. Anyways welcome to meso where you get no slack and no breaks regardless of gender.
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    Ewweee!! Ever heard of excited? Take that tude somewhere else. I am not here for attention LOL Wtf! I get plenty of attention elsewhere.
  12. Jennerater

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    I haven't even been on here and getting hated on lol for "attention". Please go get a life they are fun.
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    Crazy... *_* :D
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    And yes I am good at a billion things! I am multifaceted. If I revealed who I am, what I do, which I won't, and I am not being cocky... Like you may think, you would understand me. I do not half ass anything. Sorry if my excitement and motivation bothers you to the point you say such things. You don't know me or what I do, why I speak how I speak. I do not have to explain myself. I merely introduced myself, so if you don't like it get off my post and go somewhere else. Thank you...

    I'm here for people that are on the same path that I am. Which is Forward Motion, progress and lots of motivation ! Yes it requires a proper mindset, discipline and confidence. If you're lacking that you're probably not going to get very far. I'm on my own battle, mission and my goals are set. I don't really give a s*** what you have to say to me. If you're going to be negative or pick at me. I'll just go somewhere else I don't need to be pushed around a board just because I'm excited and no s*** LOL and it strikes you as "whatever your problem is"... Is your problem.
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  16. Jennerater

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    Do you even know what ""natty" means?
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    @Wunderpus bahahahaha! :D this gave me a good chuckle. Take your tude elsewhere!

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    Welcome. Don't worry about the haters you can always block them.
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    And you could always suck me, fuckboy. Get off this members dick @Steelworker1 ....it just may have one.
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    So angry