Genetec Pharmaceuticals (Canadian Domestic) intro post.

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by manpower, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. SinisterDog

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    Anyone heard from GS lately? Sent an order and etc etc but haven’t heard anything back. Hoping everything got processed and he’s just behind on email .
  2. SinisterDog

    SinisterDog Member

    Never mind. He has been in touch. Excellent service.
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  3. EazyE

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    It’s just like clockwork with GS.
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  4. Greatstuff

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    Hello everyone. I will be posting a new thread today. Its going to be sort of a relaunch with Pictures, raw testing etc. It will be nice to put this manpower stuff to bed as it creates alot of confusion. So same rep, same handle, same service but a new thread.
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  5. EazyE

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    Good stuff, or shall I say Greatstuff!
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  6. We typically frown upon sources having more than one thread, but i'm for it, considering that you didn't even start this thread and were really dragged into by that scumbag, manpower.

    Meso council, please show hands for those in agreement...
    Those opposed...

    The council has voted. Make it so, GS.
  7. Steve84

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    Be nice if you can include details about the GH! Lol

    Good idea new thread...
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  8. Greatstuff

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    LOL....Thanks for the approval sir. New thread is up, hopefully it doesnt interrupt too much for MSG labs
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  9. Greatstuff

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    Unfortunately I had a large disagreement with the distributor. He wanted to change the agreement before it even started so not gonna happen now.
  10. Wheelhouse

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    Always the voice of reason eh budz.)
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  11. EazyE

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    MSG tells it like it is
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  12. Bryantelope

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    Question to you guys about creatine. I'm curious if any of you use it during cycle, after cycle, or if you even bother using it at all?
  13. Ironlord

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    I always run it but I can see some people saying it just adds stress to your body, kidneys etc, because they're already working hard when you're on gear....
    Personal choice really
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  14. 3ml

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    I eat a shit pile of red meat
    Well it’s all I eat actually I don’t piss around with garbage protein sources like chicken
    Anyhow for this reason I don’t see much benefit to it unless I’m crushing slin then I find I get even fuller...nothing scientific to this bit it seems to be the case
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  15. Btcowboy

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    On a blast/bulk which I am on now I eat nothing but red meat and creatine. Off cycle i tend to change to chicken, Turkey, fish and still creatine. I do take a few weeks off creatine here and there.
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  16. Fuck that. I’m not reading all that shit. Just give me the answers now.
    Now I say!!
    I check back in 3 months to see if you responded
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  17. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    I agree that I feel much more full and satisfied from a big steak than a chicken breast. Love my red meat. I used to eat steak for breakfast almost daily in the summer. Nothing like grilling at 7am on the BBQ!
  18. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    BBQ steak 4 times a day for me, prepped on Sunday though. Then BBQ whatever fresh every night for dinner with the wife
  19. What times dinner? I’m fucking starving lol.
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