Genetec Pharmaceuticals (Canadian Domestic) intro post.

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  1. Do you mean hematocrit? As in getting to know the percentage of red blood cells?

    That is also something I should look into, absolutely.
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    Blood work you need (at minimum):

    1. testosterone, Total
    2. Testosterone, Free
    3. Sensitive E2 Assay (Not basic estradiol, that's for women)
    4. CBC (Compete blood count)
    5. CMP (Comprehensive metabolic panel)
    6. Lipid Profile (post cycle is fine)
    7. LH and FSH (pre-cycle and post pct)
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  3. i think he was talking about the oath that doctors take. Ya' know, the Hemocratic Oath? :D:p
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    He’s referring to HCT test which will be included in the CBC (complete blood count). Essentially showing how concentrated your blood is with red blood cells. When your HCT is high your blood thickens and can be problematic in the long-term the doctors note. My HCT sits above the highest range when running gear and ridiculously high when using equipoise. I personally have never heard of anyone having health problems in the bodybuilding scene due to high HCT.
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    Lmao yes that’s it
  6. You've got no idea how confused I am right now lmao.

    Anyway, everything has been written down and I'll make it happen.
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    I donate as often as I can on or off cycle. Then there is the crazy buggers who do self phlebotomy....Yikes....Nope..... Not gonna happen.
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    Dont knock it til you try it man, 16g ain't too bad :)
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  9. That's actually a good idea. Does your blood get analyzed?

    Like, do they take a sample and say "Sir, we cannot use your blood. There is a 1000% chance that the patient getting your blood will have massive gainz, which is dangerous for absolutely no reason".
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    When I went to give blood to reduce my HCT they asked if I use anabolic steroids and if I did not to donate so I did not.
  11. It's hard to believe they do not analyze the blood later on. What's keeping a psychopath with aids from donating and saying "I'm very healthy"?

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    In Canada the donations are screened for that before the blood is ever transfused into anybody
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  13. That's what I thought, thank you brother.
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    Yes bloods are screened for infectious disease. You are asked if you take steroids. It's your choice how you answer. They dont screen for hormone. I have heard that by the time the blood is given it has been processed enough that there is very little in way of the hormone in the blood given.
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  15. As little as it may be... he'll still feel a nice temporary power up hahah
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    I have something called hematomacrosis. High iron. I have to donate all the time. They ask if I take gear and say no. My blood always gets used. Its type O+ so they love me. They dont give a rats ass about gear. Just infectious diseases like said above
  17. i think the main concern is the needle aspect. Say the word needle and/or syringe to most people and their first thought is heroin, where the reuse and sharing of needles is common practice that could result in blood-borne disease.
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    Mandatory HIV testing on donated blood atleast in Canada
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    Donated blood is separated into packed red cells, plasma and platelets through centrifugation which also separates white blood cells, plasma proteins and any hormones attached to them collectively called buffy coat layer. So no need to worry about gear usage for donation purposes. DONATE BLOOD: it's in you to give/live :)
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    Man when my daughter was younger she needed more blood then they had ready so they took from me. That when I discovered they don’t actually care about any of it, the one and only question ask was have I self medicated in the last 12 months. Plus since then I’ve donated a half dozen times and that’s still the only question they ask.
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