Genetec Pharmaceuticals (Canadian Domestic) intro post.

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  1. 375 mg/wk is more of a weak blast than a cruise, but m'eh, it's your body. Blast in peace.
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    True, like I said if I’m holding out before a real blast I’ll use 375. My blasts aren’t that big regardless, as I kinda wanna take it easier on my body. But I am thinking of a bigger blast soon. might up my dosage currently to 600mg of that nandrolone mix.
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  3. Same here. My last blast was 200 mg Test and 600 mg Mast. Ended that near the end of March, then said fuck it and went with 400 mg Test (ending in June) instead of dropping back down to the usual 200 mg/wk.

    After that i probably won't touch anything else until nearing the end of the year. That's the plan anyway.
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    I didn't say I was cruising. Just looking for advice in advance.
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    Nice! I haven’t tried mast yet. Might give it a shot in the future.

    I kinda got the idea to keep test low just to see what the other anabolic would do. So I don’t stack compounds really- especially if it’s a new compound I haven’t tried yet. But like I said I am planning an actual blast soon with maybe 375 test, a second agent (Perhaps tren ace) much higher say 2x that of test and an oral like Dbol. But it’ll be quite a while as I would like my body to rebound from nandrolone before I jump at another 19nor (mostly the blood pressure)
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    It's called time on, equals time off ! Could give a shit the time of year, your health comes first.
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  7. Time off? What's that. TRT dose is time off. Get regular bloodwork etc and stay off orals it's healthier with decent amount of testosterone in you then PCTing and yo yoing your hormones over and over
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    Good day folks,
    100mg DHB is now ready!
    Email for details.

    Also, again Ill remind people .... do not email me with a secure email that your email will not be answered.
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    do not email with a secure email? I think you mean yes do email me with a secure email..
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    Never do lol! Check your mail
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    Not sure if we spoke via email or not?
  12. Greatstuff

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    Were you able to realize much in the way of gains with Mast being the main hormone? I would imagine sex drive was high and overall well being was great on that dose
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    Hope everyone is having a great long weekend.
    If lady luck is on my side I should have some pharma caber by the end of the week or monday. I think I have 5 unspoken for bottles 1mg x 20 tablets
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    It's all good brother, we spoke last week.
  15. Eating about 4000 calories with that cycle, i wound up adding 10-11 pounds. The best part was that my diet was good, but by no means perfect, yet my waist remained the same size from start to finish.

    Sex drive was pretty good, but i didn't get the increased free Test feelz that everyone talks about. Other than some noticeable energy on Dbol a few years back, i've never experienced the Superman effect or well-being from any AAS.
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    Who's the manufacturer of ther caber? Upjohn? How much you asking?
  17. k0rkscrew

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    Damn, interested but already got all my goodies. The Caber just a one time thing? Always interested in Pharma products, like to keep a good stock.
  18. Greatstuff

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    Thats alot of calories and staying tight...pretty impressive gains from this overall! Sounds like a good run
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    They will come and go, wont always have em so if you want them get in touch and I can put them aside for you
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    Summer Flash sale!

    From now until June 1st:
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