Genetec Pharmaceuticals (Canadian Domestic) intro post.

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by manpower, Jun 22, 2017.

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    I donate every 2 months. Ive had a transfusion after an accident and saw how important it is to give. So Im more than happy to drain for people to live
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    Way to go bro. Educate the people.
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    Hey all. Any thoughts on the Halo? I’ve heard it’s hard to get decent stuff. I am getting involved in competitive strength sports now and have some big shows potentially coming up. I’ve heard a lot of PLs use it on meet day. Or if anyone has any ideas on a strength cycle stack that’s fairly basic I’d love to hear.
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    Hey GS,
    Any goodies by the dozen for Canada day?
  5. So I'm doing a sort of pre-cycle training as I had some time off and want to give my joints time to get ready to lift heavy as fuck.

    I'm taking 1 pill of Evoke as pre-workout. Today, as I was tired as fuck, took 2 pills of Evoke. Had an amazing pump and good focus lol.

    Anyway, thought I could give my 2 cents for those that are wondering what the "feels" are with Evoke.
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    Keep us in the loop it is something I have thought about trying.
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    I like the Evoke too. Good energy focus. Doesn’t give me the big energy crash. Seems to provide a more stabilized boost. Good stuff!
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  8. I think I might have over done it with 2 pills, since I'm home, bodies a wreck, but I'm not tired for shit lol.
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    Whats Evoke?
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    Evoke is a stimulant that contains a mixture of geranium, albuterol and caffeine. Good combination that works well.
  11. Not to mention that you don't feel the possible cardiac palpitations that you could feel when you take (too much) pre workout.
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    Excellent rep. I'm on my 10th order over the last year or so. Always good experience. Awaiting my summer cycle..

    Anyone have some feedback on the tren-a from genetec? I am planning on running tren-a alongside tren-e, test, eq, etc.. 50mg tren a, 50mg test-p with 50mg Anadrol preworkout.
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    All of the above from Genetec I have ran. I was happy with results from all of these products. I really like their Dbol and Winstrol. Test and EQ also continue to work well for me. EQ and Winny helped lean me out with good diet.
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    Just starting my next blast, Test C 600mg, Anadrol 50mg. First time with the a bombs so cant comment.
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    I did a 10 week cutting cycle with 400mg a week tren-a, 400mg a week T400 and took 60mg a day Anavar for the last 6 weeks. First time using tren-a and I was very pleased with the results. The fat in my mid section literally melted off, my last and shoulders blew up and veins started popping out everywhere. The side effects were minimal. Didn't get any tren cough but I did get some irritation/burning sensation in my lungs a couple times immediately after injection. Only lasted a few minutes. Got some mild night sweats and I found myself waking up a lot throughout the night but I would fall back to sleep right away so I didn't really suffer from insomnia. My cardio started getting shitty after about 6 weeks though. By the end of the cycle I was getting winded pretty bad during workouts. Didn't gain a lot of strength but that could have been because I was cutting. I loved the product and will be adding it to my next cycle for sure!
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    Anyone try Genetec's DHB? Just wondering if they have any pip issues with it.
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    Current email for this lab? The one on page 1 keeps saying doesnt exist. Thanks
  18. That's a good thing, because manpower was a scumbag.
    Find post #1312. That's as far as my spoon feeding goes.
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    Yes, read the thread as @MisterSuperGod has pouted out. The info is all there.
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  20. Do your research bro dont be emailing no manpower