Genetec Pharmaceuticals (Canadian Domestic) intro post.

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by manpower, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Seattle23

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    What brand of GH is it GS? And what's the tag per kit?
  2. Yes to the above and where are these kits coming from?
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  3. Greatstuff

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    We have sourced them from out of country. They are a Generic blue top
    We will stand behind our product and are offering incentives for testing
    The first person to test the GH will get a $200 credit
    After that we will give people $100 for testing.
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  4. Vita

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    Isn't that a rather odd thing to say being you have been selling GH?

    Glad to see you are confident in this product. I have a lead on a new testing facility in Canada. If things fall into place I might be willing to send a sample in. FYI the lab I was using was over $600.00/test.
  5. MapleSyrup

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    I have some items coming from my buddy including DHB. Will do testing and report back
  6. MapleSyrup

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    Janoshik is around 600 cad for hgh w dimer testing as well. Almost no one is paying this money to test hgh
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  7. Does anyone have any experience with DHB?
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    Good to see you @Vita! It's been a minute!
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    Been lurking a bit, mostly trying to keep up on that crazy thread that Millard was banning the shills and reps from when I have time to drop in. Who needs cable TV and Jerry Springer with threads that entertaining lol.

    Glad to see you are still kicking as well.
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    Is the price list at the beginning of the thread still currently up to date prices?
  11. EazyE

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    That is not a current list. That was from a different “rep” a couple years back. Go through the pages of this thread and you will understand.
  12. Cownan

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    I use DHB in at least one cycle a year. HArd to come by the good stuff. I only know of 2 labs other than this that now carry it. Love taking it with npp and low test.
  13. @EazyE not as big as what you showed, but I'm getting somewhere :)

    @Greatstuff thanks for the excellent service and fast shipping. Always a pleasure doing business with you.

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    A beautiful sight to behold. Enjoy.
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  15. Wheelhouse

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    Look's like a nice summer cycle
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  16. Will do, sir!
    Yup! Can't wait to get started.
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  17. EazyE

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    Keep us posted on your next cycle
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  18. I'll start in July, right now I'm doing a short rehabilitation to get ready to lift heavy ass weights.

    If all goes well, I'll post bloods as well. What do I need to ask for? Overall Test? Estro?
  19. EazyE

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    Total T, free T, estrogen level are good know. Ben a while since I have had any bloodwork. Time for me to get on it.
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  20. 3ml

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    Make sure you cholesterol is good and doesn’t hurt to look at hemocratic
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