Giant Labs *US Domestic Introduction*

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Giant labs, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Should have a sexy woman on the label :)
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  2. Should have labels period. Willing to bet we won't see those either in attempt #3. He'll take my advice of the overhead shot of the vials, so that if he crashes and burns for the third time, he doesn't have to spend an entire day peeling labels off of vials to rebrand for attempt #4.
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    The thing that anyone reading this thread should take away is this.


    These guys come on here looking to turn a profit with very little or no stock hoping to drum up sales. Almost every true scammer meso has seen (no pack ever comes at all) has pulled this same bs about pics and security. Which everyone here knows is complete rubbish. Anyone on the net up to and including every member of your local LE can hop on meso and see your raws, you admitting you have gear for sale, and a nice little price list breaking it all down really clear. Clearly sharing a pic that shows potential customers you have something to sell does just that and should be a no brainer for someone looking to get a foot in the door here. It is in no way a security risk and should be simple and straight forward for a competent source.

    Any chimp can order raws and brew up a couple infections. We also know that same fucking chimp can hop on here and peddle that shit free of charge. It’s up to us to weed out these dangers mother fuckers. With so many reputable options available I’m shocked this thread went as long as it did.

    Also @Grandpa Gainz please test the purity of those raws before you brew brother. I hope it is pure and things worked out but I’d hate to see you inject god knows what he could have stepped on the raws with.
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    My new handle. @guinea pig. Haha. Yeah Im gonna shoot it to W+M. When I get some $. I’ll have to read beginning of thread but I believe @Giant labs comps for it. One positive, the test e definitely seems good. Hard to fake that compound. The smell and the way it melts together.
  5. T-Bagger

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    Out of curiosity, why did you choose this clown when other domestic sources are cheaper?
  6. MikeIronTyson

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    I wouldn’t get my hopes up that he’s going to comp you for anything.
  7. Giant labs

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    I am glad to see some packs are touching down in a timely fashion. Told you!!! No thief or scam here guys!
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    Lol, one
  9. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    ONE pack in 3 weeks. Keep grinding. You're fucking killing it man!
  10. It's 1 pack and it didn't fit the timeframe of your original claim.

    Where are the rest of the satisfied customers? Probably afraid they'll get made fun of on the internet by a few big meanie source bashers, right?

    i know i've kept quiet about so many transactions i've made because someone i've never met, nor will ever meet in person might tell me i was stupid for ordering.

    i mean, how could i ever live that down? What would my family think if they ever stumbled upon a thread where some anonymous forum member talked shit to me because i placed an order with a sketchy source?

    i would have to change my name and move out of state. The media would have a field day with it. My entire existence wouldn't make sense anymore.

    And......Fuck you again, fruad!
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    See @MisterSuperGod he told ya so! :p

    His word is law! This whole thread is based on his words... :rolleyes:

    Those words hold so much weight that they have literally sank this thread! o_O
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    Soooo I read first post and skipped all the way to the bottom....... he G2G I’m sending funds now
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  13. Grandpa Gainz

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    What’s up T. The mast P was $3 a gr with 30% off! Bought 25 gr. Most places it’s like $6or$7. The savings paid for test e.
    The truth, I just like having domestic options! I only have one domestic source! I want a back-up in case shit goes south!
  14. T-Bagger

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    Sounds good bro. Hope you got what you paid for!
  15. MindlessWork

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    Let us know how it goes.
  16. Mighty-mouse

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    Mindless don’t be dumb! I can’t let you know how it goes well because I was being sarcastic
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    lol at @MindlessWork
  18. When do you plan to brew any of that mast P up? I read where you said funds are tight. It would really be good if you could brew up some and send that finished product off to w&m.
    OP should pay for it completely with credit for future orders. He has made some serious Mistakes and should step up and do this.
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  19. MindlessWork

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    Yes i was just messing with you too bud...hard to show sarcasm in a post.
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    Riiiiiight *mindless runs off to look up “sarcastic” in his hardback dictionary.*