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    As long as the temp increase was really slow, you want to increase the heat of the oil but you also want to give enough time for the compound to heat up and match the oil. If you heat too fast you'll blow past the mark with the oil and hit 250 or more then the compound melts, leading you to think it was 250 when it melted but the compound was actually at 230 trying to catch up to 250. Not really a problem when comparing test with mast or something but when you have compounds where one melting point is 235-240 and another 240-250 you can start running into confusion.
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    Is that an electric pancake skillet?
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  3. You probably could have got it cheaper if you haggled with his other handle in his other thread, but whatever. At least you didn't get burned. If you feel comfortable dealing with such a lowlife, do what you gotta do. You're more trusting than i am.
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    I agree . Basically I was
    Making sure the e melted way before the other two compounds. Test p and mast p are so close there’s really no way with what I’m using. But I will be sending some in. If I ever get caught up on bills. Lol. This was just a little tester. See if it was legit or not. Till it’s tested who knows But it feels and smells like test. ??
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    You’re right. I am to trusting. Bit me in the ass more than a few times. For sure. And yeah. When I saw the mast p for $3. Said fuck it. Cause I’m out. Lol
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    Yeah. Cheap and easy to clean. The thing works great. Like $30. And no
    I don’t use it for cooking. Lol.
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    Hey bro,,, love that confederate flag in the background! Even though Im canadian,, I also have one up on the wall in my house, lol!
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    You reported a member for spamming this shit show of a thread?
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    In that case Millard should can Tiny Red and all his alts
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  10. That may not be the case, but even if he did, i wouldn't expect him to be truthful in his response anyway.

    Posting pics of the grow operation was probably viewed as an attempt to derail the thread. Not that it was ever really on the rails to begin with, but that would be my first guess.

    Unless he was involved in behind the scenes shenanigans? That's always a possibility too. You never know.
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    Well, then wouldn’t it have made sense for him to be named when he did it in Titter’s thread first? My guess is this prick reported him.
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    *banned, not named
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    New level of failed shit source.
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    Definitely bottom of the barrel activity there.
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    Hope everyone is well. Been taking a break from the board to focus on capping and brewing. Enjoy your evening
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    What are you brewing, since you have 200-250 of each compound? Oh let me guess - orders are coming in and packs are flying out the door!
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  17. Stay gone and fuck off, fraud.
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    It may be buried in this thread but is this the same source on either bop or pm? Theres a Giant Lab on one of them.
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    Nah, they have their shit together, unlike this guy.
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    So to keep it honest, with the new info that came to light this dude is still a slug bottom feeder just not the whiny bitch I thought he may have been.