Giant Labs *US Domestic Introduction*

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Giant labs, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Big bud and might have been white widow. I honestly can’t remember but white widow just might have been what it was. Can you tell by the sativa branching?
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    I grew some before, looked familiar. I can't even keep up with all the new strains these days. I quit growing like 7 years ago
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    Well I spammed the thread enough tonight. But I be back tomorrow.
    Time to get some sleep.
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  5. I don't know.
    You sending samples doesn't do much for me. Too controlled.
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    Well you’ve been promising to send shit off for testing for a while. You’ve made a lot of promises and as you can see, nobody cares what you do now. You’ve overstayed your welcome.
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    More disappointment. There's only 1 cure for what ails you and unfortunately since your posting again you didn't do it.
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    Love how every time one of these shit bag sources disappears for a few days they come back with their medical emergency stories. Lmfao. Every time.
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    So.... where’s all the orders landing??? You’ve had 2 weeks to send shit out.

    Lemme guess “customers have emailed and PM’d you that they are VERY happy with your service and product but they are afraid to post on the thread...”
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    You and me both bro. Ppl just calling shit whatever they want with no respect to the actual breeders. It’s big problem in the canna forums.
  13. Tried to take you off your Thorazine, did they? Those monsters!
    In your absence, we've decided that you're not Meso material and you have been voted off the island.

    You are now free to take your rightful place at BoP. You won't have to rely on excuses or lies there, since no one will question a single thing that you say, unless you stop paying or you stop sending out packs. All other problems can be swept under the rug.

    Farewell, Tiny. You will be missed. (Not really. Burn in hell!)
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    Ha!! This line here got me right in my giggles! :D:D:D
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    So Tiny Red, best to stay in your lane and use this thread. You should not be creating another thread even if you are rebranding.

    Can we merge the Raw Enhancement thread with this one?
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    Guinea Pig here. I know I’m gonna get blasted but I gave this dude a shot. A tester order. Couldn’t past up Mast P for $3 a gr.
    Communication was on point and it showed up in like 4 days. It was a normal transaction, nothing shady! I’m not getting anything for this review, nor was I offered! The 30% off discount was it. It pasted melt test. Raws seem legit. But until I send 1 product in, who knows? Can’t say which one I’m gonna send. I want it to be blind.
    As long as shit doesn’t go south I’d use him again. Especially for stuff like mast, tren. Test prices are a little high.
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    There are other domestic raw providers for a lot cheaper. I hope he follows through with paying for your testing. What passed the melt test mast P or some other compound? Curious what you used to do it.
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    @mp46 not scientific that’s for sure. Monitor the temp of oil going up. See what compound melts at certain temp. Obviously test e will be first. Bout 100. Mast and prop melting at pretty much same time. Like I said not scientific, but the test e melted at like 100. The other two approximately 240.
    But I have to send sample in. BCF919BD-C326-4329-A574-24B83042F175.jpeg
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    He ran off and known as Raw Enhancements :rolleyes: