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  1. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    That guy made it so easy! The fucking anal beads!

    Tiny blunders his way thru Chinese communication as well. Doesn’t even know what filters they sent him.

    These guys are all the same. They produced other street drugs at one time and figure steroids are just as easy and maybe easier to avoid sentencing. Surely cranking out vials is easier than cooking up meth or churning the pill mill.

    Their all addicts too. That’s why Tiny was MIA yesterday. He got too fucked up to log into MESO.

    If you like having your injectable hormones made by a drug addict order up guys! What could go wrong? He’ll cash in your bitcoin and send you your pack out while he rides his bike down to his dealers house.
  2. Olympia Labs

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    All I’m waiting on is Weights and Measures to send me the lab results for my gear.
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  3. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Good to hear.

    There you go Tiny. Tick tock your shit show is on the clock. Olympia listened and sent his shit in to be tested. He’s got the jump on you. I have no idea why anyone would take a chance with you and your unknown gear when there’s UGLs here that are self-testing there stuff.

    See here’s the thing, a UGL can send their own gear in, that shows they care about the quality. Now if a member orders and send in a blind sample of the same product and the results match up then it adds a point to your trust bank. If the results come back significantly different then all trust is broken and we burn the fucking thread down. Understand how the MESO system works now???
  4. Apparently you did do a little homework, but all the wrong kinds.
    You looked at old source threads, copied their excuses and you're now passing them off as your own.

    Too afraid to post that they ordered from you? No.
    It's embarrassment. They're embarrassed that they jumped the gun and wasted their money by buying from a lying, incompetent wannabe source.

    And here we go again. You got a beggar asking for gear. You know the routine, if it really happened, name and shame. Otherwise it's just another lie from a confirmed liar.
  5. T-Bagger

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    Ouch!!!! You actually came into this thread and replied!!!!!
  6. You're not supposed to post in another sources thread... But given that this bum is a complete and utter fraud, i say stick around and join in.

    Having a source in this thread that is actually serious about sourcing may help keep members from getting scammed or worse, sent gear that this idiot filtered with a pair of pantyhose.
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    Good for him. Stepping on the throats of the competition. Lmao.
  8. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    I tagged him in and asked a question. He just replied to it. Nothing wrong there.
  9. Even if you hadn't tagged him, what's the harm? Tiny is a fraud who's trying to get one over on the desperate guys that are in a rush to score. Having a source pop in that's actually trying to succeed is a blessing in disguise for these eager mother fuckers.
  10. mp46

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    On the slow setting.
  11. 88GENERAL88

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    Yep, his cage was so easily rattled, although they are both story tellers, there is one thing that sets them a part from one another. THE CIRCUS TENT/ LAB/GROW ROOM. Oh and one more thing...people actually ordered from Venom
  12. 88GENERAL88

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    Ahahahahahahahaha I completely forgot about the beads. Lmfao
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    Hello and a good evening to everyone. I hope this post finds you in better shape than I have been in the last few days. Without getting too far into to, My doctor switched one of medicines and I had an allergic reaction to it. I was hospitalized and am just now feeling 100% again. No, I am not back on “duty” from the police department, nor am I affiliated with LE in any way.

    I have reached “weights and measures” and will be sending 3 raw powders, and 4 finished products to him for testing this upcoming week. Again, I hope all of you are well and o hope this does show that I am very serious about this and hoping to gain both your trust and business.

  14. 88GENERAL88

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    You should have never mixed your herpes medication with heroin
  15. mp46

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    A million different raws and you’re sending 3 of them. You still haven’t explained how you ensure each product is what you were promised from your supplier.
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  16. The ole man

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    Well my first setup was this 4x4 tent. 1 hydroponic bucket and a 600 watt light in a hood. Produced 5 ounces of some very mediocre weed. Was a little harsh too. Dried it to quick and knew nothing about curing at that time.

    E6C92ECC-CEB2-4C2B-AFD6-0B3A96135BEF.jpeg DD071DD4-468B-4FF3-A5FD-B1C2936830F6.jpeg 228CA03B-D259-47FD-9953-940E91A22F79.jpeg
  17. Logan44551

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    Ouch, didn't even cover the power bill
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  18. The ole man

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    It turned into this as we got further along.

    9CC7FFEA-7CAB-41AA-8AD0-037FBFD9E6AA.jpeg 17BC7B57-C78E-4328-9E4D-55AF3098DA06.jpeg 03A4250C-A88B-4BA8-8C59-6CDA931E8B7B.jpeg
  19. The ole man

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    Decided to learn to clone next and used my camping tent in the basement as a clone tent. What? I was poor lol.

    ECFF4930-891A-492F-981D-7578568502EF.jpeg 903BE675-28F0-42F5-B37B-DAF0CB50B8C4.jpeg
  20. The ole man

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    Next run was 7 plants.
    In deep water culture hydroponic

    236F60C3-E8BB-4CCD-99B7-A3B5C0736B19.jpeg ACAA1525-0CA3-4490-8A99-45B081885FB6.jpeg