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    Yeah, I hate to apologize, but I will - but ONLY for accusing him of something he didn’t do. My apologies @Giant labs for accusing you. Anything else I’ve said in a demeaning, degrading nature, I mean is with as much human disrespect as possible and then some.
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    Thank you! I hope to gain everyones trust and business.
  3. T-Bagger

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    You respond to my apology but not my other post?

    You said you’re brewing, but with 200-250 vials of EACH compound (which you have failed to show pics of) why do you need to be brewing? Are sales that great around here?
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    Total worm. A post that's a 99.9% insult and he thanks you for it. The @MindlessWork of failed sources
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    Let me rephrase one of my previous statements. "There are SOME compounds in which I have 2-300 of them that only need labels. (test e, tren a, SUST). The other compounds on my list have a decent stock size, but nowhere near where I would like them to be.
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    You gotta prove that shit or it’s best to not even say it...o_O

    On second thought you’ve already failed to the point of no return, so never mind!
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    WAIIIITTTTT you have 2-300 of some compounds that only need labels? before you said you couldn't post those hundreds of vials because of those labels, now you're saying there are no labels?
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    Rephrase? You don’t rephrase a lie and make it truth. Geez man, your tired story of being an old school Meso member is a total joke. No old school Meso member would come here so poorly prepared! Just admit that you came here hoping to make a quick buck off of gym rats because you know gear is easy money. You know absolutely NOTHING about AAS and how it’s made. Do you even lift dude? Like, seriously asking here.
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    If they only needed labels, why would you claim you didn't want to take pictures due to no wanting you label online? You are a fucking tool dude, seriously I don't usually get involved in new sources. However you are such a lop dick piece of shit I am not going to bite my tongue. Lie after lie after lie. Go find a strong tree branch and an extension cord and jump off a stool.
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    Wait, the ole man was banned?
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    Yeah, for speaking against Scally
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    Damn...that's rough.
  13. That's never gonna happen. Your ability to be trusted was burned from post #1 where you tried to bullshit the community with your 200-250 vials of each compound, without a shred of proof because you're too old school to post that kinda shit.

    Then you turn around and pretend to be Red with your finite supply of raws that would quickly run dry, could you gain trust, but you can't, so enjoy your investment that will yield no return.

    In conclusion, you suck, you're a fraud, i hate your fucking guts and i won't stay silent and watch you play the community for the gaggle of clueless meatheads that you assume we are.
  14. Just another one of Tiny's lies. This time he can't use semantics to lie his way out. He's completely contradicted his original claim.

    The original brew to order angle didn't work after he proved himself to be a liar by being incapable of providing proof to his claim of 200-250 vials of each compound.

    Now the new angle is to brew up a shit ton of product and wait for an order to come in. Then all he has to do is slap the corresponding label on the vials and ship them out.

    Then when the shit hits the fan with bad testing, floaters or claims of being scammed and everyone wants him dead, he can start a new thread, print off different labels and pretend to be a completely different source. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Rather than do this the honest way, he wants to play all the angles because he doesn't know what the hell he's doing, but he's sitting on thousands of dollars worth of raws and wants to turn that into 100x what he spent on them, one way or the other.

    Didn't i say in his other thread that he would hold this thread open and try to keep both of them going? Indeed i did and indeed i was dead on the mark once again.
  15. As i sit here sipping my arguably tasty sugar free Red Bull, i have to wonder, what is the next angle for Tiny-Red-Buff Sexington?

    i believe we're going to see this thread and his raws thread eventually go quiet. He's been outed as a liar and his ability to be trusted is non existent. With no where to go but down, the third attempt will be a shot at doing it properly.

    After a brief hiatus, when he thinks everyone has forgotten the awful presence that he's brought here, a new source will emerge, coming out of the gate with testing results, pics and everything else he refused to provide in the beginning.

    The intro will be formatted drastically different and his demeanor and attitude will be much more serious and less pathetic than the current iteration.

    Let the games begin...
  16. MindlessWork

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    It will be a stretch to think he will come back better prepared as he is not that intelligent. We might see the same slip ups as usual and the same lame responses to questions members pose. It is just simply a lot easier for him to rebrand and come back under yet another handle.
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    I gotta get that Buff Sexington handle before Tiny Red snags it.
  18. Sp2.0

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    Would "buff sexington labs" be to obvious?
  19. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    I would be more inclined to buy it just to have the sweet label! Sure to be a collectible. That’s Tiny Red’s only hope of unloading this shit.

    Tiny Red just come to grips with the fact that nobody takes you seriously and have some fun with it at least!
  20. That's pretty much what i was saying, Mindless. o_O

    But the third attempt will be more thought out and serious.
    While it's hard to believe a single word he says at this point. If he's actually being truthful, he's sending in samples and feverishly brewing a stockpile of gear.

    For what? Certainly not for Giant Fraud Labs. That name is a laughing stock with lies and deceit attached to it. i wouldn't even recommend him to my most hated of enemies.

    i believe he's going on the notion that third time's a charm. He'll do thing's the way he knowns thing's have to be done, otherwise he's pissed away thousands of dollars on raws for nothing.