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    The labels are not branded for OPSEC reasons. If we source elsewhere, the brand name will remain the same.
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    Makes sense. Now for the real test. Xbox or PlayStation?
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    PC for me. Grew up with an Xbox though, played my fair share of Halo.
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    a) does store credit apply to the black tops? I just got before bloods done and was gonna use Optis but I'll do yours if credit applies.
    b) willing to do BOGO on black top? (I will only buy one here, not out to abuse the system).

    This guy writes like someone who actually gives a F about his work so I'm open to trying it out. black tops or otherwise.
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    @Grayscale Compounding

    Thanks for posting photos. Just a couple comments/questions - you can answer as you like:
    1) It looks like your lab is in a storage unit? Is that safe? You are able to open the unit's door without anyone seeing whats inside? You come and go as you please but can spend a couple hours inside?
    2) What brand and type of inline filter do you use?
    3) The pharmaceuticals are foreign - which country?
    D) What's the QR Code scan on your vials?

    And then unrelated to the photos, maybe I missed it, but do you have any incentives for us to send out samples of your products for testing?
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    Okay, that's fucking funny.
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    Store credit applies to everything in our store, including the Blacktops. We should be getting more in stock this week. Unfortunately I cannot extend the BOGO sale to the Blacktops. And I appreciate that, we're looking forward to you giving us a shot.

    1) The lab's location was vetted quite a bit before deciding. This location has very low foot traffic, accessible electricity, no direct video surveillance, and an alternate entrance to the lab itself.

    2) We use Acropak inline filters, rated for 50L with 0.8um and 0.2um membranes.

    3) Nearly 100% of our pharmaceuticals are from the EU.

    D) The QR code is a simple text to QR conversion that shows the batch and expiration date of the product.

    Regarding incentives, we offer 115% store credit of the cost of having our product(s) tested.
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  8. nealcaffrey16

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    Great. getting in touch now. thanks.
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    This source going to be the next big thing , now that a few others have gone MIA? Reading through the pages he's doing what the people ask .
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  10. Good forward steps so far , just take into consideration your price vs others here with proven records ie. Your gh vs optis
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    I appreciate the suggestion. We'll take that into account.
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    Forgive me if I'm confused, but 115% credit? So if the total cost of testing a product is $100, you'll only credit $115?
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    That percentage is subject to change, but that's our current rate as of now. For your example, $115 would be correct. We're also offering $300 store credit for the first 10 individuals to submit bloodwork, and $100 for those submitted after.
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  14. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Blood tests are to variable from person to person. You should offer more incentive for product testing. You’ll find that good testing results will drive sales better than anything else. You won’t need sales or contests or any other bullshit gimmicks. Tested gear is the standard here now. Things might be slow now but as soon as you have results from members testing you will be flooded with orders. Read the TGI thread. Things took off for him after testing.

    Consider 150% to 200% credit or the same $300 for first of each product.
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    I dont get it if you get lab tested purity and mg amount. Your sales will blow up 1000 percent in the first week
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  16. Tiredandhot

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    He recently got testing done...
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    He posted his testing and more pics that were requested on Monday
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    I'm ordering some cyp and prop. Starting the prop cycle soon so bloods will come quick. FWIW.
  19. Any testing of the EQ??? I didnt see it...
  20. EQ @ 600mg I imagine is as thick as syrup lol?