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    Lol 6th Order tomorow.

    You almost had me bro!

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    Where are these supposed testing reports? All you scamming fucks say the same bullshit. If you had testing, why would you not just post up the results?
    Fuck this "lab".
  3. Probably has to go through the arduous task of removing meta data. It's a painstakingly difficult process. If only there was an app or program that could do it for him in a few clicks.

    That reminds me. What happened to that little scamming fucker that wouldn't post pics and dragged his feet citing meta data as the reason? Can't even remember his name anymore.
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    Atlantic Labs....with his magical pellet tren.
  5. That's the one. i'm convinced that he and Giant Labs are one and the same.

    Same song and dance about posting pics, same 1 weeks worth of enthusiasm before he stops trying and disappears.

    He'll be back in a few weeks. In the meantime, this fucker Gayscale Asspounding needs to step up to the table and show his cards before he gets tossed out on his ass.
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    F-M-Muther Effin-L!! This is the REAL @Ejetson and I thought @Masterofron was being fer realz.... I placed 5 orders as soon as He gave the gtg... Should I quit waiting at my mail box cuz it’s cold as shit out here!
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    Apologies for the delay. We had our tren A, Test E, Mast P, NPP, and Deca 200 tested. I know Meso has mixed feelings about testing with Jano, but his tests are accurate. These samples were sent in "blind", so he had no idea what the contents of each vial were.

    Here are the results:

    Janoshik Analytical
    Janoshik Analytical
    Janoshik Analytical
    Janoshik Analytical
    Janoshik Analytical

    More testing will be conducted in the future.

    Also, here is bloodwork for our Blacktops at 2iu per day:

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    You're right. I'll get pictures of our equipment up ASAP with the format you requested. Testing results have been posted.

    Surprisingly this is an actual customer. I absolutely refuse to post fake reviews using alternate accounts. Trust me, I would have done so far sooner if that's the path we were going to take. We want our product to speak for itself, if customers decide to post a review, then great. If not, that's fine as well.
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    It’s nice to see you willing to do the things we expect here.

    Btw, testing and pictures of your lab equipment can HELP you. Instead of looking at it like MESO being a bunch of pain in the ass bullies you guys should look at it as good marketing - that’s positive!

    If you came with all that from the start you’d be a lot further along in sales right now. And the timing after Prissy’s departure would have been seamless. Now the fucking desperate newbs are bumping into each other and spilling their bitcoins over-eagerly looking for a source.

    Start your own thread in the steroid lab testing section of the forum and post the Jano results as screenshots. Makes it easier for guys to reference.
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    Thank you for the suggestions, @BigBaldBeardGuy . You're right that we should have had all of this ready initially. That was a big oversight on our part. We are happy to work with the community and provide what they request.
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  12. @Grayscale Compounding good to see that you kept your word on testing and pics.

    It's like i told another source recently. We're not out to get you or run you out of business, we're trying to make sure that you are competent and skilled with this undertaking.

    There's an issue of trust and safety. You aren't selling the members here lemonade, you're selling them drugs that they're going to put inside their bodies.

    We want to be certain that you know what you're doing and that you aren't some noob brewer that's trying his hand at something new in a last ditch effort to avoid working a 9-5 job for a living or a junkie that's doing this to get some quick cash for his next few fixes.

    You're coming along fine. That's more than i can say for a couple other sources here that can't seem to get their act together.
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    I appreciate that, @MisterSuperGod . I understand why the vetting process is necessary and I'm glad it's as rigorous as it is--especially after reading through some of the new "source's" introductions. I think the initial frustration came from us knowing we produce quality gear, but like you said previously, it's up to us to prove that. I mentioned before that we're here for the long run and we want to work with community as best we can, and that's the honest truth.

    A quick update: The BOGO sale on testosterone and orals is still in effect until the 17th. Anavar is being restocked this week. Also, are there any blends that you all would be interested in? We're thinking about bringing them back.
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    Just want to essentially regurgitate what @MisterSuperGod has said to you @Grayscale Compounding

    I'm a newer member finally getting into the swing of things and it seems like you're the only new UGL in my year or so of lurking that's followed through with every request, regardless if it's taken some time.
    Hopefully this can continue forward in your time here. Good luck

    EDIT: Is the bogo automatically applied? how are you working that out?
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    Your cialis is expensive. $1 per cap @ 10mg? Bruh you know that shit came from CHYNA
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    It shouldn’t have taken as long as it did, but I’m glad we could meet the community’s requests.

    The BOGO is automatically applied at checkout when two or more of the same testosterone or oral product is in your cart. If you run into any issues, give me a shout.
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    What do the vials look like? What's on the label?
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    Use the coupon code "yourcialisistooexpensive:[" for 50% off your next Cialis or viagra purchase.

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  19. What is the pumpkin spice looking powder ?
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    No branding on the vials? So you can source elsewhere under a different name? Don't make me go looking...