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  1. Yeah that was a sad case but in addition to testosterone and possibly over roids he was also using opioids and benzos but I doubt those will turn someone violent on their own either. I heard that he had severe brain damage tho, prob from all the hits to the head Wrestler Chris Benoit Brain's Forensic Exam Consistent With Numerous Brain Injuries

    Junior Seau had brain damage too but at least he only offed himself.
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  2. Meh I don’t by into it, maybe if E was high and T was low.
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    He was having a bad day, nothing more, nothing less.
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  4. I’d imagine everyday is a bad day when your brains all f’d up like that. Prob not worth it to get into any sport where you receive many blows to the head. Baseball, basketball, and esp golf is where it’s at, more $ less brain damage lol
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    here the real important thing is your total testosterone levels before and after AAS.

    The thing of hcg is to prevent testicular atrophy because it can happen that after they got shrunk, even if they recover the size afterward, maybe these lost Leydig cells will never come back again in the same way, and then, instead of producing 7 ng/dl of total testosterone, you will produce 6,5 ng/dl, having so a devastating effect in your manhood and in your worth as a person.
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    Hi Folks, I did not wan to open a new thread.

    When hcg is in ampoules we need to transfer into an empty sterile vial for using several times (with bac water).

    Here's my question : if we don't have empty vial on hands do you think that's possible to transfert the reconstituted HCG into a peptide vial that we just finished (and open a couple of days ago only).

    Basically the peptide vial is sterile and if we empty it once quickly that may be possible to transfer our HCG.

    What do you think about that, is it safe or dangerous ? It's not for saving money it's just that the timing is short to wait again.

    THANKS so much to people who'll be able to give me tips. Cheers !
  7. Not ideal, and tbh you can order sterile vials and have them within a couple days. I guess you could do this, maybe rinse out the vial by injecting bac water in there, shake it and dump it out before putting the hCG in there. I’ve never done it but the few times I got poweder hCG I used the vial it came with. I’ve also used just sterile water or b12 when I didn’t have bac water, just need to be extra careful keeping it clean.
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    Thanks @The Terminator for your answer, I appreciate.

    I'm gonna give some details :
    1/ empty sterile vial are already ordered but the timing to delivery doesn't allow to get it now

    2/ I think as well that rinsing out the (empty) peptides vial wit bacwater is a good idea.
    Or even using an empty vial of bacteriostatic water to put the hcg (like this it won't be mixed at all with eventual rest of peptides)

    3/ Unfortunately some HCG are sold with only 2 amps (one for powder and one for the sterile water - but I prefer bac water for a best conservation) without a vial like you had with your HCG

    If someone else has a idea, I'll be pleased to write you.

    I hope I was clear as possible

    Thanks all !
  9. Yea I think the vial of bac might be better, who knows if the peptide residue will interfere, probably not. I know they intend for the hCG to be used in one shot but I think amps are a poor choice imo. I usually get Ovitrelle that comes in pre-filled pens or syringes.
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    Hi, just want to share my experience

    Did 4 weeks in total with 2 injections per week of hcg together in the syringe with the test. Last 4 weeks of cycle.

    First 3 weeks about 400-500ui per injection. Boosted libido and somehow I saw my balls bigger than ever.

    Last week 1000ui or probably more (it's hard to measure when you have a 5000ui ampoule) per injection. Never had this libido before, I am now 1 week after finished my cycle. Erections are crazy hard and I just get dangerously horny.

    HCG is definitely a must. There was a before/after in my cycle when started it. Happy with it.