Hello. I'm a new member looking for friends and advice.

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Kalima Turpin, Mar 27, 2017.

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    A good rule of thumb is time on = time off. Not all compounds make you hold excess water.
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    Welcome to Meso
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    Ok. That makes sense. I'm good with my diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables, no red meat or process meats. But i do have one major flaw... "Brownies" I'm addicted to browies and yoo-hoo chocolate drink. It's like a sick fetish i can't get enough of. I'm so ashamed of myself. But i have cut back to 3 times a week. Lol!
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    Why do you feel red meat is bad?
  5. Kalima Turpin

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    Well it's not bad, but I had to sacrifice some pleasures because I have a lot of weight to lose. Plus I would eat it the wrong way. I loved the fat on the steak. Sinfully good.
  6. gr8whitetrukker

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    The fat on a steak is good for YOU. In fact fat in a lifters diet is a very good thing. Biggest thing is to not mix lots of carbs with the fat. There both energy sources and fat is extremely energy dense. Try a low carb/high fat diet. See how it suites you
    Get ur fat from whole eggs, the grizzle on a steak, some virgin olive oil, some cashews or almonds, some whole milk. Keep the carbs minimal. Maybe 50-75 g a day. Lots of protein!
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  7. Kalima Turpin

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    Wow! Ok. I did not know that. :)
  8. gr8whitetrukker

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    I really dont know what a woman should be taking in in terms of carbs on a low carb/high fat diet. Im guessing lower than me? So probably not wise to do 50-75g of carbs a day unless its centered around your workouts. Exercising with out carbs is very difficult and you dont wanna have subpar performance in the gym

    In fact i did a steak and egg diet for some time before i just couldnt bare it any longer. Only steak and eggs twice a day. You pick what times those are. I did breakfast and dinner. The diet allowed me 3 lbs of steak a day and up to 6 eggs per meal. The trick was to cook it in real butter and one could have as much real butter on the steak and eggs as you wanted. I dropped 14 lbs that way.
    Workouts were miserable till i added in SOME form of carbs
    The Vince Gironda Diet: Steak and Eggs For Ultimate Fat Loss
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  9. Kalima Turpin

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    A steak and eggs diet sounds really good. Better than my rabbit food diet.
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    Thanks for all the tags peeps! Sorry I must apologize, I have been offline for a bit as life has been keeping me busy and haven't had a chance to log in and catch up. @Kalima Turpin I got your pm as well, I will reply shortly once I catch up and hopefully can help as well :)
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    Hello and a smile goes a long way. I mean a smile like this :)

    Welcome to Mesorx. You can find help here.
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    My apologies for asking in this thread, however, @gr8whitetrukker i saw this post last week and just bought what i needed for the week yesterday. How long did you run this diet for?
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    Get fairlife chocolate milk. Much better for you.
  14. gr8whitetrukker

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    About 60 days on that diet. I just had enough. It is very very difficult to stick to it as true as its written. I ended up adding in carbs pre and post workout just to make my gym sessions worth it. Thats not in the diet. But 60 days and about 14 lbs lost. Comes out to about losing 1.5-2 lbs a week. Despite all the steak and eggs and butter you get SOOOOOO hungry. Good for a quick fix diet. Very difficult long term.
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