High tren low test. Dosage help?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Luigikilla, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Yes, there’s a more holistic approach to to keeping it all in check
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    Sorry for the brief outburst. Back to business.

    If you’ve never gone past test and an oral, pick EQ or Deca next. Trust me.

    As far as your shutdown comment; I disagree. tren is going to shut you down. Test is going to shut you down. We know how to reboot. I would argue longer, more moderate cycles are healthier than the quick roller coaster of hormone and drug fluctuations. Just my opinion. Week 9 of long esters youre only like 4 weeks in to real results, the perfect time to up your food, not shut down. With fast esters, you’re banging from like day 6.
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    Edit out the y* on the top, lol
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    High tren before you’ve dabbled with another anabolic and a small dose of tren is I’ll advised.
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    bro I am sorry. You got your answer I. The first 2 responses. 6’1 200lbs 18%bf.. 600mg week tren.?? That’s almost a competition dose.. you already had a problem with it and stopped 7weeks I to it... idk maybe I don’t k ow anything after almost 2 decades in the game. My advice would be rethink this cycle.. if you want to cut go on a diet and if you want to add some mass. Test/deca will do nicely
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    Decent bump lol, don't forget your typical trt dose of Test is 200mg every 10days am ime tren will always be the powerhouse of a cycle if it's in

    Might extend to 12 weeks too

    If your going to do it there's my advice

    Didn't see if you said what your trying to do this go but you should consider the doses and scratching at least one of the orals due to your stats
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    I went down the tren road before finding meso. Had no idea what I was dealing with and I thought I was losing my mind. Unfortunately, it was Tren E.
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    Appreciate it. And yeah it is a decent bump, lol. Yeah, I was already thinking of dropping the winstrol at the end and maybe even the dbol. 12 weeks was already in mind. That's why I'm asking for advice though.
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    No one with any kind of experience would suggest a cycle like this to someone with no experience... and I am assuming if you had any you would not be asking the questions you are.. don’t be offended I am just looking out for you
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    tren and mast together are the key ingredients in what is know as a "cutmix." this is not a bulking cycle. i run tren and mast in the spring/summer to get cut the hell up and show off my slender girlish figure on the beach. winter is for bulking, test/eq/deca and FOODADROL. yum.

    it looks like from above you claim to have run 6-7 simple test cycles. i'm thinking that you may have run 1-2, what you're saying and proposing just doesn't make sense.

    let me suggest you do some reading and ask some questions. if ypou want a classic bulking cycle search the forums, there are a zillion threads to help you out.

    good luck.
  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Deca or NPP would be better for your goals.

    If you insist on tren then I’ve always followed what a wise man here once said:
    High test moderate Tren to bulk
    Low test high Tren to cut.

    Consider flipping your Tren and Test doses so use 600-700 mg Test and 250-300 tren. You’ll get less Tren sides by using less Tren.
    (please use Tren Ace if you had issues before)

    Look into using vitamin B6 400-600 mg/day to help control prolactin. If you keep your estrogen under control then you won’t need any caber (doesn’t hurt to have on hand just in case).
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  12. Luigikilla

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    I have done plenty of cycles over the years, around 6 or 7 to be exact. And like I already said they were all very basic.. this has been the most complex one I've made. But I see what you're saying. It is off with the bulking and cutting. I just wanted to run mast with the tren cause it's a nice pair to have. I'm not making any decisions yet, that's why I'm asking advice. Thanks
  13. Luigikilla

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    Sounds like some good advice, thank you
  14. lightspan

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    all good. @BigBaldBeardGuy gave you some wise meso advice above. i'll give you another piece - this is a marathon, not a sprint. if you've done simple cycles before, don't try to get complicated. add one new compound. that way you know what is doing what. learn each compound and the effect it has on you. for example - i can run 2-300 mg of tren a week and get great results. 400 and over, i'm a goddamned sweaty raging lunatic. :mad: who knew?

    if you want a nice bulking cycle try test and deca. as above, lots of threads about bulking cycles here, and lots of experienced guys to help you.

    not touching the prolactin myth. i'll get uncivil.
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  15. Luigikilla

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    So looks like I'm gonna do
    I honestly couldn't be positive if it was prog sides. That cycle was tren at 400mgs and test at 125mgs. I do definitely feel like it had to be prog sides cause if I took like more than .5 adex I would crash n feel like shit so I didn't even really have to take any adex which would leave me to believe it was a prog related side. I mean as soon as I stopped taking the tren n stayed with the test I was all good n the lump went away so my guess is if was definitely prog