How do you block GPS on your cell phone?

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    I will add a couple of points which you may or may not be aware of, but the other readers should note...

    - Pulling the battery does NOT necessarily render a cell phone safe from functioning on certain levels. They apparently have another power source at least if just retained by electronic capacitors - which can be used on DEMAND by received signal directive/command. What the full capability of a given cell phone is with the primary battery pulled will probably remain unknown until someone breaks out the schematics of any given phone, and someone here qualified to review them and give an honest report... You may further note that the most popular phone on the market today (Iphone) leaves the user with no capability to remove the battery. I actually have an IPhone4 which was recently destroyed in a small "Cheeze Grating Incident":eek::D:drooling:. I can tell you the battery inside is pretty large. I have not further dissected the phone at this time.

    - Blackberry is THE MOST Hackable phone on the market, and NOTORIOUS as such- FYI (in case you are unaware).....

    - "Shutting the GPS Off" is the furthest from acceptable solutions is one is truly concerned with maintaining privacy in their location. A blackberry is easy to install remote software which allows the "Tracker" to ORDER the phone to turn the GPS BACK ON. And either at their discretion, as well as preset designations depending on the hacking/worm type software installed. It should also be noted that these surveillance programs will also render the phone where it looks like the GPS is still off...

    - The network operators can track the phone via GPS at as they please.

    - Law Enforcement has the same privilege i GUARANTEE...


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    Re: i never knew cells had gps...

    Thank you..Cellphones do not have gps. This must be a trick question!
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    The problem with capacitors is that they arent batteries and can only store charge and not current without a rectifier didode and once exhausted ..its gone..unless recharged. And unless we are talking about a nano or pico-farad capacitor at very low voltage I dont think a cellphone battery could/would without specific circuitry, (a driver of sorts) just "pop on" and recharge a cap.
    Point is that caps are used to"fill in the gaps on a wave but not usually to build the waveform..Thus making them useful as filters,etc for music or other signal integrity

    As far as a Blackberry being the most hackable phone out there, I would need to know the definition of "hack" because that word in the classical sense refers to a who knows computing machines and can "get things done"

    The great thing about saying "all","every","never" is that one can usually find one if not more exceptions right-quick.
    Can you please list resource material about"each device and their "hackability"(is that a new Benchmark?" because the Blackberry is largely a business-oriented device with its Enterprise server capabilities.

    hate to think Id just dropped a tidy sum on a device eager to give up its secrets to just anyone.

    An Apple's large battery size is of little use in making many determinations unless the milli-amp hour value is known and the actual devices level of efficiency. Large battery just may mean its innefficient.huh?"All that glitters.."

    I trust the "GPS off" on my Blackberry as others have pointed out(they r not GPS transmitters/receivers.. a simple RF detector waved over mine in a controlled 50 repetition "study confirmed that in every case..sure enough its not sending alright! I didnt have to buy a 500$ jammer(that was a must" in school,HAHA!.) I have a jammer and find it VERY useful for said purpose without compromising the bytes "in" or bytes"out" functionality. A microphone and a cheap oscilloscope can read an RF sig handily.thus you know your phone isnt sending.
    I think radio jammers are fun..too bad the damn gov. is all over this too! NO sense of humor.

    Next time someone is playing annoying music on the radio.......!

    This is an awesome site. Room to be right and room to be otherwise!

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    Now the Guy from RIM says a certain type of phone DOES have a GPS satellite receiver. Making a liar outta myself!!! I did NOT see it in the schematic I told him and then he said"well..Is there anything else I can do for you today?" or "piss-off" same deal. At first i was sure now i just dont know anything about it anymore. I DO know this..When I run an RF scanner over it while it says"location finder:OFF
    the scanner shows nada!

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    If your going to shut the GPS, on
    Your phone, you mind as well, shut
    The one installed, in your auto, when
    It was built.. Unless you plan on walking ..

    And not using your Easy Pass.. Or
    You credit cards.. Leave your DNA home
    Too, just in case you get abducted, by the Russians :-/

    Manwhore's Wife: " I tracked your cell phone GPS, to the Holiday Inn "
    Manwhore: " that's right.. I was banging my girlfriend there "
    .... " Now get in the kitchen and cook my dinner BITCH!!! "
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    All right, I say triangulation is the cheapest and easiest way to find any thing that gives ofF a RF SIGNAL when one leg of the triangle and one angle is known.. Here we call it trigonometry. You know, ITS how forward observers in the military "dial in" most Artillery?

    Funny how few people believe the government when they tell us the sky is blue but the "tin hats" want us to believe there is some diabolical plan to trace anyone who owns a cell phones movement..Only one person per family in the U.S. has a cell phone.ON AVERAGE. Yet a "burner" cell phone for 14.99$ from walmart has this devious device called GPS.

    Who has seen this Circuitry? who would recognize it if they did? Be honest!!
    Then why is a tom-tom still in excess of 100$?
    Localization by signal strength is Not the same as a Global Positioning Satellite

    A small airport emits a radio signal. As the signal gets stronger it is picked up by an RF modulation device in the plane..the closer the airplane gets to the airport,the two needles in the cockpit begin to swing closer together until they cross letting a pilot know hes in close proximity to the airport. Same principal.

    Not everyone likes being "tracked" like a wild caribou by the government.
    If you do, thats cool !
    I dont like being a sheeple! Plus radio jamming equipment is illegal but it will keeo the NSA from checking your wi-fi without having to "work for it"

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    Buy a Cellphone/GPS Jammer, that will block your phone signal too though. There is some GPS only Jammers.
    check and
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    And now local LE is asking the NSA to provide then with local cell phone data!
    Looks like the only safe communication is carrier pidgeons.
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    Yes but if you use one with combined functions, you won't be able to use your phone for calls, text, Wi-Fi etc
    ..They are quite expensive, jammers are usually between 150$-600$ depending on what kind you need. With 4G out now, even more expensive.