How rich are you??

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by Sk8man101, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Kinetic

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    I don't need no stinkin' calculator to tell me I could be richer!
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  2. gr8whitetrukker

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    He robbed from the not rich to pay for the very poor
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  3. Munky

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    1% of the world's population controls 99% of all money , no accident - Bob Proctor law of attraction guru
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  4. wedorecover

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    Ya I have a family of 5 so just to feed us is about 800 a month
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  5. XKawN

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    1200$ if wedo's bulking.
  6. wedorecover

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    Your not lying
  7. SmallWoody

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    Well venezuela has a average monthly income of $40 so just think about how rich you are making 1200 a month
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  8. ironwill1951

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    I was very poor as a kid we had no running water , I went home after I came home from serving and put running water and a sewer in my folks house.
    times were tough but we were happy. I have money now and I'm happy but I have nicer toys to play with.
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  9. ironwill1951

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    we really have no right to complain, I know very few guys my age that don't have a lot more than their folks ever had, nicer house, nicer cars,
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  10. ddp7

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    Are the Yankees dating the movies rich?
    In american pie everyone looks successful and with pocket very full of money. Look at stifler's house and his friends.
    what is the truth?
  11. ddp7

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    I like the stifler´s mom Haha!
  12. gr8whitetrukker

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  13. ddp7

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    But its not too bad,I mean I suppose the trip to work must be exhausting

    PIZZABOY Member

    Just another cog in the machine. The loud ones used to get the oil, now they're just replaced with a 18 yo who doesn't know shit.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    The calculator says I'm the 1,953,941 richest person in the world. Lol I seriously doubt that. .03%
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  16. Skull

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    Its a donating scheme to get yoh to feel bad for the less fortunate. I live below poverty level an yet look at how it rates me. Tellin me how much more a have than those in other countries smh. I don't give a fuck about anybody in Zimbabwe. We got our own people starving right here in America. I cud give a fuck less about any other country besides my own. Id rather see my fellow brothers of the USA gettin feed than anyone else anywhere anyways......
    Screenshot_2018-03-17-18-38-44.png Screenshot_2018-03-17-18-38-35.png
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    HIGHRISK Member

    The ole bait and switch feel bad story. I'm with you. Sorry about there luck but I can't save the world.

    As the great Dave Ramsey would say.
    "The best place to go when your broke is to work!"
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  18. OldmanRob

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    Just found out I am rich as fuck in the world wide view.

    Now I'm going back to eating this steak watching flies landing on sad looking kids in Africa on TV.
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    HIGHRISK Member

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  20. Oncewild

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    1,693,083rd. Pretty sick when you see what folks make in some parts of the world and understand the slight living they make out of it.

    Consider ourselves fortunate, but took many years of investment costs to get where I am. Had student loans more than my first house. Same time, the more you make, the more the man takes. My good Uncle took more than 3x what I made first year out of undergrad in taxes alone each of the last 7 years. Add in wives and kids (especially when you spread the, between college and preschool) and there is always room for more.

    This last year I have tried to find richness in less work and more life though. Love my work, but not quite as much as my family and free time. Someday I’ll find my balance—maybe.
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