Injectable/micronized winstrol?

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    Man I used to go nuts with injectable superdrol. Shit was gnarly. I had a custom blend of 25mg superdrol, 25mg dbol, 50mg test base, and 50mg tren base per ML. That shit was the ultimate preworkout shot. In hindsight it was probably fucking dangerous.
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    That sounds like waayyyy too much, and where in the world did you find such a thing
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    Believe it or not ole DBZ Labs would brew me custom blends, pretty much whatever combo I asked for. Stuff was always fire too. Then the contaminated stuff came about..
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    Was gonna say I just saw this "frog juice" last night.. would you voucher for their products?
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    Frog juice? What is that? Haha.
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    Go to the dragon ordnance thread and visit their site
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  7. Are you still relatively lean? If so, I would only experiment with injectable winny when you are at the end of a dieting phase and you are absolutely fucking peeled, not for long, just to see how much of a freaky look you can produce temporarily, maybe combined with some other things.

    Something like 400 Test, 500 Primobolan and 25-50mg of winstrol a day when you are single digits will produce an excellent look. Even though it's fairly mild, it's not exactly a feel good combo as some people claim though.

    That's basically when you should take all your selfies / progress pics for the year, cruise for 4-8 weeks, then get back to growing lol.

    That situation, and contest prep, are the only times I would consider the hassle of injectable, and I am a big fan of oral winstrol.
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  8. Water based winstrol is actually readily available on the local scene where I am, brands appear to be veterinary but they are likely just UG products with a vet label.
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    You get a higher peak and way better absorption with injections. 100mg of won’t orally does not equal 100mg.
    He’s right on this one. Blood passes through the liver all day long 24/7. Methylated compounds are designed to survive the pass through hence the stress on the liver. My biggest concern with methylated compounds is my lipid panel. It drops my good cholesterol from 40 to 2 very very quickly.
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    DBZ Labs isn’t dragon ordinance if that’s what you were implying, but you probably weren’t lol. I’ll check it out though.
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    I stay pretty lean year round, I don’t believe I’ve ever been above 12% bf honestly. I really love the look winny gives me, I feel like it always produces drastic changes very fast. Always worry about hurting a tendon on it though.
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    Hey brother I'm in God's country aka Canada lol Pareto labs has a new product winstrol suspension, an injectable, not sure I have not heard much from anyone on the Pareto site having experience this p
    Are you In Canada if you are Pareto labs has winstrol suspension injectable
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    No sir, I’m in the US. I own too many guns to live in Canada :D
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    Faulty reasoning.
    There's no direct gut to liver connection to bypass.

    Oral steroids (usually 17 alpha alkylated) get absorbed in the gut, and pass on to the blood.
    Everything in the blood passes trough the liver several times a day.

    Most non 17-aa have poor oral absorption, hence they must be injected.
    Orals damage the liver because of their 17-aa structure, regardless if they are given by mouth or injected.
    Common injectables don't harm the liver because they aren't 17-aa, and not because they are administered via injection.
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    I bought wilstrol for the hilma for this summer and I noticed that unlike the balkan, it doesn't create any precipitate at the bottom of the vial, would you know why? thank you and excuse my english, but I am Italian and help me with the translator
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    Thaigerpharma venaject 100, perfect
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    I have hilma win inj , and your statement is false. Hilma precipitate about 60/65% . Balkan about 50% . However precipitation means nothing, every lab put different excipients inside the water suspension and these can modify the amount that precipitates.

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