It looks like spray tan man is taking the USA to war in Syria. What do my Meso bros think.

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    I find it funny that Republicans and Democrats are in the pockets of big corp but we're supposed to vote democrat because of that. I find it funny that every administration, republicans and democrats alike, start wars and yet we're supposed to vote democrat because of it. I find it funny that all politicians lie, Republicans and Democrats alike, and yet we're supposed to vote democrat because of that. I find it funny that wall street owns Republicans and democrats, but we're supposed to vote democrat because of that. I find it funny that trump has done some of the same things these other politicians have done yet some think he will be, or should be, kicked out of office and jailed because of such.

    He's not gonna be impeached, kicked out of office or even jailed. Not gonna happen.
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    What's up brother love your life hope all is well with you and yours
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    You too, my friend. Stayed out late last night. Took the little chitlins to a concert last night. Thinking about ubering the kids home from school so i can spend some quality time with the kegerator right now, lol.
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    Lmao took the oldest boy to a baseball game the other day he got a game ball says it was the best day of his life lol glad to here ur all good brother
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    Not a bad plan.

    Those pesky Republican representatives passed this abomination of a healthcare bill..but hope Senate takes their time reviewing it.
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    Hey, atleast they're reviewing it. Atleast they are trying to get it right and some are standing up and fighting for a better bill. With the democrats they weren't even allowed to see it before they passed it. They all went along with the party and we seen what we got with that.
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    Vote for the candidate you feel will serve your best interests.
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    It's a hell of a lot easier to obstruct than govern. Some of those republicans think it would be a bad idea to be on the wrong side of history.
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    Republicans did nothing but get in the way during the Obama presidency. And they still show they can't govern.
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    Our government.....HA HA.....

    Deep State, Shallow Politics, Dumb Economics:

    Evidence That This Home of the Master Race of Self Chosen People was the World’s Greatest Democracy Even Before Trump

    In 1965, the USA had 780,000 people in prison, jail, on parole or on probation.

    By 2010, that population had grown by more than nine times, to 7 million and the prison business was booming as never before, creating profits, jobs and unparalled human misery.

    In 1954 the integration of public schools was seen as a great victory for civil rights and Americans now designated as “people of color”*. Today more than 50% of the prison population is designated as “people of color” and the disintegration of the entire public school system continues for all Americans designated as people.

    In 2015 there were 536 billionaires in the U.S.A.

    In a nation of more than 325 million people, that represents less than 2 millionths of one percent of the population.

    For the textually challenged, that looks like this:



    How hard those truly brilliant people must have worked to achieve those riches. And one of them was Donald Trump!

    Imagine how many cases they had to plead in court, classes to teach in school, busses to drive, meals to prepare, floors to wash, crops to pick, mail to deliver and deals to make? Well, actually, they mostly made deals using their great wisdom and brilliance at investing wisely. You and I could do as well if we worked as hard and were as smart and industrious as they are, including Donald Trump!

    And if we were paid a thousand dollars an hour for our hard work, and we worked twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year, maybe, if we stashed all that cash and didn’t spend any of it we might have a billion dollars.


    In fact, if you worked twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year and did that for ten years, at one thousand dollars an hour, never stopped, never took any time off and never spent any of the money and just stashed it, you still wouldn’t have a billion dollars.

    Is this a great democracy or what?

    In that same year of 2015 America’s GDP for pets, which was $38.5 billion in 2006, had grown to $60.3 billion.

    12 companies insured 1.4 million pets owned by 79.6 million American families (65% of households) with premiums amounting to 660.5 million dollars.

    163.8 million dogs and cats are comfortably housed in a political economy that has half a million of its people homeless and more than 20% of its children living in poverty. This is certainly reason enough for us to demand that Russia, North Korea, Syria and other nations adopt our democratically civilized way of living or suffer the consequences of our superior wrath. Right?

    As of March1, 2017 our national debt was close to $20 trillion, which is more than our GDP, which is truly a gross domestic product. We the people of this great democracy pay more than $440 billion a year in interest on that debt.

    Who do we pay it to?

    Where’d they get the money to loan us?

    Who prints and backs this money supply?

    If you have any money among your plastic, look at one of the bills of any denomination and note that the power behind the cash is not the dead presidents or Rockefeller, Carnegie, Zuckerburg, Soros, Bezos, Visa or MasterCard but something called “The United States of America”.

    That is not a private bank or a billionaire. That’s you. That’s us.

    Remember, we, the public, print the money, in our name, and somehow it gets to a private source which loans it to us and charges us interest for the privilege. Would you like to buy a bridge?

    Our personal debt, incurred to keep the economy going with our consuming and owed to the same market gods, was over $18 trillion.

    Almost as high as our public debt.

    Somehow, we owe it to the same people who loaned us our own money for public expenses. Wow.

    Are they really smart?

    Or are we really stupid?

    Many Americans are treated as lower than scum for being working class and "un-educated". Why are so many Americans so "un-educated"? Could it have anything to do with the fact that at some point they went through grammar and high schools taught by (drum roll) college-educated people**? And winding up with presidents like a truly brilliant rich guy with degrees from Yale and Harvard (wow!) who starts wars in the Middle East that have gone on longer than any in our history, with the consent of 534 out of 535 democratically (?) elected college graduates in congress?

    Whether the organized crime lobby (Wall Street, Banks, Billionaires) supports guns for individuals, Israelis or the Military Industrial Complex, it remains in control of the political economics of American government. NRAIPAC and its ilk own, rent and control the White House, Congress and Corporate media. That was the case before Trump and still is the case now.

    We need resistance to that system of minority control itself, and not simply the servants it hires, leases, rents or outright owns. As long as we allow a gallon of milk to cost more than a gallon of gasoline, as long as we tolerate an economics that will sustain a disease as long as profits for its treatment are greater than profits for its cure***, we not only face long range climate disaster but a much shorter range political economic calamity.

    Global capitalism threatens immediate and growing poverty, war, human misery and planetary destruction no matter which political pinhead, pimp or ho lives in the subsidized residency we call the white house. As long as we allow the richest and smallest minority in our history to put only their servants up for our votes, calling this a democracy reduces us to the best-dressed peasants on the Titanic. We need to end the fundamentalist religion of private profit marketing that is becoming a greater menace by the minute and begin democratic action in a social revolution that expresses majority public interest, desire and need. Fast.

    *All members of the human race are “of color” save for a small group called albinos. Some of us have darker or lighter skin but skin tone is of no more racial significance than brown hair, green eyes or long legs. Innocents, the ignorant and morons who still believe otherwise are science deniers at best, and anti-human at worst, no matter their skin tone.

    **“Those with a stake in maintaining their incomes & consumption are unlikely to participate in efforts to bring about radical change”

    Michael D. Yates

    ***Check cancer, for starters; a multi-multi billion-dollar industry
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    All that and to top it off... even the lazy unwilling to work useless people are fat, get free education, healthcare, shelter, food, etc, etc. What a fucking piece of shit country.
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    What have we learned from past experiences?

    We crushed the Iraqi army in days and fought a guerrilla war after that..59000 died in Vietnam, for what? Nothing.

    The only way to win is to stay. We see the same thing in Afghanistan. The 300, 000 US trained Afghan military can't get the job done.

    We need to find another way to punish countries that threaten us. Asymmetric warfare needs different tools to fight. Predator drones where working well without committing troops.
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    Both parties are obstructionist when the other party's in control. That's just politics. Look at the dems right now. They blatantly say they're not gonna even hear what repubkicans and trump have to say. They're gonna block anything they do. As far as them not being able to govern i somewhat agree. On one hand they can't agree on anything. On the other hand do you really think it benefits anyone when a party blindly sticks together like the democrats do? Republicans are actually reading the Healthcare bill and trying to force the republican leaders to make it better. Democrats voted on thier bill while being told they weren't allowed to read the bill until they passed it.
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    Impeachment will begin in 2018. Sorry to disappoint you. Congress impeached clinton because he lied about a blo job. How much worse is colaborating with a foreign enemy to get elected. There is already a case to be made for obstruction of justice. He fired the guy investigating him? You think that is going to slide?
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    I think trump will be impeached as well, but impeachment is just bringing him in front of congress to ask him questions. Not gonna be hard to find a simple majority to impeach trump. Especially considering democrats were talking impeachment even before he was elected. It's so obvious that this has nothing to do with trump or his actions and everything to do with liberals not being able to take a loss. I doubt liberals will ever go along with a peaceful transfer of power again. They have lost their freakin minds. That being said, there is no way you will get 2/3 of congress to remove trump from office. Trump firing comey will not stand up to anything. Remember when trumps words mattered when it came to passing the temporary travel ban? When he said the words muslims and the courts held him to that? Well, not sure if your aware but democrat and repupubican congressman were calling for the removal of comey just a few short weeks ago. Schumer, pelosi, Reid, waters and a whole lot more were out in the media slamming comey and calling for his resignation. Kind of hard to take them seriously now that they are pretending to he in shock. As far as him firing the guy investigating him. Comey had damn near a year to make a case and his latest remarks were there is "no" evidence trump colluded with russia. Besides the fact that comey wasn't investigating trump. Comey is the head of the fbi. He has investigators and attorneys to do the investigating.
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    I can appreciate your position and I do understand the greif you must feel. It is disheartening to place your confidence in a man who has failed so miserably.

    This will not be a case such as Clinton. Trump will be removed from office even if he must go in chains. He is mentally unstable.
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    Trump hasn't failed. He's only been president 3 months. The counties already heading in a better direction. What's disheartening is that peoples woukd rather destroy the country just to bring the guy down because they don't like him. Or because they're trying to strengthen their own position in politics. It's so plain to see. Saying they won't work with him no matter what before he even gets in to office. Saying they want to impeach him before he's done anything, taking a stand on something and then taking the opposite stand just because trump takes that same stand. It all boils down to one thing.... fake news.
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    The crazy train has come of the rails in 3 months. "fake news" to trump is any news agency that does not support trump. I'm going to enjoy this, but I will try to not rub it in. We have things in common that mean more than politics.Regardless of which party is in power either will fuck up our lives for doing what we do.
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    Yes sir. I just enjoy a friendly political debate. I take nothing personal. Except when you call kelley ann conway bad names. LoL.
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    I have been doing volunteer work the last 3 years since I got my act together in 2 food banks and a homeless shelter. I don't think I have met anyone who would not take a job. People get so beat down by life they have nothing left. In almost every case the problem is mental illness or drug addiction. Have a fucking heart man.