Jano "The ultimate Con-man and Liar?" thread...You be the judge

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    So, here's the story of Jano and my experience with him. I was contemplation not going this route AND handle it privately BUT, now he's trying to insult my intelligence by giving me some bull crap story. I will share with you.

    I sent Jano three samples of GH (TP's black TOP meditrope batch #17) for testing. The reason we/he wanted to check his testing with the current AAA testing that myself and @Dr JIM are using. Of course our testing isn't any good by Jano's standard and a few others from PM.

    So, I got a private message from Jano that my package was stuck in customs and asked if I used my real address. I skated around the question and told him it was not my address. He said no worries he could get it out of customs no problem and he would test it.

    I was supposed to tell him when I received the testing back from our lab to compare to his. Here is our convo on that...

    1. janoActive Member
      Hello Mr. Mands.

      I just checked and the package seem to have been stopped by customs.

      Would you please describe the package completely to me please? So I can decide if I should try picking it up, or if it's too big a risk.

      I apologise for the trouble.

      jano, Oct 23, 2016Report

    2. [​IMG]
      mandsWell-Known MemberAnabolicLab.com Supporter
      EDITED TOO MUCH INFO. Took out some product and placed 3 vials in there wrapped up.


      mands, Oct 24, 2016EditReport

    3. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member
      Were the vials marked in any way except the batch # ?

      jano, Oct 24, 2016Report

    4. [​IMG]
      mandsWell-Known MemberAnabolicLab.com Supporter
      Nope only batch#


      mands, Oct 24, 2016EditReport

    5. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member
      Thank you, I'll try to pick them up tomorrow.

      jano, Oct 24, 2016Report

    6. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member
      Hello Mr. Mands,
      regarding the return address - did you provide your real address?

      jano, Oct 25, 2016Report

    7. [​IMG]
      mandsWell-Known MemberAnabolicLab.com Supporter
      I provided a real address but not my home.


      mands, Oct 25, 2016EditReport

    8. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member
      Good, they had the address noted down, for some reason, just thought I'd warn you.

      Give or take a few hours and I'll be ready

      jano, Oct 25, 2016Report

    9. [​IMG]
      mandsWell-Known MemberAnabolicLab.com Supporter
      Okay! Noted where?


      mands, Oct 25, 2016EditReport

    10. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member
      "Contact sender for more informaiton" at the customs.

      They only gave it to me, because I am registered lab, but I might suffering some consequences due to the samples being found out.

      The stealth was good, it was just a bad coincidence

      jano, Oct 25, 2016Report
    Okay so a little more back in forth messaging and then he reaches out to me asking if I had any info back(news)...

    any news?
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    1. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member

      - jano

      jano, Nov 19, 2016Report

    2. [​IMG]
      mandsWell-Known MemberAnabolicLab.com Supporter
      Okay I'm ready when you are. How did those Black tops turn out for you.


      mands, Nov 22, 2016EditReport

    3. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member
      I tested #17 three times:

      5.2mg was the average result.

      A vial from your kit was 5.27mg

      So it seems that you consistently get lower results than me and I am very confident in my results.

      jano, Nov 22, 2016Report
    Here is when it gets good...

    Yesterday I get a call from my GF and she says did you get something for Christmas from the Czech Republic. I told her to leave it at the door.

    I get home and take a look at it and wow I open it and look inside to my amazement the package and (3) gh vials #17 were in the pack. right where I put them. Wrapped up in a two band aids I put them in with all the contents that were in the package I sent.

    So, I contact one person by phone this morning from MESO(that I trust). Then I get on encrypted message and talk to two other members from PM and MESO. I told one straight out and mentioned to the other but didn't really give his name. I contacted for their opinion on the matter.

    I highly doubt they PM members told him. But, I did get a PM from him stating this...

    PM below...
    1. mands, Oct 25, 2016EditReport

    2. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member
      Well well well.

      Seems like my lack of communication led you to believe I did lie to you, as you've suggested I am a liar in the thread. I apologize for that and I think it had been pointed out because the package seems to have bounced back to you just now.

      If that's not the case, please, don't feel like having to read any further - though it will not hurt.

      As I have let you know two months ago already, the customs had expressed great interest about the package and gave me trouble regarding it both before and after I got it.

      A few days later, before I got to the analysis or opening the package at all, they called me while I was away about either charging me with importing faked medicine or gave me the option to return the package intact to the sender.

      I had my gf switch one of the vials with one of the spare vials of #17 I had acquired previously for different test and had her carry the package to the customs office to have it shipped back. The customs had pictures of the contents of the package, so it had to be returned 'whole'.

      As I asked you previously if that was your address and you negated it, I simply assumed the pack would bounce and get trashed, so I didn't bother with explaining all this - which seems now like a mistake on my side.

      To be honest, I though I mentioned that to you, but it seems I talked about that with somebody else or misremembered it completely, as it's not in our message history, so I was wrong.

      Had I not checked the state of the package after I had read your passively agressive post in the thread, this could've been left unexplained and I would hate that.

      Please, next time, if there is one, confront me directly out in the open, even if it will make me look like an idiot - it's better to look like one than to leave stuff like this unexplained.

      With best regards,

      jano, Today at 12:49 PMReport

    3. [​IMG]
      janoActive Member
      I still stand past my results, as always.

      jano, Today at 12:52 PMReport

    4. [​IMG]
      mandsWell-Known MemberAnabolicLab.com Supporter
      I didn't threaten you in the open. You assumed it was you cause you lied about testing my vials or one of the two persons I told from PM told you already. I will handle that next.


      mands, 48 minutes agoEditReport
    My questions if I even wanted an answer would be these:

    1. Why would you be adamant about what address I used(fake or real)? I know why... That was you could tell me you tested my vials and get away with it if customs wasn't sending it back to a real address.
    2. Why would you take the package back down to customs after being called to return it? Just tell them you tossed it. Oh but you were out of town and GF took it. If they threatened you with arrest why would they give it to you in the first place. lol
    3. Why would you not tell me this story about customs or your gf switching vials with one of mine? Pretty important info I would think. And you were PM'ing me EOD at least at one point so it's not like we weren't in communication.
    4. Why not take all three vials out and replace them with three from your stash if you wanted to test all three vials? I know because it didn't happen. My original band aids holding the vials together were still in there along will all of my other components.

    This one bothers me as well...
    "As I asked you previously if that was your address and you negated it, I simply assumed the pack would bounce and get trashed, so I didn't bother with explaining all this - which seems now like a mistake on my side.

    To be honest, I though I mentioned that to you, but it seems I talked about that with somebody else or misremembered it completely, as it's not in our message history, so I was wrong."

    You state that you thought it would get trashed so you didn't bother explaining it. BUT, to be honest you thought you did mention it. lol So you mentioned to somebody you are getting packages from me? WTF. Oh wait you now maybe "misremembered" it completely hahahahaha.

    So many more but at this point anything you say will not change my mind on what has transpired here.

    Sorry so long.

  2. All this being said does this mean the findings on the black tops are bogus as Jano "tested" them. Or are the Assays that are listed here still legit with regard to those? What. What benefit would he have by not testing the black tops? Monitory?
  3. janoshik

    janoshik Member

    All the messages posted by mands are non-edited (except the sensitive info) and as they were sent.

    1. Because the customs gave me the trouble regarding that, suggesting I should have it sent back even as I was there to pick it up.

    2. Because I don't want excessive trouble with them. We are battling constantly as they don't like the very idea of my business. A situation when the wolf gets its share and the sheep stays whole seemed ideal to me.

    3. We were not in a contact for a month after that, I was very busy then. The next message we had traded had been on 19 NOV, compared to 25th OCT. I had other things on mind and such it was.

    4. I had a single spare #17 vial, not more. I don't stash HGH.

    And regarding the bold text - that's what I assumed (that it would be trashed as non-deliverable), so I didn't give it a second thought. If I knew it was your address I'd warn you properly, as there could've been a chance, however tiny, that LE could give you trouble.

    I talked about the trouble with the customs to a few people, I though I mentioned that to you as well, but I was wrong, that's what I meant. I used that example (without naming you) a few times, to elaborate, how the customs are giving me trouble and how they are finding out new ways to fuck with me. (Claims as importing for manufacture, when receiving 10 100mg raw powder samples etc have been common...).

    Literally testing a sample now takes me less time that it would take me to fake the graphs.

    Your question is very on point.
  4. fodsod

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    Sounds like @mands busted Jano in a complete and total bullshit lie. Not even a good one at that. Mands and Jim have no reason to lie about the results they've found. Jano and some of their supporters do. Ultimate con man liar is my vote.
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  5. MassTurk

    MassTurk Member

    Jano stop now
    I heard better stories from "crack heads in need" than this smh.........
    Why lie if you didn't get the package unless your whole operation is based on scam. All you had to do was edmit you couldn't get the pack and that was too much for you. well done sir. It took me a very long time to make up my mind about you but at least you made it for me no one else.....
  6. My experience with people telling the truth is: usually it is a very simple story. Lies take legs are hard to follow have excuses for everything etc...

    My question remains.. what assays are real?
  7. Sdryx

    Sdryx Member

    #2 doesn't make sense.

    LE and customs literally assisted you in smuggling into your country. Then a few DAYS later they changed their minds? This would never happen.

    They threatened to charge you with importing fake medicine? It was a vial of clear liquid. Or a vial of some powder if not reconstituted yet. They would be required to identify the substance to charge you for that substance. It was a vial of baby powder for all they know.

    And how did they contact you in regards to this highly legal matter? They just called you on your phone that they conveniently keep on hand? (How do they even have your phone number?) Seems odd for a major fuck up of theirs which required the repossession of a package very much outside of normal protocols. I would imagine it being more like they come knocking on your door and demand the package right then and there. (However, I can't imagine it ever even going THIS far.)

    Nothing makes sense with your explanations Jano and they do not align with the practices and culture of LE!
  8. Tj72

    Tj72 Member

    Look guys, @mands is a very well respected member here.. he has no reason to lie... there's really nothing here to debate....@jano you sir can kindly move along to your next board..
  9. Are these blacks junk or has anyone other than Jano tested them? Which assays are tested by Jano? Which are not?

    Why lie brah? All we are trying to learn is practice harm reduction as much as possible.
  10. janoshik

    janoshik Member

    They can't charge me for importing protein samples. I stated so and was given the vials on that.
    I told them what was the contents.

    I had given them my contact details when I was there personally to pick up the package, which they were very hesitant to give to me, even with all the dick waving with my license, but ultimately they folded, as they couldn't find a reason to not give the package to me.

    I can only imagine what went on afterwards in the background - I can only guess and that can be done by you as well.

    Mands can check on the local post office tracking what was the time difference between when I went there to pick up the package and when they got it to send back.
  11. This clown's tests have been at the forefront of so much controversy, including on our canadian domestic thread, so its good to finally have an answer that the dude is full of shit. Makes me wonder if all his tests are complete bullshit or what. I'm gonna say so. Always felt this guy was a fraud.. knew it
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  12. janoshik

    janoshik Member

    Nothing made public here was tested by me.

    And I don't really have any reason to lie, but whatever.
    Glad to hear that you know that.
  13. janoshik

    janoshik Member

    Whatever. Night.
  14. Tj72

    Tj72 Member

    Oh so now you didnt test them but in your conversation with @mands you clearly state that you did in fact test them with results in the 5 range... so which is it fuck stick? Did you or didn't you? I'm betting you didn't test shit and everything you said to @mands was a fucking lie... bye bye now your time here is now done. You and your kind are not wanted here
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  15. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    And after all that which MANDS posted you ask questions of this nature.

    Heck did you even bother to READ ALL of what MANDS cited, put that spoon away and become an informed member and decide for yourself who's testing is credible, bc at this point
    I could care less!

    And that sentiment has nothing to do with my "ego" or willingness to admit I'm "wrong" when I'm NOT!

    Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
  16. Yes you do youre a drug dealer, i think it is clear now ;)
    You should appologize to Mission too for starting all that shit about his Caber you "tested" he send out a lot of replacements for that fiasco!!!
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  17. If mands actually tested the Black tops himself or you I would believe the results. So I am asking. What is unbelievable is you think I know that all the assays of the black tops are from Jano's testing. Why would I know that? All of them? I admitted my wrong in the past post where I thought mands was calling you out. I was wrong.

    Now I am asking again DID you or anyone other than Jano test said blacktops?

    Who tested what? Which assays were not tested by Jano?

    Is this mind boggling that I would want to know this after reading all of this?
  18. Reply to your edited post. Yes I read it all.

    WHO TESTED WHAT? I know Jano "tested" nothing.
    Are all the assays a result of his "tests"? Is everything junk?
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  19. I said I was wrong. I admit that.

    Now can you help out the other members of the forum? Which assays if any are to be trusted? Did Jano conduct all testing? Jim to be frank I don't understand half of what you say. I wont pretend. Can you answer me in layman terms?
  20. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Oh I've every reason to believe that needed be clarified any further for the overwhelming majority of Meso members who are familiar with what MANDS and I have accomplished and what we are about, and IT WONT BE on my behalf!

    Esp for every newcomer who wants to be spoon fed a 50 sample one liner synopsis.

    Believe what you like!

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