Just finished 6 wks HST - feel strong ! ~OGH

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  1. Thanks OS and hotdog for keeping the HST thread going , my training has been sporadic lately at times because of my misfortune , and you got to dedicate yourself to really do the HST justice . Still resting the Tennis/Golfers elbow slightly but doing mid heavy DB rows and light con curls . The bad MFL prop left my quads weak , but my squat is now back to what it was so glad there .

    I have noticed since I stopped HST I have lost some strength and endurance and cant get what I was getting repwise . I felt stronger on HST . Gonna have to get that back . Soon . ~Ogh
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    No probem OGH, we will keep this thread alive for you until you can get back into the HST routine! Glad to hear you are getting better brother!
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  3. UPDATE: Since I took a lay-off (I hate the word QUIT) from HST I have been rehabbing and working out just twice a week , fullbody workouts but the legs/chest/delts/tri"s are worked in the morning and back/biceps 6-8 hours later when Im refreshed again . This was suggested by a sports medicine BB friend who's helping me tackle this elbow problem . He thought 3 workouts a week might be hurting my injuries and they needed longer rebuild times and more rest.

    Its really different workouts in the morning then later on a smaller one . You sure have more energy for the bk/bi's compaired to all at once workouts ......still planning on HST again next month . ~Ogh
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    Sounds like a good routine for now OGH. Thanks for the update brother.
  5. keep it up ogh!
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    Hmm HST... I need to check this out. I've seen some other sites talk about it. I'm looking to make a big change in my workout. This could be it.

    Do we have a HST for dumbasses thread?
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    Nope, but we should! I am still learning as well but love it so far. Start one up Furious! Maybe we could get some info from Millard, he has been using the program for a while and looks great! For more HST info check out thinkmuscle.com.
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    Thanks OGH for the breakdown this is my 3rd HST thread and I finally get the jest. lol Downloaded the ebook so I will read over that too.
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  9. It looks like its been a year since I did the HST routine here, it was tough . And Im ready to do it again one year later ....~Ogh 3/29/15
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    I think it's great off cycle
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  11. Alrighty , got my first HST workout in since last year. Going with 12 reps/8 reps/4 reps/10 reps each for 2 weeks for a total of 8 weeks then total rest for 2 weeks .

    Once again its 3 workouts a week / fullbody
    I did : (65% max of 1RM)

    Workout #1 (12 rep week) (3/29/15)

    Sqts 2x12 (250lbs)
    Deads 2x12 (250lbs)

    Cable rows 2x12 (125lbs)
    Lat pulldowns 2x12 (125lbs)

    Incline bench 2x12 (210lbs)
    Bar-Dips 2x12 (bodyweight /193lbs )

    Dumbbell presses 2x12 (70lb"ers)
    Dumbbell curls 2x12 (50lb"ers)
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  12. Ive been off-cycle for 3 months now .
    Might bring something in later but not now ....
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    Thee months OGH? I think it's time to hop back on brother:) Will be following your log, keep it up brother!