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    Ah shucks!!! LOL!
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    I don't think this is realistic especially considering the time it takes to peak. In other words the peptides are going to peak much sooner than the 3 hours we are using for the serum test. In addition I have IGF levels tested to back that both Rips and Thanktropins contain real GH. So if they are capable of putting real GH in their vials than why wouldn't others as well. If I had to guess I would say there are several things happening here. 1.) Some corrupt manufacturers in China trying to rip people off. 2.) Some legit manufacturers actually supplying what you are ordering but with questionable purity due to price. 3.) Some corrupt sources that are ordering 4iu, or 6iu, or 8iu vials and claiming they are 10iu and then acting as if they had nothing to do with it and are victims too when people do the serum tests and they come back low. Don't forget that the sources are just either remailers or using the factory to dropship for them and the source is the one who tells the factory what they want. So if a source wants to make a little more money all he has to do is tell the factory he wants 8iu vials instead of 10.
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    I believe you have made offers to test d-bol and Chinese generic GH in the past. Would you be willing to test HK's GH if someone mailed you a sample?

    You seem to be quite suspicious of cheap GH, I think testing it would be beneficial for both you and the community as a whole.
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    That depends on a variety of factors. I've played these type of games w UGLs previously and have come to discover the results don't matter. How many excuses can you think of which explains a less than optimal or even an abysmal result on a product like GH with such huge profit margins? Perhaps by now I've heard em all,
    NOT, lol! :)
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    Yes the secretagoges in particular ghrp-6 could be used as a GH substitute of sorts. It does appear to result in the pulsed release of GH yet for only one to two hours yet does NOT result in an increase of IGF, based on studies I'm aware of.

    Consequently their use as anabolic agents would seem to be somewhat limited. Moreover any M.S. or HPLC can readily differentiate secretagoges from rHGH, since structurally they are remarkably different.

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    it would be nice to see the GC or HLPC results here.

    But detailed lab testing is not a long term solution unless you can get it for free.

    I do not see paying $1000 for all the gear tested before cycle each time..
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    It is realistic and it is happening. They use peptides to give you GH sides and to throw you blood levels off. I can guarantee you that your Rips and Ktrops are complete garbage and are nothing more then peptides. What makes you guys think that your generics are legit when the same place you get them from the pharm company's are manufacturing bunk shit to the underground. The thing is these UGLs are getting fooled to with theses generics too. They think they're selling you legit shit but in reality its just a bunch of peps.
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    This is completely ridiculous. First off, I have not only serum GH levels but I have IGF levels from blood work on Rips as well as Thanktropin. That would be impossible if it wasn't truly GH. Secondly, there have been actual expensive lab tests done on Riptropin showing that it contains real GH. I thought these were common knowledge by now as most everybody I talk to is aware of the tests. IM also mentioned the lab test he did on Elitropin that yielded 8iu GH. These conspiracy theories are a joke. People need to start using common sense and realize that there are many scams out there but there are also legit sources. There are no special Chinese secrets and no special peptides that mimick GH sides, serum results, and IGF levels.
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    Oh what BnF said is ridiculous? NOT!

    OK maybe you can answer the question I posed earlier? How are these generic GH companies manufacturing GH for literally pennies on the dollar without effecting quality. So you are aware of "these tests"? Tell me where I can locate the PROOF (the studies themselves) of this "common knowledge"?

    One thing I agree with IM about there are SOME folk who are getting legit GH but they are paying for it (one way or another) otherwise the majority are acquiring exactly what they pay for, diluted GH at best or various forms of BUNK as expected.

    Finally another point needs to be made here. WHY oh why does it seem those whom are extolling the anabolic capabilities of "their" GH first in line to receive it? In other words shilling for some lab that sells it.

    Nope things haven't changed much, money is money and GH is expensive to produce and unless either of those can be modified the overwhelming majority of GH on the "generic market" is pure JUNK!!!
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    SERIOUSLY? YEA SERIOUSLY!!! So tell me what TYPE OF TEST do you think they (LABs) use to determine serum GH levels? HINT: It was specifically developed and perfected for the analysis of serum amino acids, peptides, polypeptides and protein levels.

    Why? Because these compounds are involved in critical physiologic processes throughout the human body, from enzymatic reactions to hormonal signal induction and intra/extracellular transcription analysis.

    Yep without this specific class of tests any Meso discussion on "peptides" would approximate conjecture!

    FINALLY because some Secretagoges CAN increase GH levels, for a few hours, unless IGF levels are performed you can NOT know for sure if the substance your testing is GH! Another reason IGF rather than GH levels should be tested is the number of variables which can effect GH levels compared to IGF.

    So you really want to tout the GH your using as being legit right? Then perform the CORRECT TEST! Test the VIAL CONTENTS fella!

    It seems telling to me many of those whom are parading generic GH on forums as being legit are performing those assays which are much less than optimal from a diagnostic perspective, now why is that, lol! [:eek:)]

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    Goto Professional Muscle, they are tested the Riptropins several times with REAL lab tests that me and many other members helped pay for out of our own pockets. Yes, I said they already TESTED it. It came back at 13.3iu's in a 10iu vial. Ask around, these tests are common knowledge that many people have known for some time. The Elitropins were tested as well, and guess what??? They contained real GH too, not some secret Chinese peptide(I think it was like a little over 8iu similar to the tests that Italian Muscle reported). However, these were back when they were green top I believe; not the new black tops. The only issue that was discovered was that the purity was not great; if I recall correctly it was in the low 80%'s. That my friend is why it is so cheap. In order to further purify the GH it needs further treatment and the more treatment the less GH it yields. So in order to increase the purity you have to increase the cost. I understand that people are skeptical and rightly so with all the bullshit out there. However the lack of information and misinformation out there is out of control. I have been using GH for over 2 decades; mostly pharm grade initially and mostly Chinese generic the latter. In terms of blood work, side effects, results, etc... I have not seen much difference. Maybe I am just lucky and have chosen the right brands(Thanktropin and Riptropin mostly for the generics); but I am confident that real GH is out there. I would prefer better purity, but for the price I will continue to take what I have been using.
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    Define what you mean by purity? The reason GH is so expensive to manufacture is the ENTIRE process not just some purification stage.

    IF by purification your referring to the removal of contaminants with the end result being a fully concentrated 98-99% product then chances are your product has already been "CUT".

    Why because with current technology the INITIAL run generates a purity of NO LESS than roughly 85% with the achievement of a "full concentrate" after no more than ONE or rarely TWO passes thru a HSPE, (Highly Specific Protein Electrophoresis)

    TWO passes might be necessary IF the pre-purification stages provided a yield of less than 80-85%, which again is unusual because the techniques have improved remarkably.

    Moreover of course there will be a few mates whom the lab KNOWS is testing their product and provides them with legit GH.

    Lastly it seems apparent you understand how the GH "IU" became standardized years ago by the WHO, because you believe labs report the amount of GH in a vial as IU/vial, NOPE!

    So where does this information come from? IT'S EXTRAPOLATED BY the RESALERS based on the recognized WHO IU/mg concentrate!

    So it sounds like you those used parties whom have a vested interest in the results to perform the GH testing. You gotta be joking. Hey I could be way off base but something stinks, and it seemingly always does when generic GH is involved, IME.

    So why don't you just POST THESE RESULTS and let me give em a look see?
    (Please don't tell me "they" sent you mates an email or a slip of paper with "the scribed results" attached)

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    Hey partner! Good seeing you out of the neighborhood. I made a thread here posting the first few pages of that 100plus pg thread at AB.
    Thank you and the others who made all that happen. Put sources on notice, if nothing else.

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    I've been lurking around the SU threads for a while, and I am glad I found this one. The only result I'm surprised about is the faked Deca, as that is the first time I've even heard of that compound being faked. The fake var is understandable. Every time I've run oxandrolone it's ended up being either massively underdosed or just oral winny (which pisses me off because winny is a shit drug which is a waste for 90% of lifters). Keep it going boys!
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    I don't think anything I say is going to sway you. You seem very intelligent and very informed about a lot of things yet so uninformed about others. Its almost like you are too cautious for your own good. Let me first address the issue of vested interests. I myself did not start using Riptropin until roughly last december and I did a serum GH test on some that I had purchased for my own use. I had been happy with the GH I was using and didn't see a need to switch but all the hoopla surrounding Rips intrigued me so I had finally pulled the trigger and made a small purchase. It came out at something like 35.0 whereas the others were coming out for me in the mid 20's. With that said, after using them for a year, I actually think I look better when on the Thanktropin. I just recently switched back to see if it is in my mind or not. My IGF levels on rthe Rips from bloodwork was similar at 4iu's per day to the Thanks and to the Serostim when I last took it maybe 5 years ago(actually was expecting them to be higher since they tested at 13.3 iu). So I have no vested interest other than finding the best real GH without paying USA pharm grade prices. As far as the testing goes I would suggest you talk to Rajin, not sure if he is on this board or not. He was in charge of the testing and will actually give you the phone number to the lab so you can call them and ask them any question you have so that you can feel comfortable that the test was legit. Like I said before, I understand everyones skepticism. However when there are actual independent real lab tests, serum tests, IGF bloodwork, and real life testomonials that all correlate with certain products than it is hard to refute that evidence. I agree that most of the Chinese GH isn't GH(or anything at all) but there are several generics out there that are consistent and real. Do you really think guys like Homer would be in business this long with the reputation they have if they were selling bunk products?
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    I don't know Homer because I'm not in the GH business as a buyer or seller, but I do know BB and that's good enough for me!
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    Hello again, 96. Yes, rajjin is here. The Doc is a wealth of information. I can't always follow as the terminology and such is a bit over my head. I've never used generic gh of any kind. I've got a bag full of serostim though. I've been back "on" now for a few weeks. About 4iu/ed is where I'm at.
    A couple of things trouble me in regards to generic gh of any kind. I always try and post up what I believe to be the truth. The first is that the the one generic that has "Consistently" tested out strong has been riptropin. I'll qualify that by saying not ALL rips. There are 2 authorized distributors of riptropins(as far as I know). The 2 being TP and HK(u mentioned him).
    There is a fella here that is trusted and gets up a group purchase of rips every month or 2 as he is in with HK. As long as the kits originated with 1 of the 2 all is well.
    HK(maybe TP?) also has hygies on the menu. HK will tell u the best GH he carries are the rips and I'm certain this is his belief based on the high test scores over and over.
    The situation many new guys find themselves in is not knowing where the gh kits they are buying are from. Over at promuscle there was hulk selling fake rips that he made in his kitchen? Also, TP wants copies of your birth certificate and DL as well as emails from well known gear sources? Hoops everywhere that many of our guys being new just can't get up and through. They end up being talked into buying from pacman/horizon and get shit.
    Also, the water guys are holding from rips is in some instances ridiculous. Some say it clears up after a time and if sodium intake is watched its not as bad. I know some fellas that are like a sponge no matter what the diet is like?
    My question is, what is in these rips that is causing this massive bloating? The other thing is many guys are saying that if they didn't have a date to dial in for(competition) they wouldn't even bother with rips? They are saying that you only get the cosmetic benefits from rips when you stop taking them and shed the h2o. Staying on hides the good stuff its doing.
    The water isn't present with seros or any pharm grade gh. What filler is in those things causing the bloat?
  19. That I am not sure about. It was just a theory I had. I am not the only Vet that has these same thoughts, there are others. We just cant prove it right now, but I do think its possible.

    I actually prefer an IGF1 test then a HGH serum test when it comes to testing HGH in the blood. They are just a little more expensive. I honestly don't know of anyone that actually took ghrp-6 and then got their IGF1 levels checked or a HGH serum test. Their might be some of these tests at ProMuscle. Maybe Muscle96ss would have some insight on this. He is a well respeceted member of the community, and I think he has been at ProMuscle since they opened.

    You make some great points, I just have a funny feeling about the chinese pulling a fast one. They know we are testing their stuff with the serum tests, etc. Its only a matter of time before we find out whats really going on. At this point in time, there are very few Generics that should be trusted. Rips are one, and the Thanks were my second choice, but that factory shut down from what Ive read.

    As for the chinese skimping out on their vials. My last HPLC test already proved the blacktops arent 10iu/vials, they are only 8ius. Whats even more funny Mexite raised his prices earlier this year, didnt he? And then he is skimping off the top and not even putting 10ius in the vials. Never did care for that HGH anyways..

    HKs rips have already been tested, a lot! The rips are the only consistant generic on the market. Ive never heard a bad report on them. From the reports from users, etc.. each vial is actually 13iu, not 10iu.
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    This is another friend of mine, IM. He doesn't spend a lot of time here as he is a mod at jM(there is a link here at meso) and is a "Elite VIP" status on AB and TID where I met him. These are boards that, like meso, status is earned and not purchased.
    I say this for those that don't know IM. He's respected and has been around. If you've seen pics of him then you'd know he puts into action all the info he has and posts about. He;s put together, as is his wife who also is living the life. This guy IM gets his beautiful wife seros and he goes with the generic.
    Makes sense for the wallet as I think 1iu usually does it for her? Maybe 2? That has a 6mg 126iu kit lasting between 2 and 4 months.
    IM catches heat at times for supporting Naps. IM is one of the few that can walk that line and stay In the trusted area in regards. His reputation allows him to do so. Trust that Mugz and K wouldn't allow a shilling know nothing rep like Z's lames to be as involved as IM is. He's done much for the community. I'm proud to call him a trusted friend. He's exposed and called out many scammers and has done so on may occasions. In doing so, he's saved untold members money. Without his work the scams(gh as of late) would have continued on longer than they did. He does the work that protects your wallets.
    His latest work is helping coordinate the testing of many well known(and not so well known) sources. Again helping to protect not only the wallets of folks but the health as well. A young lady thinking she's taking 500mg/ew of Primo is actually taking 500mg of EQ?
    Or the fella taking 1400mg of Primo really taking a gram and one half of EQ each week? Fuck.
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