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  1. chileandawg

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    OP i was feeling that way when i was a porn addicted

    Currently after years without porn i can view porn every certainn time and no problems, but i have the idea that the health sex is without porn.

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  2. T-Bagger

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  3. ickyrica

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    I didn't say anything about @chileandawg, did I? I said ddp7. You have always denied being ddp7, yet you defend yourself when I say ddp7. Interesting lol.

    Hows the gloryhole?
  4. ickyrica

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    All I got out of that is "fuck, how did you know it was me?"
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  5. chileandawg

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    Icky idk what your talkin bout it.

    Im just chileandawg. Your reasoning is circular/tautalogy

    ¿ Sounds familiar?
  6. chileandawg

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    BTW im not saying porn its bad itself,but well you know more bad things that good things.
  7. LeoTC

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  8. T-Bagger

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    Whatever works for OP
  9. rugerjitsu

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    This troll thread had tons of potential, too bad it was poorly executed.
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  10. kosp

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    That is just one of the procedures, everything contributes and I think cutting off porn is a big one.
  11. kosp

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    Only us, sexual obsessed people will become Sex Gods. If you are happy with average satisfactory sex then take it, but I want her on her knees begging me for more.
  12. T-Bagger

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    So you believe porn leads to premature ejaculation, which prevents you from becoming a sex god? How else does porn keep you from attaining sex godhood?
  13. kosp

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    I didn't say anything about premature ejaculation.

    My view is that your brain get used to the Porn satisfaction system, and it basically contaminates your mind, moving you away from the present moment when it comes to real sex, why? Because your brain doesn't actually differenciate between arousal circumstances. Practical example of this, when I am having sex, sometimes it comes to my mind scenes of videos that I usually see, and that just feels horrible.
  14. master.on

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    At least without porn you fap to real women you know (and might get)

    Why don't you just follow suit and bang a real women every day?
    Lots of relatively good looking horny milfs and affordable call girls around.
    Once you lower your standards from (unattainable) women in porn, you can well get laid every single day.

    P.S. you can also try masturbation without cumming as a great second step, just saying.
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  15. kosp

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    I like your point, the more sex you can have, the better you will get at it. Of course you gotta have the purpose of becoming a Sex God for it, otherwise It would be like just fapping with a vagina.

    The more women you have sex with, the more potential feedbacks. Feedbacks are a good one in the road to Sex God
  16. Mighty-mouse

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    I need a picture of what OP looks like with a crumpled meso paper! Serious shit!!! Sex god?!?? The fuck, you got damn 18? Maybe one day after puberty you will actually fuck a living woman you will realize no need to be a sex god.... just good at slanging dick and they will give you everything they have.

    What the fuck is this world coming to? Sex god fuck outo meso with that shit no one cares
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  17. T-Bagger

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    Always MM breaking it down like a mofo!
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  18. kosp

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    Believe me, more people than you think care a lot about it, I think it's something instinctive.

    Anyway we already are all sex gods, that's the end of the matter actually.
  19. T-Bagger

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    You contradicted yourself. You said you wanted to become one and now you say we are all sex gods.
  20. kosp

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    Exactly, but that's not actually a contradiction, but a realization. It's all within you.