Meso-rx And Ip Address Logging

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  1. Millard Baker

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    FYI, Vbulletin forum software, by default, stores every version of member post edit history. Most forum participants are unaware of this.

    Remember that time you inadvertently posted your name/address/phone number? It is likely stored in the website vbulletin database unless the administrator has purposely disabled logging of post edit history.

    Today I am disabling post edit history. I will also be purging all previous revisions of post history from the database.
  2. dealer

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    Meso, where free speech and anonymity thrives with the perfect conditions for scammers and thieves to exploit the innocent and dumb.
  3. Millard Baker

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    I don't think we should tell anyone to trust "big brother" as the solution. Historically, this approach hasn't been the answer either.
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  4. dealer

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    I agree with your approach actually. It's just that we trade one evil for another.
  5. boosydoosy

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    That is some really scary stuff.

    Scammer should be dragged out and shot. It took me a long tim eto find the source I have now, but once you find a good one, you stick with it.

    Good to know forums keep every single freaking thing....
  6. Millard Baker

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    I figured you did. And I don't necessarily disagree with what you posted. But it does bring a famous quote to mind...

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
  7. bickel29

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    Dealer, my friend, everytime you make "a purchase" you are participating in an evil, no matter the level of anonymity. Just ask the dudes who bought a bottle from their local dealer, whom they've known for decades, just to get popped as part of a sting that their local dealer agreed to participate in to avoid a previous charge. I know 2 different members here who were swarmed by agents while making a purchase from their "known local dealer" - a dude they've known for years.

    Sometimes just having some anonymous dude on line disappear on you with your cash beats some alternatives in this game.
  8. dealer

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    Going after the end user. How sad. All to earn a paycheck. Or maybe its a religious conviction ? I know a few "religious" cops. Very scary. They think they are doing the bible's work. You know. The book that we can track revisions in. Like in Microsoft Word.

    I wonder how many cases have actually occured where an online order led to an actual arrest ?
  9. dealer

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    I was on Under Ground Body Building the other day. Supposed to be one of the best sites. It has a Doc (or equivalent) helping out members.

    I noticed in the Astro thread in the Underground Section Kubrick posted something. It was an accusation and I don't think it was based on any good evidence but it got deleted. Kubrick even posted asking why it was deleted. I was shocked.

    I like this board the best. It keeps everything real. Your failures and your successes.
  10. "The perfect conditions for scammers and thieves to exploit the innocent and dumb" doesn't exist on Meso. It exists on censored boards like PM and OLM. Boards that protect scamming sources (often operating with the full knowledge of the administrators) by silencing their members from speaking the truth.

    The few scams that have happened here have been minor compared to those on the above mentioned boards. They were caught early because members had the freedom to call a spade a spade. The fact is, it's hard to get a good scam off the ground here. Even Stretch didn't have much success.

    But that freedom comes with a price - there is no one to protect the members but the members themselves. They bear the responsibility for their own protection and that's how it should be. And so long as members remain vigilant, scams will not succeed.

    So I wouldn't say we're just "trading one evil for another," as though they are equal. We are trading a malignant evil for one that if far more benign.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty
    -- Wendell Phillips (often wrongly attributed to Jefferson)
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  11. dealer

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    Very well written.

    So malignant = big brother and benign = sources ?

    I do think some sources can also be malignant. The ones learning from the mistakes of others, the sociopaths and psychopaths plotting.

    Sociopaths and Psychopaths gravitate towards positions of power. Power being linked to money.

    I read somewhere that something like 7 - 9 % of our population are socio-paths sociopaths. I can find the book if someone wants to read it.

    I also know that Wall St and major Corporations hire people who rate highly as sociopaths as they tend to perform better in those positions. Yes, our financial system is run by socio-paths. :)

    The Sociopath Next Door

    On Wall Street and SocioPaths:

    Psychos on Wall Street -
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  12. Censorship = malignant and freedom of speech = benign.

    Edit: More accurately, totalitarianism = malignant and liberty = benign.
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  13. TheGuy85

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    What bothers me is the possibility of that anonymous dude being law enforcement. I mean who is to say LE couldn't pose as a source online, and have a postal inspector and local LE officers conduct a controlled delivery. I mean laws on anabolic steroids vary from state to state but when you order 100+ tabs/caps of orals I am pretty sure most states will push some sort of intent to deliver charge on you.

    The issue with all that is, would it be entrapment. LE posing as a source openly advertising the sale of AAS online and offering discounts if you buy x amount of gear with minimum order of x sounds like potential entrapment. Would a person have purchased that much gear or would they have purchased the gear at all if it hadn't been so openly offered to them.

    Due to my increased paranoia based off of my history, I find it difficult to order from online sources unless I know someone in person who has.
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  14. Joeblack

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    Been on the boards 12 ish years. Never heard of LE posting list and taking orders. Busting a source and emailing other sources they talk to and make buys. Yeah that happens a good bit.

    Extra advice. Sources don't be friends with other sources.
  15. Varvet

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    Great decisions, Millard Baker. I appreciate your respect for forum members' intelligence.
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  16. Millard Baker

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    The IP addresses for January 2014 new member registrations have been deleted.
  17. weightcrusher

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    Yeah someone tell me my IP to prove I am not EL, I am not 007, or the other 5 guys those assholes accuse everyone of being.
  18. boxer15

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    I'm just glad that IP addresses aren't being kept. Thanks millard
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  19. viking23

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    I believe if LE set up a source took orders and then busted you, I don't think it would stand in court. They would have to lie about how they received the evidence because I am pretty sure that would be entrapment
  20. boxer15

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    Its not entrapment because you made the choice with free will to buy from them.