MK-677 dose and timing to take it!

Figures that would be your response. Post your links to actual researched fact. Name calling and other crap you posted is you covering for puking out un-supported bro science which is typical for guys like you.
You're giving advice on protocol. I'm just asking for you to provide some form of legitimate reference to support your suggested protocol.

Known effect? Known by whom? How do you know? Do you have proof that the 5 on 2 off does as you say and minimizes ghih levels? Studies? Blood work? Anything other than your opinion based on your personal experience? Are you suggesting you have some special ability to assess what's actually happening in your body at the hormonal/metabolic level with nothing more than how you feel and what you know?

Oh and thanks for proving my point about you.

Nope, all I have is more base knowledge on the effects of ghrp's and ghrellin mimetics than you do (obviously), my personal experience, and my personal opinion. If that is not sufficient for you than do not listen to my advice. I really do not care.
What experience do YOU have on mk? Any, at all? Used it? Blood work? Obviously you dont understand or know the effects ghrp's exert within the body so please do tell what give you any right at all to denounce someones actual first hand experience (and knowledge) when you have none of your own to provide? What are you that guy? The hater? The pretentious ass that likes to try to look good by trying to make others look bad? If you dont like my advice, dont follow it but unless you can DISPROVE it dont be so damn sure your opinion on it is correct.
Yes you are.......Mr No Science......or experience....or common sense...or basic ghrp knowledge..... but hey why should that stop you from, as you said....being a dick.....
Oh wait, it isnt, good to see ......
I've heard of people taking a couple days off every week, but in the studies done I believe they used daily dosing and the results were better at 12 months than at 4 months; so I just do daily.


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