My amazing lack of arm development. WTF?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Spokeonawheel, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Spokeonawheel

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    @Sworder yeah man. It's all a work in progress. I am sort of ok with being top heavy as I am a fan of the 70s BB look.

    I'm not saying I dont train the fuck out of legs, but I'm shooting more for the look of mid 70s Arnold.
  2. Sworder

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    Honestly I would look to get some more size on your shoulders before arms. my 2 cents, imo!
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  3. Spokeonawheel

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  4. Jankauskas

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    Not bad, you just need to work a bit on your triceps to get that sweep to match the biceps peak.

    I think you have pretty decent arms man.
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  5. Spokeonawheel

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    Everything looks coordinated. I think the driving force behind the post was that my arms hadn't grown or improved in strength as much as other body parts. They may have kind of been ahead of the rest of my body. Thus, less margin for quick gains on cycles.

    When I these pictures my main thought is everything needs to be bigger. (Probably not the only one that feels that way) I'm moving closer to what I am after. I'm thinking another 15 to 20 lbs of quality muscle and then cut some of the fat off.

    For real, I dont know when it will seem like enough.
  6. Raisinballs

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    What’s your height and weight?
  7. Spokeonawheel

    Spokeonawheel Member

    6' 225 lbs.
  8. Whoremoans

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    It’s really simple man, just isolate your bis and tris regularly. Hit them hard and often. Only hitting bus on back day and tris on shoulders/chest will leave them lagging, or did for me at least. They didn’t start to grow until I starting hitting them frequently, with isolation exercises.
  9. Jankauskas

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    Being tall is a bitch to fill out
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  10. Spokeonawheel

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    It's good and bad I think. Will b a nice look if I can fill it out like I want. Im after a more athletic physique and not trying to go mass monster.
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  11. Sworder

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    How can you do Biceps on back day?o_O
  12. Whoremoans

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    I mean you do get bicep activation on basically all pulling/rowing type back exercises, but to rely on solely that for your bicep development is going to leave them lagging for sure.
  13. Sworder

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    Well my hands give out after doing back. I literally can't do biceps after because of my hands. And if I start pushing it too much then I get tendinitis. I have small hands, maybe that's why..

    Do you use lifting straps for back?
  14. Spokeonawheel

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    I never use lifting straps for back. I think.this has helped the forearms and rarely does it cause a problem for me with back. Heavy dumbbell rows above say 130 lbs I start to have trouble maintaining grip. Deadlift gives me trouble above about 450 if I want multiple reps. Rarely do I go this heavy however. (Also I usually deadlift on leg day.)

    And yes.....back and bis, chest and tris.....and tendonitis. My elbow is fucked rt now. Keep thinking it's going to get better but its lingering.

    Been doing arms 3 days a week elbow permitting (this is the plan going forward).

    Just came.from.the gym and got a heavy back session in. About 20 sets total. Was nice not deal with biceps after.

    Have never had problems with hands after back day but sometmes I would essentially have forearm cramps whenever I bent my arms about 3 hrs after workout. Pretty freaky really.
  15. Sworder

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    Holding my grip is definitely an issue for me, with or without straps.

    I always use straps on back day, I feel like it helps me isolate my back better, I pull back my elbows and squeeze tighter.
  16. Whoremoans

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    I use straps occasionally and it helps, but I’d rather build my grip strength than rely on them entirely. Personally I do back separate from my bicep works though. But I do use some similar exercises on arm day. A close grip, underhand lat pulldown, focusing on bending the elbow and bicep contraction, instead of the lats has become one of my favorite bicep exercises.
  17. Sworder

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    Ah okay!
    Back is one of the most difficult muscle groups to get a good connection with IMO! That elbow talk is a game changer.
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  18. Mighty-mouse

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    I hit arms every day. Different movements every day.
    When warming them up i do the following

    15lb x50
    20lb x40
    25lb x30
    30lb x20
    35lb x10
    Seated on a bench this gets them good and

    Then move into what 3 things I do for the day for the arms.

    After arms I then hit targeted muscle groups for that day. I don’t have a set schedule I just do what I feel I need to hit.
  19. Spokeonawheel

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    I'm not sure where I picked this up but have used it for a long time... when exercising back imagine that your hands are hooks and your forearms are chains coming from the elbow joints. And focus on contracting the elbows behind the body (or whatever the range of motion may be for the best contraction.)

    I have found this works well. I feel that I have a good mind muscle connection when working back. Many of you may feel the same way but I find that connection becomes easier and easier to feel as muscle size increases. (Ironically)
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  20. Neewbiest guy

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    I usually hit arms pretty heavily on one day a week. Thinking of switching it up after reading through this thread. Now that you're working arms 3 days a week, kind of reps are you hitting each day now?