My PCT Journal to kickstart HPTA post HRT

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by BigAk, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. challenger

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    HPTA restart with pituitary tumor

    Maybe somebody here would be willing to help clearing this up. I'm wondering if the hpta restart is even possible considering that I have a pituitary tumour? Or is TRT my only option? I'm not a body builder but play sports. My test levels are as follows:

    Free testosterone 11.6 range 31-94
    FSH 2 range 2-8
    LH 1 range 2-6

    thanks in advance
  2. foreveryoung

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    Re: HPTA restart with pituitary tumor

    the term "restart" is used to describe a protocol that some use when they are coming off of a suppressive cycle or therapy, to "restart" the hpta back to the level they were before they went on testosterone
  3. Energenex

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    You will definitely recover soon. If you not having libido problem so there is nothing to worry. You just take your normal dose and start doing mental exercises. Testerone level will recover to normal soon. All the best.
  4. MarkHolland

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    Start your Serm (nolva or clomid) at the begining of the taper if you choose to do so.

    i beg forgiveness for any inaccuracies i may have as i just got into that system

    but basically with that amount of test there is no negative feedback to hpta and ur body will be able to recover its natural production.
  5. 21p

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    I started out using hcg @ 2000 E3D and stopped it after 8 shots. It made me feel like absolute shit when combined with the other two SERMS in the protocol. Three days after stopping the HCG I started feeling better. I'm about five weeks out from my last shot/start of Scally's pct. Honestly there have been a few rough days but nothing to be frightened of imo. My dose was ~100mg Test Cyp for 3.5 years, no ancillaries.

    I'm finding myself in better health without the TRT, never going back unless it's mandated by an endo. No shots, no worrying about E2 SHBG etc... you can do it!
  6. BigAk

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    Just turned 50 as of last Dec 4, 2016. Although my numbers were in the mid range off of TRT and all natural, I have started experimenting with running TRT intermittently. I have been very successful at recovering my natural T to its base levels every time I did pct. Now that I am older and far more experienced at knowing my body better, I think I will be doing the intermittent TRT going forward.
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    What do you mean by "intermittent TRT" BigAK?
  8. sz82

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    bump. how were your test levels from 2011 until today, BigAK? I am wanting to get off HRT myself, was 392ng before I went on when I was 28 in 2011, felt perfectly fine althought I guess I assumed I was low, long story short could not stop and now im 35 and recently came off cold turkey and had 153ng and was so weak I could not speak, went back on. I did not do a pct so I assume that was my problem as I've always done PCT when i cycled in my early 20s. Last cycle was Sept 2005!
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    Recovering from 4 year cycle

    I had been on a 4 year long cycle / cruise of tren and test, after coming to my senses about how stupid I had been , I stopped and went through a 45 day power pct of hcg clomid and nolvadex , after 5 months my test levels are at 240 , I still have sex drive and have no problem getting an erection , though i been having a dull ache in my testicles , do you guys think I will recover and just need more time say about a year since I had been on for so long ,or am I fucked and my test levels will likely stay under the 300s
  10. sz82

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    its hard to say because everyone is different, has a different constitution, diet, and lifestyle but BigAK seemed to have recovered much later after he stopped the TRT, about 80ng a year after the 5 months off period so it just depends. the dull ache in the testes to me is a sign that you are continuing to recover. count yourself lucky you have a sex drive and can get an erection, not many can at that level. can you post the pct regimen you did?
  11. Cast_92

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    I did the same exact pct as BigAK except I took 2000iu of hcg every other day for 10 days I was a little depressed after seeing my test levels but at the same time glad I wasn't completely shut down and at least over 200 , even after 5 months considering I had been shut down for about 4 years I would say that's not too bad, I remember shortly after pct I felt like complete shit , depressed and very health conscious , thinking any symptom was a sign of a serious illness , but little by little I started getting better , my energy is still kinda down and I seem to want to sleep more, my sex drive at first was lacking , but now Is increasing , and just last week I felt hornier than I have ever felt since coming off ,felt like I was back on gear , my fiancé was surprised , I seriously hope that these are signs that my body though slowly is recovering, I loved being on gear , but all I want is to go back to normal even if my test levels aren't optimal I would say 500-600 would be ok with me
  12. sz82

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    I am going to come off again, this time with pct. i was 153ng 8 weeks after stopping. my last shot was 40mg test. i then used another lab 2 weeks later and they said im 267 which i know isnt true. i felt like i had about 50ng to be honest, i was so weak and emotional, i couldnt even speak or workout. i could not believe the situation i found myself in. i was using chinese herbs at the time and i think this might have even worsened the process. i have sleep apnea but dont use a mask, i need to do another sleep study as the first one said i dont have it but i know i do, i have all the symptoms. i dont think i can recover if i have sleep apnea since sleep is what heals. i would say you are definitely recovering. but dont ejaculate too much as one told me. keep it down and you'll recover even more. i sure hope i can at least get my 392ng back when i was 28. im 35 now.
  13. sz82

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    just to let you know 500-600ng is really pushing it for wanting to be normal again but depends on alot of factors. how old are you? how long has it been since you are completely off, last shot of test, and then how long was your pct for?
  14. Goingstronger

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    Did you pin HCG throughout these 4 years, or just the last 10 days?

    Keeping testis active with hcg will make recovery a lot easier and almost certain