My PCT Journal to kickstart HPTA post HRT

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by BigAk, Jul 12, 2006.

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    I dont pay attention, I just pull it into a slin pin and sub-Q it.
    I doubt there will be defiencies as B-12 can be stored for up to a year, it is those with digestion issues or vegetarians that have defiencies.

    I dont like to sub-Q alot so I was just doing 1/2 ml, it can be shot IM too.
  2. NOt true I have been taking b-12 shots for over a year and still deficient but I think I found the culprit as to JANSZ is sam situation.
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    What's the advantage of taking B in injectible form vs. oral?? I have been taking B complex orally for over a year now... Why should I switch to an injectible form??

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    I got this link from Hardasnails about the use of DMSO so I asked my Dr. about this for my Anemia and he said sure give it a try. But be sure your skin is clean where your put it on it can transport stuff on your skin into your body. I mix this like the link says and wow it's like getting a B-12 shot and my engery went up and my brain fog was gone.
    Anemia and Vitamin B 12
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    I think only b12 is often not absorbed orally, so injection makes a big difference, but it also works sublingually too

    by the way , AK, how are you doing?
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    Hey chap.... Good to hear from you. I have been doing really well and have no complains. My energy has been much better since I stopped donating blood once a week. LOL... My latest blood work results as of first week of July.

    ************************************************** *********************************
    July 9, 2008

    testosterone Serum ----> 445 ----- (241-827)
    Testosterone Free ------> 11.1 ------(6.8 - 21.5)


    Although my libido is not high, I have no issues with performance when nature calls. I have maintained my weight throughout the past two years. I may have put on some fat, but I have not been dieting and exercising like I used to.. But, I am planning on going on to a new program soon. I plan on posting my progress on here.

    Overall, I am doing pretty well. I hope you are.. :D

  7. BigAk

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    It was a huge pleasant surprise when I had an actual vivid wet dream a couple of weeks ago.. I couldn't even remember the last time I had a wet dream prior to that.. LOL
  8. BigAk

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    It's been about 8 months since my last update... Just did a new bloodwork to see what my testosterone levels are. Here are the latest:

    May 15, 2009

    Testosterone Serum ----> 444 ----- (241-827)

    LH ---> 4.1 --- (1.5 - 9.3)
    FSH ---> 4.6 --- (1.4 - 18.1)

    ************************************************** *********************************

    July 9, 2008

    Testosterone Serum ----> 445 ----- (241-827)
    Testosterone Free ------> 11.1 ------(6.8 - 21.5)

    Ferritin, serum ------> 38 -------- (22 - 322)
    Iron, serum ----------> 147--------(40 - 155) Still seems high but hopefully more phlebotomies will knock it down.

    Cholesterol --------> 217 --------- (100 - 199) This seems high cause my diet is like crap
    Triglycerides -------> 88 ----------(0 - 149)

    ************************************************** **********************

    Feb 18, 2008

    Testosterone Serum ----> 376 ----- (241-827)
    Testosterone Free ------> 9.05 ------(6.8 - 21.5)
    Testosterone bioavailable ---> 198 --(unknown range as I figured it with a calculator on the web)

    E2 ----> 8 --- (3 - 70)
    LH ---> 6.2 --- (1.5 - 9.3)
    FSH ---> 2.9 --- (1.4 - 18.1)

    Ferritin, serum ------> 423 -------- (22 - 322) (Very high)

    ************************************************** *********

    Aug 30, 2007

    Testosterone Serum ----> 328 ----- (241-827)
    Testosterone Free ------> 8.5 ------(6.8 - 21.5)


    Nov 29, 2006 (7.5 weeks after since Oct 6)

    LH ---> 4.1 --- (1.5 - 9.3)
    FSH ---> 2.0 --- (1.4 - 18.1)

    Testosterone serum ---> 286 --- (241 - 827)
    Testosterone free ---> 6.32 --- (8.7 - 25.1) -- Climbing up but still below range
    Testosterone bioavailable ---> 142 --(unknown range as I figured it with a calculator on the web)

    DHEA ----> 111 --- (120 - 520)
    E2 ----> 7 --- (3 - 70)

    ALT ---> 66 --- (0 - 55) -- (I've had a bad back injury that's been lingering for weeks)


    Oct 6, 2006(Three weeks after last intake of nolvadex exactly)

    LH ---> 4.8 --- (1.5 - 9.3)
    FSH ---> 1.5 --- (1.4 - 18.1)

    Testosterone serum ---> 300 --- (241 - 827) -- Major improvement from 68 pre pct...
    Testosterone free ---> 4.60 --- (8.7 - 25.1) -- Still below range
    Testosterone bioavailable ---> 110 --(unknown range as I figured it with a calculator on the web)

    DHEA ----> 97 --- (120 - 520)
    E2 ----> 7 --- (3 - 70)

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    BigAK, your story has certainly given me some new hope. My test levels naturally before jumping on any shit were 550 total and 12.x free. I'm now at a lowly 144 and I'm trying to claw my way back to the top.

    It was a pleasure to read your thread.
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    just letting this thread float.
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    I recently came of TRT and got my adrenals and thyroid treated. My last lab had my testosterone levels at 662!!! Years prior to TRT my levels were in the 300's range, but my endos never looked at adrenals or thyroid. It wasn't until I saw HAN and Dr. O that I got treated properly and now I feel like I'm on the right track. Should be getting more lab results shortly to see how I'm holding. I've changed my diet and getting the proper nutrition as well as getting thyroid and adrenals treated which I feel is why I'm starting to have success naturally.
  12. BigAk

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    Just a quick update...

    Been feeling great.. I have not gone back on TRT and am not planning to go back. I also have not done blood work for a long time.. Somehow, the whole thing has fallen off my interest in the past year or two that I have not looked back. I thought I'd post something quickly as I happened to be browsing around the site to search for something totally unrelated to help a friend of mine..

    Glad to see the community still alive. .... Later... . :D

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    How many days after your last testo shot did you start Dr.Scally's protocol ?
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    When should one begin this protocol?
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  15. BigAk

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    I can't remember really... It's been so long... 2007??!!! You may want to re-read my thread from the start to pin point when I started things...etc...

  16. seeking

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    it is always nice to see people that made logs check back in

    how are you doing now BigAk? have you avoided all TRT recently?
  17. BigAk

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    Been doing pretty well. Yes, I have not touched TRT since the first post of this thread.
  18. seeking

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    did it take a "resigning oneself to the inevitable fact that we all age normally and can never be 18 again"? for me that is still a major struggle
  19. BigAk

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    seeking.... I see your point... However, I tackle this issue by working out with 17 - 21 year old gym buddies. Believe it or not, I run circles around these guys and I'm 43 now.. So; when I demolish them in every lift, I tend to lay that issue above to rest.

  20. seeking

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    I am the same when it comes to the gym, I am stronger now than when I was 20, but my libido is about 10% what it was when I was 20 and that is what seems like the impossible problem