Naps now carrying Pharmacom line(Frank) need a response

Vince Dee

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So a while back when checking out the new pharmacomstore site I noticed that to the right where all of the reviews usually are there was a strangely familiar looking review. It was titles gp oxy blah blah blah don't remember exact what it said, anywhoser I took a little skip over to the naps site and what do ya know shaboopi there it is in all its glory, all the way to the right, the same exact mother fucking review on gp oxy. My personal conspiracy theory, most of this shit is run by the same people. Ever sent a money gram to either of those fine fellas, well wouldn't you know it both go to some slapdick in Moldova. Coincidence? I kinda feel like maybe not so much though with the coincidence ya.
I noticed a lot of things on Jintani's website match exactly to the naps site too. There are elements on the two sites that are exactly the same. It's a shame cuz jintanis tren made my estrogen so high, I couldn't move. My estrogen total was 1500 on 250mg test prop and 350 tren A a week I was taking .5 AI twice a week too.(test was 1100) And what sucks is I don't get gyno, just feel really crappy and achy the higher it gets. So now I'm scared to try naps tren.


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