Need help with my training routine

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by maxyshot, May 30, 2019.

  1. LeoTC

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    So...this is a troll, right?
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  2. maxyshot

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    no I am asking for advice,dunno why you would think I'm a troll I want to get a good routine going and I am being truthful about training at night to avoid people just until I am no longer lifting pussy weights,I am 6'4 tall so imagine what I would look like squating only 40kg and there might be woman next to me squating heavier,embarrassing to say the least not to mention I weigh around 210lbs. Do you think because I'm so tall that's why I can't squat very much?
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  3. Vipera1

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  4. Mdubbs

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    Bro, what's your deal? You literally came on here saying you dont know what you're doing. You need help with your routine and rest times. @LeoTC took time out of his day to post a routine and rest times to follow (which looked pretty accurate in my eyes). Then you pretty much shot both ideas down. You came back with your own rest times and different work out. What was the purpose of this thread? So either you're a troll or just fucking arrogant.
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  5. maxyshot

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    don't be name calling it's rude and I'm no troll it's just that I reasearched that longer rests give you faster increases in strength over time on the heavy exercises like bench press and squats,google it and see for yourself and I am using low rest periods for other exercises like the leg extension curl and calf raise machine etc so get your facts straight before you go running the gun,also I have never heard of a lot of the exercises that he posted so I'm going to stick with what I know for now and then add them in as I go along,also I don't have to listen to the first guy that posts a routine and follow it he could be anyone,he could be more of a novice than myself I'm not a sheep I wanted more than one persons input so I can bring it all together and come up with a great routine tailored to my personal preferences.
  6. Test_Subject

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    So you freely admit that you don't know, but you're not going to follow advice from people with experience... Higher rest times for strength training are for better recovery when lifting heavy ass weight. You are not lifting heavy ass weight. You're just cooling down between sets.

    Good luck spinning your wheels.
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  7. Vipera1

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    This guy doesn't deserve our help or advice.
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    You gotta be trolling. Lmao
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  9. LeoTC

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    Example - My last leg day, I had BS programmed light.

    My working sets were 250/12, 275/10, 315/8.

    I work in giant set format, meaning four movement's back to back. KB Swing, BS, Dragon Flag, 60sec Conditioning.

    I take 90 seconds between sets.

    My next consisted of FS, GM, T2B, Con. Programmed for moderate intensity, 90 seconds rest.

    You can google what you like, but ultimately experience and results trump a search engine.

    Holding off going hard on one lift or set to save yourself for another is fucking retarded. Minutes long rest periods are way fucking over played as well.

    Train to be dangerous, train to be ready when life calls. Train to do amazing things, every damn day.

    Or be the dude that makes excuses and spins his wheels. That leans on crutches.

    Be the dude that watches a tree fall on his buddy.

    "Hold up bro, let me get that pre-workout quick. It should kick in about twenty minutes."


    It's all good though, you'll learn in time.
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  10. Test_Subject

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    Hmm? I was agreeing with you.
  11. maxyshot

    maxyshot Junior Member

    well I'm making good gains so far so I guess I must be doing something right,72.5kg 3 sets of 8 is nothing to be sniffed at for only 4 - 5 weeks training,no supplements,also I have made good progress on my skullcrushers an exercise none of you have even mentioned here! I should of pointed out I train for pure power and strength it seems like you lot only train for show like size etc thats why you dont need as much rest time as me. oh and I never even said that I hold out on going hard on any sets so I don't know were you got that from,did you just make that up or something? I alway's go hard,I go hard or I go home as they say,I went so hard last night that my legs are like jelly could harldy even walk and my shoulders are sore I must of trained for at least 2 hours at 3 am while everyone else was sleeping,doesn't get much harder than that.
  12. LeoTC

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    No, I know.

    Was throwing an example out. This sitting for forever between sets is bullshit. Just illustrating the point.
  13. LeoTC

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    Confirmed troll.

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  14. maxyshot

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    it's not bullshit at all,if I dont rest at least 3 minutes after bench press I will fail on my second set and have to lower the weight! facts,maybe your on steroids? I am all natural so I need higher rest times.
  15. Test_Subject

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    Yeah, I hear that. I generally just wait until I feel like I can bust out the required reps and go.

    I mean, if you're doing near maximal deadlifts, sure, take a few minutes, but there's no need to take five minutes between sets of leg extentions. That's just cooling you down and destroying your intensity.

    I don't even know why this dude is asking questions. He's clearly a professional after lifting for a month or so.
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  16. maxyshot

    maxyshot Junior Member

    again another guy not reading my posts properly,I clearly said I rest 30 seconds for leg extentions and only rest 3 minutes+ on lifts such as bench press and squats.
  17. LeoTC

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    I'm on my second cycle in over a decade. I've been training the same way for the majority of it.

    For the first several years in an extreme caloric deficit to boot.

    You're clueless to the point of arrogance. But clearly you and Google have the master plan, so you do you.

    I'll keep making gains, programming for people that want to hit PRs on the reg, and have better outings comp after comp.

    You can brag about your skull crushers while you knock out rep after rep on the pec deck. Lol.

    Good luck, Bro.
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  18. maxyshot

    maxyshot Junior Member

    how much do you bench in 8 reps? 3 sets? also what do you skull in 10 reps?
  19. AlwaysHungry

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    Dont he shy were all skinny and weak at some point. Listen to the guys here. Run a program like 5x5 also curious to see your technique on bench press and squats
  20. Fryguy

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    No such thing as pussy weight. We all lift what we lift. Anyone that spends time in the gym will get stronger and be able to lift more weight. Noone is looking and judging you based on how much you lift. I used to think that and realized it was because I was doing exactly what I was afraid everyone else is doing. That being said... your profile says 37, but I'm wondering how you've made it this far in life with the bullshit that is leaking from your keyboard.
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